Papa’s World – living life one day at a time- in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach SC

When you live one day at a time – you count your blessings each day!
The dawning of each day brings new adventures – one day at a time.

Life to me is seeing the beauty in what is around you –

Seeing the history and enjoying the minute –

Being grateful that you have been able to see that moment in time.

Sometimes this may happen – but the majority time – you do and remember – living life to its fullest!
In Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C. – we have found that life.

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Papa’s World – Cherry Grove – nature walk!

The sign to the entrance of the nature preserve

After a attempt to walk the beach –

the wind was too strong and we opted to try the more

protected walk on the marsh!

The beginning of the trail

Once we got in among the brush and trees

we were somewhat protected from the wind

and the Sun was warm!

Walkway above the marsh and tidal pathways

We could observe the water fowl – the fish and crabs!

The crabs were burying themselves in the bottom mud!

They seemed to know we were there as they quickly buried themselves!

The walk in was on a walkway and then a path through the sand!

We were protected from the blowing wind by the shrubs and trees!
How the tide influences the marsh!

I was ever watchful for snakes and if there were gators?

But – I never saw either one!

There were many signs along the way with information on the area!

Along the way were several covered picnic areas!

Thinking that when family visits –

this would be a good day outing –

first walking the undeveloped beach

and then into the nature reserve and picnic!

Sherry approaching one of the covered picnic areas!

I think this would be a awesome place for a family pcnic!

View of the marsh and channel along with some waterfront houses!

If we had not walked the beach – you would not known –

just how windy it was!

We could see waterfront houses across the channel and marsh!

It was a very nice walk – and we know that there is another nature walk

that we will someday explore!

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Sherry and Papa


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Papa’s World – When Swans come for a visit!

I saw a child in a stroller – sitting and gazing

Her mother had stopped

and they were watching the White Swans

as we drove our car through the gate

of the beach side entrance.

You can see the Swans – Mallards and in the top right corner – the wheel of the stroller

We talked to the mother as that child gazed entranced

sitting motionless

watching the graceful three Swans

Suddenly a big Mallard came too close to one of the females

The Big male Swan rose up and beat its wings as its

head and neck came quickly forward toward the Mallard.

The baby never flinched – just watched in awe as the Mallard

turned and swan away.

The big male watching over the other two

The mother somehow knew how the Swans just appeared overnight!

She said the state runs a wildlife management program

Where Swans are placed into a enviroment

conducive to their lives.

This is what happened here

They were placed and now they cruise from one end to the other

One half mile in one direction.

Here they are just outside our top floor Lanai

Our condo sits in the opposite direction of where we saw the mother.

I have seen them going back and forth all day long.

People are watching them paddle about –

some are feeding them bread

Sherry looked it up and it said this was okay

it was better if it were a bit soggy

also lettuce leaves

They graze the pond bottoms near the shore lines.

I have watched them swim toward this fountain

and all of a sudden they start flapping their huge wings

and a very loud noise erupts as they tread water

and take off in flight

never going much higher than 10 or 15 feet

above the water – to gracefully cruise into the

bay where we saw the mother and child.

For now they are here

I hope they remain

I hope they mate and hatch little ones

just as the little child gazed at their graceful

floating in the water.

I can imagine a line of little ones following these three.


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SHERRY ( MorMor – Mothers Mother) and PAPA ( Tom)



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Papa’s World – views from the lanai – beach walking

As I was searching for a place to rent

until we decided where to live and what to buy or rent

This view caught my eye!

And I thought – this is where we should stay

and relax and think on what we want to do!

It brought forth in my mind – POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

It was as though I found a quiet place to think

a place to do research and enjoy the view!

The sound from all six fountains travel the 1/2 mile distance

down the lake to our lanai on the top floor!

At night they are all lit up!

Quiet thoughts – pleasant memories – listening and watching

seeing the water fowl on the lake

and then being able to walk the 1/2 mile to the beach entrance!

We had always dreamed of being near a beach.

Many vacations have been spent like this.

And always regretting when we had to pack up and leave.

But when I saw this listing – I knew and so did Sherry

For five months it could be ours

and we did not have to pack up and leave

and our family and friends could visit

our three bedroom – two bathroom place of solitude!

No hassles – no driving if we choose not too.

Walking to the beach or to the main street in one direction

or if we choose to Walmart and a plaza in the other direction.

Stores – restaurants – gas – lots of options all we can walk to.

And what better place to conduct your internet business

than while walking the surf on the beach!

Her business goes where we go as long as you have phone service!

So we made the plan to drive down here to North Myrtle Beach

to Ocean Keyes and this condo.

We leased it for five months and we have options

we can extend the lease if it is available or find another one

in the same development or nearby.

And by the way – there are golf carts everywhere

people drive them to the beach and park them

in a special lot at each beach entrance!

Our view everyday on our three mile walk

living the life and dream to be near the beach

And it all started from this picture – which I myself have since taken

from the lanai to the beach walking!

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Papa’s World – The other side Reston’s hidden gem.

” Do you want to go to the farmers market ” ? she asked.

A farmers booth

Farmers booth

” Of course” I said – “where are we going” ?

“I will drive” she said.

That means – where ever it is –

it is easier for her to drive than tell me how to get there !!!!!

The Original Reston – “NEW TOWN ” Lake Anne Village

Today – it sits quietly hidden –

across the highway

from what is known as ” RESTON” town center.

A conglomerate of high rise office buildings – hotels – stores –

Huge parking garages

and what is now the last stop on the Silver Line Metro


Lake Anne and the planned community- a large condo unit

It was one of the first PLANNED COMMUNITY

in the Country –

And it reminds me of the housing


Today – it is listed as a HISTORICAL SIGHT –

the entire town and surroundings

then- 1961 – it was planned as a area where you worked – lived and played !

Houses with shops below them

You buy a “HOUSE ” and along with it –

a retail space on the first floor !

The houses are two to four bedrooms –

the retail space you either lease out –

Or run your own business !

And – in the middle of all this a Lake

and down the street

a 18 hole golf course.

This concept was way beyond it’s time !

View of the square from one of the stores

The lake also has numerous homes –

all listed in the millions –

with their own docks and for the most part House boats !


The lake with paddle boats – kayaks to rent

You can rent paddle boats – kayaks – or just walk the miles of trails.

Architecture of the ’60 ‘s
You can see the housing with the store fronts under them.
One listed for $900,000.00
Part of the bricked streets
Lake Anne – tranquil – stand up paddle boats
Sherry and Ginger along the board walk of Lake Anne
Sherry with the statue of the creator of Lake Anne New Town

It is hard to believe that when you are at Reston Town Center –

That right across the street this all exists –

as it is surrounded by huge old growth trees –

and you can not see any of it !

Yet – it remains – a testament to a dream of planning –

Today – I share this with you –

it has been years since I have been here.

We almost always go to the CITY OF RESTON –

We catch the Metro there.

But just beyond the trees –

a Historical little village looms –

And on Saturdays –


They come from Maryland – Penna. and Va. – West Va.

set up their booths

and the quaint becomes bustling –

yet it remains quiet as NO CARS are allowed on it’s streets –

but you can walk – rent a boat or just sit and relax –

Tom – Sherry and Robert E. Simon Jr.
Founder and planner

Or lean in and kiss the one you love –


Hope you enjoyed –

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