Papa’s World – a little lunch-dinner with grand kids at Local on the water!

We all were hungry!

So – where do you go during a pandemic – social distancing?

We had been hiking the trails of Vereen Memorial Gardens!

The little ones had some snacks but it was not enough.

So – we decided to take them to “LOCAL ON THE WATER”!

Cassidy Taylor Bode and Mormor in the background!

There was one other couple there – outside – so we had the entire place to ourselves!

The kids loved it – swinging – sand pit – corn hole – and watching the boats

go up and down the ICW!

Cassidy – Bode – two peas in a pod!

Here came a tugboat – leading a flotilla of telephone poles!

This caught the eyes of all three!

There were three tug boats with all these poles in the water between them!

One after another they passed – the poles had cables attached –

the lead tug guided them – the middle tug kept the front and rear poles in a line!

The last and third tug boat!

The third tug brought up the rear – all in all it stretched the length of at least a football field!

We were all just watching it pass by!

We have been here before – at least three times!

And have found that during the afternoon –

hardly anyone is here – making social distancing perfect!

Bode and Cassidy!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Sherry Tammy Bode Taylor Cassidy – FAMILY!


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