Papa’s World – a little lunch-dinner with grand kids at Local on the water!

We all were hungry!

So – where do you go during a pandemic – social distancing?

We had been hiking the trails of Vereen Memorial Gardens!

The little ones had some snacks but it was not enough.

So – we decided to take them to “LOCAL ON THE WATER”!

Cassidy Taylor Bode and Mormor in the background!

There was one other couple there – outside – so we had the entire place to ourselves!

The kids loved it – swinging – sand pit – corn hole – and watching the boats

go up and down the ICW!

Cassidy – Bode – two peas in a pod!

Here came a tugboat – leading a flotilla of telephone poles!

This caught the eyes of all three!

There were three tug boats with all these poles in the water between them!

One after another they passed – the poles had cables attached –

the lead tug guided them – the middle tug kept the front and rear poles in a line!

The last and third tug boat!

The third tug brought up the rear – all in all it stretched the length of at least a football field!

We were all just watching it pass by!

We have been here before – at least three times!

And have found that during the afternoon –

hardly anyone is here – making social distancing perfect!

Bode and Cassidy!

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Sherry Tammy Bode Taylor Cassidy – FAMILY!


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Papa’s World – Swans – they come and go – and bring joy and smiles for us!

We never know when the Swans will show up – first there were three – now there are two – you look outside and there they are.

I have seen them fly in one time – I have seen them take off and fly to the other end.

But I have never seen them fly off and leave!

But – when they are here – I find myself often glancing out of the lanai

searching for them cruising around –

or up on the bank – at the foot of the next condo!

I wonder to myself – what happened to the third one?

When they first appeared – there were three – and the big one would lead the other two around.

Then one day two disappeared and the one would just sort of hang out by itself

in the area all three would be.

After a week – I watched as the two flew in –

right outside the lanai – so close I felt like I could touch them.

And they landed just short of the fountain you see here.

The third hurried over to them!

Here they are right below the lanai

The last several times – they all left and only two have returned.

I believe they are a pair – the third – I do not know – but it was as if –

it was always leading and protecting them.

Back when all three were here – the one to the left would chase the geese away!

Now – we only ever see the two!

But – we enjoy them all the same!

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Papa’s World – ever changing life – Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach , SC – #2

When the day begins with a splash – each day break is different! Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – SC!

This is the view I saw in the ad for this rental!

This view sold us and we jumped on it right away!

Each morning is different!

Our view of the small lake –

Water fowl flying in and out!

There are six fountains that we can see!

Each at night is lit up!

The moon and fountains light the water !

This never gets old.

I will miss this when we move into our new house.

But – we will have enjoyed it for nine months!

We are social distancing from here – in the condo!

We knew when we moved in October 1st. that we would be mostly alone-

that we would not be able to eat out –

but what we have here is the ability to walk!

Every day – we can walk different routes and still end up at the beach!

One half mile walk brings us to this! If you want information on this place – just contact us here or through my wife’s web site: and we will answer.

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The view from our living room through the screened in Lanai – plus you get this same view from the master bedroom!


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Papa’s World – our ever changing life at Ocean Keyes -North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Our dining room – living room – double entrance to the Lanai – and the water beyond!

We first rented this for three months – not knowing where we would be.

Then in November – after six weeks of house hunting –

We decided it was just as cost effective to build!

You see – in our price range – we found a lot of houses – condo’s

But each one we liked – there had to be things done!

When you are like me – this can happen! LOL

We could do these things – but it would take time and money.

Plus – another cost was to furnish it!

We sold almost all our furniture – and you can not just hire someone

Most will put you on a list!

Playing a game while eating dinner on the Lanai!

So – we extended our time here – and found a building development

one half hour away into N.C. – close to two beaches for our walks and company

And made our selections – everything we wanted and still in our price range.

What we will be doing off and on until our house is built! Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We will be here until the end of June!

Our house is suppose to be finished by the end of May!

That will give us time to get our stored stuff moved down here

and Sherry does what she loves to do – SHOP!

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Sherry and Papa – our ever changing life at Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C.


Papa’s World – When Swans come for a visit!

I saw a child in a stroller – sitting and gazing

Her mother had stopped

and they were watching the White Swans

as we drove our car through the gate

of the beach side entrance.

You can see the Swans – Mallards and in the top right corner – the wheel of the stroller

We talked to the mother as that child gazed entranced

sitting motionless

watching the graceful three Swans

Suddenly a big Mallard came too close to one of the females

The Big male Swan rose up and beat its wings as its

head and neck came quickly forward toward the Mallard.

The baby never flinched – just watched in awe as the Mallard

turned and swan away.

The big male watching over the other two

The mother somehow knew how the Swans just appeared overnight!

She said the state runs a wildlife management program

Where Swans are placed into a enviroment

conducive to their lives.

This is what happened here

They were placed and now they cruise from one end to the other

One half mile in one direction.

Here they are just outside our top floor Lanai

Our condo sits in the opposite direction of where we saw the mother.

I have seen them going back and forth all day long.

People are watching them paddle about –

some are feeding them bread

Sherry looked it up and it said this was okay

it was better if it were a bit soggy

also lettuce leaves

They graze the pond bottoms near the shore lines.

I have watched them swim toward this fountain

and all of a sudden they start flapping their huge wings

and a very loud noise erupts as they tread water

and take off in flight

never going much higher than 10 or 15 feet

above the water – to gracefully cruise into the

bay where we saw the mother and child.

For now they are here

I hope they remain

I hope they mate and hatch little ones

just as the little child gazed at their graceful

floating in the water.

I can imagine a line of little ones following these three.


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SHERRY ( MorMor – Mothers Mother) and PAPA ( Tom)



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Papa’s World – we found another place to eat- “SNOOKY’S”

Snooky’s you have to search to find it but worth it!

We learned of this place from a friend of Sherry’s

who lives down here.

And it is hidden behind a huge storage warehouse for boats!

And sits on the ICW!

Watching them load and unload the boats onto or off racks stacked high in the warehouse!

Even with directions on the GPS

we were not sure where to park.

The spaces in front are handicap only!

You can not park to the right facing the warehouse

this is parking for the Marina and boat rentals’

You must come down the left side of the warehouse

and pull in at a angle( note – best to back in – so you can pull out)

This is a harbor for boats and the ICW!

The place itself is a local favorite and we later learned

by Cherry Point – there is a second one!

If you like raw oysters or rocking seafood

this is the place to go plus they serve brakfast

almost all day.


And it was very good!

You could also rent boats here –

and they were very friendly!

The parking fills up fast –

so plan your trip here

and if it is full –

well you can wait for parking!

SNOOKY’S – a local favorite

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Sherry and Papa!

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ENJOY our lives and adventures

We are homeless and vagabonds now!

Papa’s World – Jennie and Gerhard – Locals On The Water

Our son in laws parents Jennie and Gerhard

We started our day sitting on the lanai at our condo.

The plan was to go to lunch – at a place we found called

Local On The Water!

We had discovered it with a prior visit with her sister.

Local on the water

We would have lunch while watching the boats

on the ICW!


After lunch the plan was to go back to the condo

gather together our chairs

drinks and sun tan lotion

and head out for the beach!

Where for a couple of hours

we would watch LOCALS ON THE WATER!

Just a great lunch – talking and then listening to the surf!

The tide had gone out – the weather was warm

and also the water was warm.

Jennie testing the warm water

This part of the beach at low tide is very wide.

What was nice is it is not very crowded!

Gerhard wading – he does not like to be out in the sun!

After a fine afternoon of watching


And a great lunch watching boats on the ICW


We managed to combine a morning sunrise on the lanai

lunch and then beach time

into a memorable day!

Gerhard Jennie Sherry walking the beach

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Papa’s World – our travels being homeless – continued!

Not only is Mike captain of the boat – but head chef in the kitchen!

This couple – who have been our friends for almost 34 years –

have provided all of us first class digs – eats and fun for a long weekend

at Lake Chautauqua in North Western N.Y.

A Native American name meaning “Bag Tied In Middle”

or “Where the fish are caught”!

It is a natural lake some 27 miles long!

We all grew up in NWNY & NWPA and were friends and neighbors

before we moved away – but Mike & Carol still live here.

We get together every so often – that’s what friends do.

We have fun – laugh – some beer – wine and a few shots –

good eats and now – as guests at their lake house

they purchased a year ago!

Carol & Mike

We had planned this trip months ago – long before the pandemic.

We made sure everyone was healthy – having all practiced social distancing

and self isolation looking ahead to our long weekend together.

Jim Mike Sherry

Sherry – Buck & I are retired – Carol has retired but chooses to help Mike

in his owned business which is country wide.

Cindy and Jim will be next to retire and then Dottie!

Mike – well he could right now –

but as he says “WHAT WOULD I DO” ?

He said he will never retire – why should he?

He comes and goes and now every weekend is at the lake.

Captain Mike – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Carol and Buck

FRIENDS – for over 34 years all of us.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


To be continued!


Papa’s World – Lets take a Metro Ride – to the WHARF

She came downstairs – and said to me ” What do you plan to do today “?

“Mow the lawn ” I replied !

Wait – we have to walk – 10000 steps !

So – that is when she said –

let’s take the Metro –

and go into the WATERFRONT to the WHARF !!!!

The WATERFRONT and the WHARF – Washington D.C.

It had been years since we had gone to the FISH MARKET on the waterfront. And – the whole city line had changed –

to a beautiful waterfront plaza – with many eatery’s and bars – music and venues for top of the line entertainment nation wide.

Harbor view on one side of the Wharf – other side has even bigger boats

The transformation is stunning – and construction is everywhere. Huge buildings – grand boardwalk and tons of people.

What looked to me to be a Lynx was a breed of cat

You see everything – and there are electric scooters all over – you just put your credit card in –

ride it to where you want to go – get off and leave it for the next person !

On both sides of the boardwalk are places to eat and drink and be social with the harbor and boats.

Me walking into what is left of the OLD FISH MARKET

There are vendors with huge piles of fish – shrimp – lobsters- clams and oysters –

all freshly caught and brought in from the East Coast.

You can buy just about anything and even have it cooked right there!

The smells of cooked fish – shrimp – lobster – were everywhere !

Late lunch sitting on the board walk

We selected a place to eat in the shade but on the waterfront – public restrooms were available and very clean.

It could be a little pricey – so come prepared.

A lonely Catamaran sits in anchor

We decided to continue our 10000 steps and walk the the harbor way to the ball fields about a mile away.

Along the way we saw dozens of hikers in full packs – hats and outfits – I asked what they were doing as they had some sort of GPS – phone like instruments – they were on a 50 mile challenge – one women told me !

It reminded me of The Amazing race ! And they were all in a hurry !

Tree lined street – going by a Army Base
Really nice flowers along the paths

We walked where we had never been before – in all the years we have walked D.C.

Audi Field -new home of DC UNITED SOCCER

We came first to Audi Field –

the brand new home to DC UNITED SOCCER TEAM.

And within a 1/4 mile to the NATIONALS PARK – baseball field !


We have been to the baseball park a lot of times – but this was a first for the soccer field as it just opened this Spring.

Main entrance to NAT’S PARK

We were there at 4:00 PM.and fans were already arriving for the 7:00 PM. game.

We crossed the street – and it was right out of a movie set – every table outside – and there were dozens of them – six to eight people a table –

were packed full of thirty something young people – all dressed like well dressed college students – sitting – drinking and talking.

Everywhere I looked including the outside bar and inside was the same – as if hundreds of them decided to descend upon the scene at the same time !

We went inside to get into air condition as it was hot in the Sun – each having a drink before we found our way to the Metro stop !

We can actually leave home – drive 15 or 20 minutes – park and ride the Metro right to the gates of the park.

Flowers on our 10000 step walk

A over six hour journey – ( ended up with over 12,000 steps )

was a perfect way to spend a Saturday mid morning – getting back home around 6:00 PM.

Just in time to settle in and watch the NAT’S on TV playing the Cubs !

Always take a picture of where you park

Hint of the day – we always take pictures of where we park in whatever venue we leave from –

makes it much easier to find your car ! LOL

I hope you like this little journey – living healthy – walking –

And sometimes on a whim –

change it up and adventure into something new –


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