Papa’s World – Ocean Isle Beach – Terminal Groin!

East end of Ocean Isle Beach and the project “The Terminal Groin”

For the past twenty-plus years – the beach here has eroded away – taking with it the ends of first and second streets. Third street and fourth street were in danger as the waves came up and under some of the houses. They started building the break wall that extends some 900 feet straight out and into the ocean, and then a right turn and a short distance – the boulders are huge granite – three boulders to a forty-foot long trailer bed – hauled in by the truckloads.

All the beach you now see in this picture is being pumped in from the dredging of the channel behind the groin – which they do anyways to keep the channel clear for boats.

The water came up to the huge sandbags to under the pilings of these houses.

The “GROIN” will continue until late April when it will be completed. Here you see the pipes blowing out sand to form the new beach.

Large bulldozers spread the sand out and the next picture shows how deep the sand is.

The beach access after some sand addition – the last storm –
water came under the steps to the sandbags and over them.
A look West along the new beach – graded – the sandbags were put in place to help keep the water back.
Sherry walking in OIB.

I will continue with the next blog on The TERMINAL GROIN PROJECT”

Thanks for reading Papa’s World.


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