Papa’s World – On the Groin at Ocean Isle Beach – SUNRISE by the rocks! With Troy and Andrea.

Good morning everyone, from OIB, N.C.

We moved South to the border of N.C. and S.C. where the temperature is more to my liking!

This morning – Sherry and I took my oldest son Troy and his partner Andrea to the East end

of OIB, by the break wall called the GROIN!

Sherry near the GROIN as we wait for the sunrise.

The GROIN was installed last winter to stop the beach erosion.

900 feet long straight out and into the ocean.

Made up of huge granite boulders weighing tons

and lifted by a big crane from beds of huge dump trucks and put in place to form a break wall to stop erosion.

Troy – Andrea and Sherry – waiting for the sunrise coming up over the horizon.

Andrea and Troy standing on the GROIN – hardly any folks about at this time of day.
Troy – giving a thumbs up for this site to watch the sunrise.
The start of the sunrise – a little bit of a breeze with a slight chill.
The GROIN on OIB with the sun peaking on the horizon.

Beyond this rock wall is a lagoon that at low tide turns into a huge tidal pool – only one to two feet deep!

Sunrise over the GROIN at OIB – beautiful – warms your heart!

Sherry – Andrea and Troy enjoying the sunrise – taking pictures and by this time a couple dozen other people had gathered!
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Papa and Sherry – Sunrise on the GROIN with Andrea and Troy at the GROIN on OIB, N.C.

Papa’s World – Giant tidal pool and flying kites on Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach – as low tide forms – giant tidal pool – one to two feet deep!
The water in June is really warm , and here Taylor- Bode – Cassidy and I wade around the pool. It was huge and a sand bar formed as the tide went lower.

The Ocean Isle Beach tidal pool is on the east end of the island is near the new groin break wall.

The grandkids played in her for a couple hours and a group of teens just laid on their stomachs in the warm water.

The area does not have many people come to it as you have to walk from your car to get to it!

But – the beach here is so peaceful and quiet.

The tidal pool makes it easy to not have to watch the little ones all the time!

You can see the new groin break wall in the background!

Taylor decided it was time to fly a kite while the other two continued to run and play in the tidal pool.

What was nice was she did not have to worry about other people on the beach as we were in a spot with no one within fifty yards of where we sat.

East end of Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

She spent a good one-half hour with the kite in the air!

You can see in the pictures just how many people were around – a great spot to spend some quiet time!

Our three youngest grandkids – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode.

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Papa’s World – Ocean Isle Beach – Terminal Groin!

East end of Ocean Isle Beach and the project “The Terminal Groin”

For the past twenty-plus years – the beach here has eroded away – taking with it the ends of first and second streets. Third street and fourth street were in danger as the waves came up and under some of the houses. They started building the break wall that extends some 900 feet straight out and into the ocean, and then a right turn and a short distance – the boulders are huge granite – three boulders to a forty-foot long trailer bed – hauled in by the truckloads.

All the beach you now see in this picture is being pumped in from the dredging of the channel behind the groin – which they do anyways to keep the channel clear for boats.

The water came up to the huge sandbags to under the pilings of these houses.

The “GROIN” will continue until late April when it will be completed. Here you see the pipes blowing out sand to form the new beach.

Large bulldozers spread the sand out and the next picture shows how deep the sand is.

The beach access after some sand addition – the last storm –
water came under the steps to the sandbags and over them.
A look West along the new beach – graded – the sandbags were put in place to help keep the water back.
Sherry walking in OIB.

I will continue with the next blog on The TERMINAL GROIN PROJECT”

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