Papa’s World – BODE – only grandson – birthday – age 6!

Cassidy BODE Taylor

Our daughters gave us five grand daughters –

family dinners were 8 females – 3 males!

And then – along came BODE!

The first grandson in our little family!


Even when he was too little to walk

I would push him in the stroller

and one time we passed a open garage door

and he became very excited – pointing to a car parked there.

It was a antique Corvette!

He is all boy – trucks – bikes – helmets and no shoes!

Turning six years old – Bode – as he always is – no shoes!

Off he goes outside – no snow – no ice and no shoes!

Riding his bike – playing baseball – chasing his sisters or running away !

He has this thing of bare feet!

Every morning as I drank my cup of coffee –

when we stayed with them before we moved South

Down the stairs he would come

early – 6:00 am.

And “Hello Papa” !

And climb up into my lap as I wrote my blogs!

Mommy – and Bode – mother and son

First boy in the little family.

He and Cassidy are two peas in the pod!

Yet – he loves Taylor – calling her name.

Cassidy is the protective one – always watching over him.

All three together excited – I can not tell who is saying what

if I am not in the same room with them.

I am hoping to have them here – on the beach – in the sand – running – laughing!
Daddy and Bode – going golfing!

For his Christmas – we gave to him – his first little set of golf clubs

a bag – balls and tees.

There is a video of him his daddy took

Hat on backward – ball on a tee in the fairway

stepping up – the ball falls off the tee – he picks it up

places it back and steps up to the ball

His stance perfect and all of a sudden he swings

You hear the club hit the ball – and his daddy laugh

It leaves the tee and sails down the fairway!

“WAY TO GO BODE” his daddy says!

I think we have a soccer player and a golfer!

I am not too old to enjoy what the years will bring!

First grandson – all boy – yet sentimental – caring for his sisters.

One day he will be the one protecting them!

Happy birthday little one – BODE – six years old – first grandson!

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Paps’s World – missing the little ones!

We have been gone from their home two weeks.

Yet – almost every day – one of the little ones

will face time or call.

Cassidy loves her MORMOR

she is the one who I think misses us the most.

She would come down those stairs to say good night

give hugs and this would happen several times!

She was always asking when we would come back.

Bode – so much like Cassidy but all boy!

Every morning without fail

from 6 to 6:15 AM.

Down those stairs he would come or if I were on the front porch

climb up onto my lap.


As simple as that!

Taylor or “T” as I call her

so mature – so kind – who only wants to ride horses!

She takes lessons once a week –

She knows how to groom them and saddle them

how to clean their hooves.

“T” who just wants her ALONE time-

in her room reading or playing with her horses and lego’s!


We spent almost three months with them

One time they spent a year with us.

Sherry is their “MORMOR”

Swedish for MOTHER’S MOTHER!

That is all they have ever called her.

Bode at five is now golfing with his daddy!
“T” is so fast growing up!
Cassidy is the one who teaches the others crafts – just as her MORMOR teaches others!
Cassidy is her MORMOR’S SHADOW!

Yes – missing the three little ones

The older three are growing up

one in college – one about to graduate

and one who wants to be with grandma!

The three little ones – who are young enough

to see we are now at a distance and call all the time.

And then there is Tammy – their mother

who in all her life has never lived more that two hours away

This is where the little ones get it from


Tammy – Sherry’s daughter

The family lives on –


Yes LITTLE ones – she knows with tears of joy!


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Papas World – a Mothers day to remember – covid19

Sometimes – you just have to suck it up – still maintain –

And see your family!

That happened yesterday – Mother’s Day – 5-10 – 20

The year we were sheltering for COVID19 !

We decided after 58 days – and this being a special day

we would make the trip and see the families

while still social distancing.

We have not been to either set of family houses since Christmas.

We left for Florida the 28th. of January –

Came back home March 4th.

and 10 days later went into Sheltering!

The Tree little ones as I call them –

Bode – age 5 – Taylor and Cassidy – age 9.

We miss them terribly – as every day after school they would be here

until one parent picked them up –

and in the morning – Bode and his mother would be here

after she dropped the twins off at school

and wait until Bode had to be at preschool at 9 am.

Sarah – mother Debby – Sherry – Maddy and Ella

The three oldest – even though they are now older

the bond is still there

They live 1 1/2 hours away

But we always attend special events for them.

The social distancing is hard – you want to hug.

But just talking to them – well – it made this a very special day.

As we age – thoughts tend to get lost – memories fade –

but – I think this day because of the virus –

will always be remembered

and we caught it in a picture

to be talked about for years to come!

Mothers day – 2020 – MORMOR – meaning in Swedish – MOTHERSMOTHER!

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