Papa’s World – When birthdays come in THREE’S – the final celebration – our patio – MEMORIES!

Celebrating the twin’s birthday and their mothers – all on the same day!

MEMORY – the twins came early – not by choice but the doctor said it was time at just 32 plus weeks.

It was by chance that the day he chose also happened to be the mother’s birthday!


We moved from Great Country farm for the twins – to the winery of Bluemont.

The winery was for Tammy and family and friends – and we celebrated there for her.

Then – it was onto our home in Brambleton Va. to the patio for close friends and family.

Where we celebrated all three together with their presents.

The memory of family and close friends.

Maddy is the oldest and then Taylor the youngest – today Maddy is a junior in college – and I will post at the end a picture of them before Christmas.

This was all back in 2012 – when they turned two.

Today – they are growing up so fast.

Ella is now the tallest – 5’10” and Maddy 5’6″ – Sarah is already taller than Maddy –

and soon Taylor at 11 years old will be taller than her!

MEMORIES of when they were all younger!

Today Tammy looks the same as she did then nine years ago.

We celebrate every year – all three of them together – bonded for life that way!

Thank you for reading – PAPA’S WORLD – MY BLOG:

MEMORIES are forever etched in my mind and blogs.

Taylor – Cassidy – Ella(hat) Maddy nine years ago!
Today – just before Christmas – Cassidy – Ella – Maddy – Sherry – Taylor – in PAPA’S WORLD!

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