Papa’s World – When birthdays come in THREE’S – the final celebration – our patio – MEMORIES!

Celebrating the twin’s birthday and their mothers – all on the same day!

MEMORY – the twins came early – not by choice but the doctor said it was time at just 32 plus weeks.

It was by chance that the day he chose also happened to be the mother’s birthday!


We moved from Great Country farm for the twins – to the winery of Bluemont.

The winery was for Tammy and family and friends – and we celebrated there for her.

Then – it was onto our home in Brambleton Va. to the patio for close friends and family.

Where we celebrated all three together with their presents.

The memory of family and close friends.

Maddy is the oldest and then Taylor the youngest – today Maddy is a junior in college – and I will post at the end a picture of them before Christmas.

This was all back in 2012 – when they turned two.

Today – they are growing up so fast.

Ella is now the tallest – 5’10” and Maddy 5’6″ – Sarah is already taller than Maddy –

and soon Taylor at 11 years old will be taller than her!

MEMORIES of when they were all younger!

Today Tammy looks the same as she did then nine years ago.

We celebrate every year – all three of them together – bonded for life that way!

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MEMORIES are forever etched in my mind and blogs.

Taylor – Cassidy – Ella(hat) Maddy nine years ago!
Today – just before Christmas – Cassidy – Ella – Maddy – Sherry – Taylor – in PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Continue – Tammy’s birthday at the winery on top of the mountain in Bluemont!

Debby along with the birthday girl – TAMMY!

MEMORIES: Tammy and the twins – Taylor and Cassidy – all share the same day as a birthday!

Nother and daughters – bonded through life for a special occasion.

A view from the patio at Bluemont Winery – on top of a mountain.

Great Country Farm is at the bottom of this mountain and we moved the party up to the top!

MEMORY of family and friends on our three-part celebration of life for all three of them!

Gerhard ( Tammy’s father in law) Marcus ( Tammy’s husband) Kevin ( Marcus childhood friend)

The winery serves food and has music – and sits atop a mountain next to Mt. Weather –

The Government installation for doomsday.

Next to the winery sits a brewery called Dirtfarm.

Both are places that we like to revisit when we go home for visits!

Family and friends celebrating Tammy’s birthday!

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Four generations – GIGI( Sherry’s mother) Sherry – Tammy and Taylor or Cassidy


Papa’s World – Memories of Great Country Farm and twins birthday!

Tayor “BEAR” as mommy calls her.
“Little” Cassidy as we call her.

Two years old – my how time has passed and their next birthday they will be twelve!

Two blond hair – blue eyed fraternal twins.

MEMORIES of them running around – each with one another – always huddling together.

Where one went – the other followed!

Aunt and cousins and Tammy – family.

MEMORIES of all their cousins from both sides of the family.

Friends and family celebrating!

MEMORIES of aunt and uncle and friends!

Family and friends on a hayride!

To be continued in the next blog – friends and family celebrating.

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PAPA’S WORLD – Grandparents – family and friends.

Papa’s World – memories of a birthday party for the twins – long ago!

The time seems to be moving along oh so fast!

Now – they are eleven years old and Bode is seven!

MEMORIES slipping past – making new ones – loving the present.

Over nine years ago!



At the Great Country Farm – Bluemont, Va.

Taylor and Cassidy are being held by Oliva and Ella and Maddy. Peyton looking on and Granma Jenny.

They were just two years old – family and friends gathered at the Great Country Farm in Bluemont Va.

MEMORIES of a time gone past!

The party was for family and friends of the family – celebrating the fraternal twins Taylor and Cassidy.

They were born early at I think 32 weeks – just so tiny – Taylor the bigger by a number of ozs.

The doctor told Tammy it was time because Taylor was getting all the nutrients.

SO TINY – both just over 3 lbs. MEMORIES!

Maddy and Taylor
Cousin Sarah
Cousin Ella

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Papa’s World – Trisha and Shawn – birthdays – anniversary – love you!

Shawn and Trisha

My youngest son – Shawn – and wife – Trisha –

Both back home in NWPA

Where they grew up and we moved from.

The life time commitment

the lifetime of love

wedded – a lifetime ahead

blessings on their union


Asking – love – being together

one for the other

in Gods eyes


Traveling – sharing love

building a life together

forming and expanding their lives

fun times



Birthdays – another year passes

life has gone on –

the journey together –

happiness –

bonded in love.

What greater gift for one another!

Birthday wishes

family together

another year passes

but the family remains

time is but a passing moment upon moment

family is seconds with out end.

Happy birthdays to you both
daughter in law – family.
Happy anniversary to you both
Troy Papa Sherry Shawn Trisha

Being far away – but being close in hearts

distance but love bridges that gap.

Family – always family.

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Trisha Shawn Troy – my family back home

Happy birthdays

Happy Anniversary

love Dad


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Papa’s World – A shout-out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our grandson Bode – who turned SEVEN!

Although they were 400 plus miles away – we were there in spirit!

We had celebrated his birthday when they paid a surprise visit for four days!

They surprised him in the morning when he came out of his bedroom!
Waiting for him when he came down the stairs!

He is such a handsome young man – and loves us – calling us MORMOR and PAPA!

At our home for the surprise visit.
Chilling out with Papa’s phone playing ROBOX!

MISS THIS LITTLE GUY – when we stay with them he comes down the stairs and climbs up in my lap as I write my blog!

Bode – back at his home the morning of his 7th. birthday!
Bode with his daddy – Marcus on the golf course for his birthday!

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BODE – seven years old – following in the footsteps of his cousins – Maddy and Ella – playing soccer!
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Papa’s World – Tammy and Marcus and three little ones – surprise visit and birthday cake for Bode!

A surprise visit – Sherry(MorMor)- Bode-Taylor-Marcus Tammy – Papa- Cassidy – family!

They called – a zoom call – the night before they left – we are going to surprise you tomorrow!

We had asked them to come down after they had stopped overnight back in August when they were passing through

for Marcus’s family vacation.

It was his mother and father and brother and sister and families.

We visited them at their beach house in Surfside – South Myrtle Beach.

So – this made us very happy to have four days with them this time!

Sherry and Tammy – she is the youngest daughter
I took Marcus and Bode golfing – while the girls went shopping with MorMor ( Swede for mothers mother)
This would be me with no birdies!
Although his birthday would be after they returned home – we celebrated while they were here!
Taylor – MorMor ( what they call her) and Cassidy singing happy birthday to Bode!
Taylor and Bode – they both are going to be really tall – taking after Sherry who is 5’9″.

It was a special four days – playing golf – shopping -walking two beaches – showing them Clarks in Little River –

Calabash shopping – and having cake and presents for Bode’s coming birthday.

Four days is not enough – and plans for Spring break are in the making.

Christmas – for 10 or more days – we will travel back to NVA and spend time with them and our other daughter and her husband and the older granddaughters.

Looking forward to our next gathering as a family.

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Papa’s World – Debby’s birthday – family celebration

Along with meeting up for the college soccer game – it also was to celebrate the big 50 for our daughter Debby!
Aunt Debby and little Cassidy

We rented a AIRBNB so that we could all be together after months and months of seperation.

Along with meeting up to cheer on Maddy and Ella meeting for the first time on the pitch for a soccer game –

we also were having a celebration of a birthday for Debby.

A party was planned – dinner – and cake – masks – just a family coming together.

Mothers – Daughters – and Sisters

We strolled historic Lynchburg – and ended up at Bootleggers to have a special dinner.

Turning 50 is a milestone in life – and for Deb – she was mistaken by one of our neighbors

as being close in age to their 28 year old daughter!

She is a mother to three beautiful daughters and has a great husband Mike.


for The Juice Plus Company.

A college graduate – a teacher in Health and Nutrition.

Surrounded by family – “A HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY”!



A tribute to Debby – as this is who she is – a gift to our family!

Papa’s World – Twins birthday – MARLEY puppy – and cousin Sarah comes to visit!

The twins turned eleven years old – Cassidy and Taylor birthday!

Yes – they are twins – and they had to be taken out early because Taylor was taking all the nourishment!

Today – Cassidy is normal for her age but Taylor is going to be real tall – like her MORMOR –


Sherry is 5′ 9″ and she will be taller than that.

Bode – who turns eight is also going to be tall and here is cousin Sarah – who at soon to be 15 – is gaining on Sherry!

We went back to NVA to watch the little ones and the puppy Marley – and Sarah came for overnight!

MARLEY at six months old – a puppy who likes to play keep away and run and run.

She is adorable and is a Goldendoodle – judging by her feet – she will be very large! She is so friendly and loving.

But – you must make sure to keep things out of reach as she tends to chew – thus she stood up and grabbed the hat of our son in law and that became history! LOL

And at night – after all day with MARLEY and the little ones – sleep was welcomed! LOL
A very proud grandmother – Sherry with all four – missing the two oldest who are in college – best birthday among

the cousins celebrating by a road trip with Debby and Sarah into Washington D.C. to the city ZOO!


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Papa’s World – journey to a surprise birthday!

We were packed to the ceiling in the car

and on top – it was also packed.

We had to have five months worth of “STUFF”

as we had rented a condo in North Myrtle Beach

for that period of time.

But first – a stop for a surprise birthday party!

Our friends in Magnolia Greens – just outside Leland N.C.

A 15 minute drive to downtown Wilmington N.C.

Buck – was turning 70!

He had no idea we were coming!

We were neighbors starting in 1986

we had known them before that

Being retired – Buck – Sherry and myself

It does not matter about the weekend.

However – Cindy – the youngster of the group

still works!

But – that did not stop her from inviting us to stay

until we moved into the condo

the following Thursday!

And we played golf three different times!

We celebrated Buck’s birthday the whole time we were there!

Her specialty is making Moscow Mules!

And she grows her own mint!

We also have always had a golf challenge

Guys vs. Gals.

And we do this also with other close friends.

So – over the course of five days

we played three times

a total of 45 holes of golf!

We went out to dinner a few times and lunch

And we brought some wine with us

Now – I am not so much for wine

but this was a anniversary issue from Coopers Hawk

and I did find it to be to my tasting!

They have a beautiful new home that Cindy designed

and was part of every single step in the process!

It sits on a point of land
With ponds and channels on three sides

And the 27 hole golf course right across the pond.

I have always loved it here

and it is on my bucket list of places to move to.

Time will tell –

A surprise birthday party

golfing with friends

a few drinks and laughs

at a lovely home and great friends.

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and in this case



Papas World – Sheltering Day#56 – birthday!

May 7th. 2020 – 71 years old – Pandemic – Social Distancing

Guess I am always going to remember this one!

My wife Sherry – made it a very special day – but she messed up –

and two days before – let the cat out of the bag.

We were going to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING –

BUT – we were going to use our patio which is very large

over 500 square feet and enclosed by a fence and the house

and each family of grand kids will come at specific times

so no one is here at the same time!

My little buddy would also be here
Bode – this picture taken two years ago
gosh – how I miss them all

The first family of Mike – Debby – Maddy – Ella and Sarah

came at 12:30 pm. They parked outback – walked around the back yard

and into the patio –

where we had seating for everyone but at least six feet apart.

They gave me cards they had made – the three girls –

they always make me special crafted cards.

I cherish them and save each one.

Have since they were little!

Now the whole family except Ella – eats very little meat

so we ordered a pizza delivery –

we paid on the site and they delivered

they do not even see you or knock

they text that the pizza is by the front door and then drive off!

We had also fruit – gluten free chips – salsa – wheat less pretzels

And my favorite cake that we made a special trip to WEGMENS

White coconut cream cake! ( which has been years since I had)

We celebrated by each staying in our own seats – laughing –

and then the text – the second group were on their way.

Time to leave – no hugs – but lots of smiles – kind words.

They left – and then it was time to see the little ones and their parents

same routine – the little ones have followed their older cousins

each in turn made special cards and gave to me

(Tammy – Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy & Bode !

How I miss them all.

They dressed up – the little ones – just for this occasion.)

I guess at my age I am sentimental – but to me –

these are the best presents – the cards

for years and years I have saved them!

It will be fun one day to bring them all out and show them

when they are all grown up!

We spent two hours just the same as we did with the older ones.

Sheltering in place on my birthday – strange no hugs –

no handshakes – but – the smiles and laughs.

Earlier I had gotten a call –

From my two sons back in NWPA –


I AM BLESSED – my wife made this all happen –

And the boys called me!

What more could I ask for –


Sherry got me another puzzle – 500 pieces!

And a new warm pull over shirt –

which in this freaky Spring of rain and cold


Sheltering in place Day# 56 – best birthday ever –

now to get busy and put PUZZLE # 8 together

glad when this is all over!

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Papa’s World – birthday party – SURPRISE ! Va. Beach !

A surprise birthday party for our good friend DOTTIE !


We have been friends with DOTTIE for 37 years !

Along with Dottie –

Sherry is also friends with Cindy !

Almost the same number of years !

Dottie Cindy Sherry

This picture was taken just before we went on a wine tasting tour –

Now – I do not have the picture of the “RESULTS “

Of that said wine tasting –

But all three ended

up in the back row seat of the SUV !


Cindy – Dottie – Sherry

So – they decided to recreate that picture at the birthday party –

which was held on the beach at Sandbridge – Va.Beach .

Of course they did not drink as much wine –

Too many family and friends around –

But – they still managed a great time.

The three amigo’s
Tom – Jim – Buck

And of course we also got into the act –

A few years later

There were over 75 people from five different states !

And it was a complete surprise –

All put together by her daughter Katie

and Dottie’s husband Jim –

Katie devoted days and days to this !

A house on the beach – all those people –

Places to stay –

Food – wine – beer – water – games – she did it all !


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTTIE – family – friends – co workers –

On the beach at Sandbridge
Va. Beach

Just another day in our life with friends –

Buck and Cindy had dropped in at our house for a couple days –

and then we drove down for the party.

Jim – Debbie – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Buck – Tom

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Papa’s World – all he wanted was his cousin – ELLA !

The birthday was earlier in the week – turning five –

His one request – ” I WANT ELLA TO GO TO TOP GOLF ” !

This is a five year old who adores his sixteen year old cousin !

at Top Golf

For the last few years – he has been fascinated with her.

Going where she is and asking her to play with him.


And she is so good with him –

You can hear him yelling ” ELLA – ELLA ” when she plays soccer !

Cheering her on and she in turn can hear him.

I do not know how to explain this –

only that he became attached to her when he was between 2 and 3 .

The other two – Taylor and Cassidy –

form that same bond only with Sarah –

Ella’s younger sister.

We are a family of mostly girls
mother and daughters
Bode the lone boy
Bode and his father Marcus
instructions on golf

It was Bode who asked to go here

It was chilly – 35 degrees –

but we kept warm with the overhead heaters.

Debby – Tammy – Sherry
Mother and two daughters

We had a fun time – over two hours –

It is always fun when you spend time with family.

Sarah after a shot
Debby and Ella

A cold night – but a time he wanted to spend with Ella

Bode and Ella

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Family time

PAPA’S WORLD – all he wanted was his cousin ELLA !