Papa’s World – Granddaughter Sarah’s sweet 16 birthday!

Sarah – I am guessing age three.

She was not planned – but she was the delight of her sisters – funny – running around – SARAH!

Always the fashion Diva!

She has had this fashion eye since she could walk!

Sarah then Ella and Maddy – and her mother – Debby this past summer – still the fashion Queen.

She is strong-willed – beautiful and full of laughter – funny and not a MORNING PERSON!

Here she poses for the beginning of her Sophomore year in H.S.

She has caught up with her sister Ella who is almost 5’10” – Sarah will soon be the tallest.

Happy SWEET SIXTEEN birthday today to our little Sarah on her first – year old birthday!

She is now a young lady – full of laughter and being so funny.


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Granddaughter Sarah’s – SWEET SIXTEEN birthday – October – 2022 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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