Papa’s World – Granddaughter Sarah’s sweet 16 birthday!

Sarah – I am guessing age three.

She was not planned – but she was the delight of her sisters – funny – running around – SARAH!

Always the fashion Diva!

She has had this fashion eye since she could walk!

Sarah then Ella and Maddy – and her mother – Debby this past summer – still the fashion Queen.

She is strong-willed – beautiful and full of laughter – funny and not a MORNING PERSON!

Here she poses for the beginning of her Sophomore year in H.S.

She has caught up with her sister Ella who is almost 5’10” – Sarah will soon be the tallest.

Happy SWEET SIXTEEN birthday today to our little Sarah on her first – year old birthday!

She is now a young lady – full of laughter and being so funny.


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Granddaughter Sarah’s – SWEET SIXTEEN birthday – October – 2022 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Papa’s World – The joy of college and soccer – Maddy!

Our granddaughter – Maddy – this is her!

Never the selfish one – always the one who gives – both in life and college and on the pitch in soccer.

She works hard – her degree will be in Engineering Science – a 3.85 GPA.

Maddy is on the right with her teammates and roommate.

She is up early before sunrise to hike and run – when she visited us this last spring – she was on the beach for sunrise – capturing pictures and filming – her minor is Photography.

She runs – she hikes mountains – and most of all – a team player.

Maddy – not celebrating her own goal – but that of a teammate – that is Maddy!
This is her and her life.

She distributes the soccer ball from the left wing position – pinpoints passing and so fast in doing so.

She loves to score – but she loves to see others do the same.

Number 13 Maddy – celebrating teammate’s score.

Dedication for four years straight – a team award for going above the recommended physical fitness regimen for her team. The BELL AWARD was given to those players pictured here and for four straight years, Maddy has achieved that award from her coach.

Maddy was second from left – four years straight given this award from the coach and team captain her senior year.

The four years have gone by so fast – she has done this on her own since she was a sophomore in H.S.

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Papa’s World – The joy of college and soccer – MADDY!

Papa’s World – our Cassidy – seems she is an ARTIST!

Cassidy – calls her MorMor ( Sherry) every week – or texts her – whom she adores.

While I have known she has the ability to create – it surprised me just how well she can draw.

Sherry saw a picture on social media of an American flag painted by President Bush –

for the celebration of July 4th.

I guess he just did it in a few moments – as he also is a good artist.

She asked Cassidy if she could do the same thing by looking at the picture!

Cassidy’s painting after seeing the picture of President Bush painting.

It looks just like his!

She has a unique ability to look at something and reproduce it!

A few down days and she sat and started drawing!

No one bothers her and she is very quiet – only a pencil and paper.

She sat at the counter with her IPAD – and watched a video of this drawing and reproduced it on a larger scale.
She produced the drawing – and showed it to me – I was just struct at how good she actually is!

She is her own self – and a quiet sweetheart.

Her third picture – all three we are going to have framed – she is only eleven years old!

She has a focus on detail – a sense of shade – these are all just penciled drawings.

I showed them to her mother and I think she needs to pursue this talent.

Cassidy with Taylor and Bode behind her.

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Papa’s World – Saint Patrick days parade – NMB!

Maddy wanted to walk the beach and see the ocean one last time before she went back to college.

The parade had been canceled the previous week because of the strong wind and rain.

So – this time our granddaughter Maddy was here but she had to leave in the afternoon –

So we drove to North Myrtle Beach so she could enjoy a few hours of just plain fun –

and take her last walk and see the ocean before she left.

Here Shery and Maddy walk out to the ocean at the main street entrance to NMB.

Walking the main street in North Myrtle Beach before the parade.

Hundreds of vendors were set up – food – drink – items for sale.

We were there early – around 8:30 am.

Coffee for our early morning walks around town viewing the vendors before the thousands of people show up.

Sherry and Maddy sitting on a towel on the curb of Ocean Blvd.

We did not carry chairs – and we had front row seats sitting on a towel on the curb.

The parade lasted one hour – and was quite colorful in green and white and orange!

Papa and Maddy – time for some green beer!
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It was a great four-plus hour spending time with our granddaughter before driving back to the house.

Sad to pack her up to leave in the early afternoon – but we had her entire spring break with us.

Saint Patrick’s day parade in North Myrtle Beach

Papa’s World – Spring break with Maddy!

As the sunset in Sunset Beach – Sherry and Maddy take it all in on a cool evening.

She drove herself five hours from Lynchburg Va. – her University – to spend her break with us!

So we took her to the beach in the early evening after she arrived.

She had a test in the morning of the day she started out – but she and Sherry wanted to see the beach.

It was cool out – a cold front had come in from Florida all the way North to N.E.

And the wind made for a chilly walk in the blowing sand.

Here you can see a deserted beach and how the sand blows across it – stinging your eyes.

Grandma and granddaughter – the same – they love the surf and the sand.

It was worth the time to take her to both beaches – to relax after her five-hour drive –

the crazy world of college and tests – maintaining an almost 4.0!

And grandma had her eldest granddaughter once again in her home!

The long walk back from the beach – grandmother and granddaughter

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Papa’s World – Our granddaughter choose to spend her spring break with us!

Maddy Myers when she was little.

She is the firstborn granddaughter – now twenty-one years old – a Junior at the University of Lynchburg, Va.

She is going for a degree in Engineering Science – carrying a 3.80 GPA.

And of course, we are excited – she will be here a little over one week.

Sherry and Maddy – the smiles say it all.
Maddy and Papa

I remember picking her up after my work at the babysitter –

and we would sing Old McDonald had a farm.

Or the time when she just started to walk –

I had placed a blanket in the front yard –

and she would not go off the blanket because the grass was strange on her tiny feet.

This has been a perfect week with her – love it!

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PAPA’S WORLD – Spring Break – Maddy.