Papa’s World – The joy of college and soccer – Maddy!

Our granddaughter – Maddy – this is her!

Never the selfish one – always the one who gives – both in life and college and on the pitch in soccer.

She works hard – her degree will be in Engineering Science – a 3.85 GPA.

Maddy is on the right with her teammates and roommate.

She is up early before sunrise to hike and run – when she visited us this last spring – she was on the beach for sunrise – capturing pictures and filming – her minor is Photography.

She runs – she hikes mountains – and most of all – a team player.

Maddy – not celebrating her own goal – but that of a teammate – that is Maddy!
This is her and her life.

She distributes the soccer ball from the left wing position – pinpoints passing and so fast in doing so.

She loves to score – but she loves to see others do the same.

Number 13 Maddy – celebrating teammate’s score.

Dedication for four years straight – a team award for going above the recommended physical fitness regimen for her team. The BELL AWARD was given to those players pictured here and for four straight years, Maddy has achieved that award from her coach.

Maddy was second from left – four years straight given this award from the coach and team captain her senior year.

The four years have gone by so fast – she has done this on her own since she was a sophomore in H.S.

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Papa’s World – The joy of college and soccer – MADDY!

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