Papa’s World – Spring thru Summer into Fall – so fast !

Good Morning
sip your coffee
time goes by
so fast !

It seems like yesterday it was Spring –

still some chill in the air –

Grass needed cut –

trees still bare-

and now it is Fall !

Our grand daughters
graduation H.S. Cap
Now she is two months into college
and playing soccer
going to classes

Yesterday it seemed she graduated –

This past weekend –

she came back home for the first time –

A young women – seeking her career –

and playing college soccer !

Spring our flowers
we actually save these year to year
pull them out end of October
shake them off
and put into bucket
and hang up in the garage
over five years old
saved year to year

My step father taught me that –

save them –

then clean up in Spring –

and replant them !


Tower Garden
by Juice Plus Co.
We grow almost anything
that does not grow on a tree !

First of May – we get our Towers ready –

We grow all Winter in the garage with grow lights –

Then we clean that one up ( after using it to start plants )

And we start in the patio out back .

We are eating fresh produce all year long.

Have been doing this for 7 or 8 years !

Check it out – for TOWER GARDENS

My wife – Sherry – website !

Fourth of July

We traveled to our daughters house

at Cross Junction Va. LAKE HOLIDAY –

to spend a long weekend –

celebrate Sherry’s birthday and watch the 4 th. of July fireworks !

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Our fast lives
to be continued
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The Summer continues – Spring – where did it go ?

for health and nutrition
To join her business

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Papa’s World


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Papa’s World – County fair – time with grand kids & Moms

Since I am writing this a couple weeks ahead

I have learned to schedule !

We spent the last days of Summer with grand kids

before they went off to school !


Tammy Taylor Ella Sarah Debby Maddy
and the only boy Bode

Of course being the only boy sometimes he gets shy !

Moe Mor Sherry
Swede for Mother’s Mother

Our fair visit was planned as the last day of Summer vacation

for Ella and Sarah –

who’ s first day of school was Thursday the next day.

The three youngest all go the following week.

Maddy – the oldest –

Her parents are taking her to The University of Lynchburg – Va.

For her early reporting into the soccer team

where she will begin her Freshman year.

Maddy – mother Debby & Ella

Ella is a junior and has begun her soccer practice with her travel team.

Sarah has entered 7 th. grade

Coping with their daughter leaving for college has been stressful

for both Mike and Debby –

Maddy is looking forward to it with excitement

all grown up and life before her eyes.

Maddy and proud MorMor

The fair was everything we expected –

the rides were fun for the kids

The barns full of animals

The food was “FAIR” food –

But the day was for us –

A GRAND PARENT day to remember!

Ella – Sherry – Sarah -Taylor – Bode- Maddy – Cassidy and me

Sherry’s shirt says it all ” BLESSED “

Our life has always been filled like this

Traveling – staying – inter acting –

It has always been that way –

and this was no different –

I do not do the rides anymore

Getting dizzy – sick-


not my idea anymore of a good time

I like to watch take pictures and just be there for support!

Sarah Ella Maddy
Sarah Bode Cassidy Taylor
Taylor Bode
Sarah Taylor Ella
Sarah Cassidy

The time was fun –

almost six hours

lots of rides

some food and drink

A day at the fair with the Moms and grand kids

Clarke County Fair

And a farewell – goodbye – hugs

to our oldest grand daughter

Sherry Maddy Papa

Goodbye sweet heart

PACA is so proud of you

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Papa’s World – Tonight – graduation – Tears – Thoughts

Eighteen years have passed – so many memories of the little one


There was a time – I would pick her up from the babysitter after work –

I would be done at 2:30 PM.

Her parents both worked –

and she would come running to me and leap-

Her arms encircling my neck as I knelt down –

” PACA” she would shout !

( that is how she said PAPA )


There was the time –

she was in the back in her car seat –

I heard a “SOB”

and I looked in the mirror –

She made eye contact

and held up her little hand –

TEARS were streaming down her cheeks –

not making a sound !

She had twisted a hair tie around her little finger –

It had almost turned a deep blue – black !

I pulled off the road to the side

and got out – quickly – I got it off –

I rubbed her little finger –

it hurt her so bad .

” PACA – PACA – ” she kept saying.

TEARS and her nose was running –

I cleaned her up –

all the time rubbing her finger.

Graduation from Elementary school

Then – the years passed –

they had moved to the other side of Winchester –

She was almost 11 years old –

so cute – so classy –

She was the student body president !

She was going to MIDDLE SCHOOL –

She had already played soccer for SEVEN YEARS !

She joined Track –

and ran the mile –

running a 5:48 –

The high school coach wanted her on the track team !

But “SOCCER ” –

it was at the same time – her love –

Soccer won out –

she was on the Travel Team – H.S. team –

and as a Sophomore –

she tried out and made the Loudoun County RED TEAM

Traveling 60 miles – three times a week – one way – to practice !


The time went by – track fell behind – soccer bloomed !

Six teen – sweet

She has always loved MANATEE’S – so – at six teen – for her birthday –

We took a trip to Florida – and her mother and her flew down one way.

She went to Crystal River – Springs –

and there – her dream came true-


Party Saturday

Now – the DAY

has finally come -but first – AWARDS !

Maddy and Ella

Ella helped her with her awards – she earned –

last day –

schools out for her

From that little tot-to a lady

She is all grown up now –

she doesn’t remember the word “PACA”

But – I shall always remember her saying it.

I will remember the songs we sang-

The little voice from her car seat in the rear-

The hugs – the little arms around my neck-


Tonight – we watch her walk that final step of High School –

Tonight is the end of a time well spent –

Tonight – she will look not back –

Tonight she will look forward to a new beginning –

One – that she has already begun –

for she has a new schedule –

A new training schedule

which she already has started –

A training schedule for the UNIVERSITY OF LYNCHBUG –

Her new team – ” THE HORNETS ” –

COLLEGE SOCCER – starts now.


Thank you for reading –

eighteen years – a little memory for me

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