Papa’s World – County fair – time with grand kids & Moms

Since I am writing this a couple weeks ahead

I have learned to schedule !

We spent the last days of Summer with grand kids

before they went off to school !


Tammy Taylor Ella Sarah Debby Maddy
and the only boy Bode

Of course being the only boy sometimes he gets shy !

Moe Mor Sherry
Swede for Mother’s Mother

Our fair visit was planned as the last day of Summer vacation

for Ella and Sarah –

who’ s first day of school was Thursday the next day.

The three youngest all go the following week.

Maddy – the oldest –

Her parents are taking her to The University of Lynchburg – Va.

For her early reporting into the soccer team

where she will begin her Freshman year.

Maddy – mother Debby & Ella

Ella is a junior and has begun her soccer practice with her travel team.

Sarah has entered 7 th. grade

Coping with their daughter leaving for college has been stressful

for both Mike and Debby –

Maddy is looking forward to it with excitement

all grown up and life before her eyes.

Maddy and proud MorMor

The fair was everything we expected –

the rides were fun for the kids

The barns full of animals

The food was “FAIR” food –

But the day was for us –

A GRAND PARENT day to remember!

Ella – Sherry – Sarah -Taylor – Bode- Maddy – Cassidy and me

Sherry’s shirt says it all ” BLESSED “

Our life has always been filled like this

Traveling – staying – inter acting –

It has always been that way –

and this was no different –

I do not do the rides anymore

Getting dizzy – sick-


not my idea anymore of a good time

I like to watch take pictures and just be there for support!

Sarah Ella Maddy
Sarah Bode Cassidy Taylor
Taylor Bode
Sarah Taylor Ella
Sarah Cassidy

The time was fun –

almost six hours

lots of rides

some food and drink

A day at the fair with the Moms and grand kids

Clarke County Fair

And a farewell – goodbye – hugs

to our oldest grand daughter

Sherry Maddy Papa

Goodbye sweet heart

PACA is so proud of you

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

For more –


Sherry Certified Health Coach




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