Papa’s World – Memories from the past Part Three!

Ella and Debby

While she has played soccer it seems since she was old enough to walk –

Ella has graduated from H.S. and completed her first soccer season in college!

As a Freshman, she played every game at midfield and only came out for a couple minutes each half!

She is enrolled at Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

Memories are cherished – never forgotten.

Ella on Winchester United travels soccer.

Two years during her playing time while growing up – she suffered a broken bone in each foot-

resulting in her missing two years of playing.

One was from a teammate who stepped on the top of her foot with her cleats.

The second came when she twisted it during a scrum for the ball.

Some memories are good – others you just chalk up to experience and learn from them!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

Tom ( Papa) Ella Sherry – celebrating first place in a tournament

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