Papa’s World – memories from the past – part two.

Sherry ( MORMOR) Swede for MothersMother – and Taylor and Cassidy.

We had a really large indoor mall called the DULLES TOWN CENTER!

And we would take the little ones shopping and always they would want to ride the Carousel.

Sherry would go on with them while I stayed with the packages.

This was always what they looked forward to – even before they could pronounce Carousel!

MEMORY of gone by days.


We have friends who live just South of Wilmington – in Leland N.C. – Magnolia Greens.

We would visit them twice a year and they would come North and visit us.

The waterfront on the Cape Fear River in historic old Wilmington N.C.

A favorite place of ours when we visited.

The battleship in the background – memories of times we spent here!

Two backpacks hanging from the steps rails.

Two little girls – who could not reach these – pick me up PAPA!

MORMOR – help me!

Four little hands and feet.

Blond hair and blue eyes.

Memories of sweetness.

Thank you for reading – PAPA’S WORLD




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