Papa’s World – Family memories with photos!

Debby and Mike with Maddy – Sarah and Ella – the next photo is the present – MEMORIES!

Maddy – Debby – Mike – Ella – Sarah – MAKING NEW MEMORIES!

Tammy with Taylor – Papa with Cassidy – the twins who now are 12 years old. MEMORIES!

Looking back and remembering all the times we had together – MEMORIES!

Our grandson – Bode and me – love the little guy – making MEMORIES!

Papa with his two sons – Troy on the left and Shawn on the right – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Wonderful thoughts – memories!

I always thought this – now in retirement – I still think any day of golf is better than – well you choose it! LOL

The Tower Garden – the smaller unit can be used indoors with grow lights – the outdoor unit is larger – producing with just water – light and nutrients and air!

Our Tower Garden is covered up for freezing temps – looks like something from Star Wars! LOL

Sherry and Dottie – best friends for over 40 years – living life to the plus one day at a time!

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Papa’s World – Random pictures – thoughts and memories.

Christmas decorations for 2022 in our home in Cameron Woods Community – OIB, N.C. Our second Christmas here in our new home!

I do not run because I thud – thud – jarring my whole body – so I walk – almost every day 2 to 3 miles – and strive for 10,000 steps.

The closest beach to our home is four miles and is Ocean Isle Beach – with a pier and this entrance is the Community Center!

At Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing, S.C with family when they visited after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve!

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Long ago Pier picture of OIB – RANDOM PICTURES – THOUGHTS – and PICTURES – MY BLOG!

Papa’s World – Memories and the family in them.

Bode – Taylor and Cassidy at Luckets in NVA. An Antique store – one of many in this small community.

This was just prior to Thanksgiving when we made our trip North.

Our granddaughter Maddy – who in a few months will graduate from the University of Lynchburg – after four years on the soccer team –

and captain her senior year.

Third and second-team all-conference – with a degree in Environmental Sciences. So proud of her!

Memories of our family back in NVA – priceless for us! SMILE – it is going to be a great day!

Ella Myers – now a Sophomore at Randolph College – a two-year starter on the soccer team – Physical Education –

She wants to be a teacher of PHYS ED to children.

Kind – sweet and caring – that is Ella – so very proud of her.

The family back in NVA – Sherry doing a selfie – a trip home for thanksgiving giving us lasting memories.

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Papa’s World – Family – Pictures – Memories.

At the beach after Christmas – Taylor and Bode – warm enough for short sleeves and no shoes! MEMORIES!

At our Santa Scramble a week or so before Christmas with Sherry – Papa – Cindy and Buck! FUN MEMORIES!

A visit back in NVA at Thanksgiving time with Tayor – Cassidy – Bode and Tammy at Lucket’s – a community of antiques!

A beer tasting with friends in Historic Edenton, N.C. Good times – good tasting and friendships!

A singing blast from the past with our friends in our home in Brambleton, Va. They always do this!

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Papa’s World – Memories – Random and family and friends!

We are so blessed to have the family and friends we have in our MEMORIES!

Sherry and Cindy – friends since we were neighbors all those years ago – in WNY at Pleasant Acres Drive!

Elvis was in the house at the Carolina Opera – great show and memories of a bygone age! MEMORIES!

Troy – my oldest son and his partner – Andrea – summer visit – hoping they come back this summer. MEMORIES!

Walking in the neighborhood with family and friends – creating lasting – MEMORIES!

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Papa’s World – Memories – dreams – random thoughts!

Celebrating the old year with hopes – dreams and family and friends! MEMORIES!!!!

Our two youngest granddaughters – Taylor and Cassidy – started violin lessons in the new school year in September –

Both doing a concert and solos – and in my humble opinion – are doing very well!

We are from Western N.Y. – 65 miles South of Buffalo and are fans of the football team – maybe this year they will once again get

back to the Super Bowl – in hindsight – a very good year!

Our internet business has just gone national on a dozen TV programs – 16 years we have had this income-producing business –

This is now I believe year 30 of this product – and I have never missed a day in 16 years!

In our retirement – this has allowed us to live the way we do – and also age healthy one day at a time!

Close to being 74 years old for the both of us – MEMORIES of years gone past and years to come!

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This past summer with friends boating the ICW – living life to the plus – living life one day at a time! HGD!

Papa’s World – Family memories and smiles!

Sweet Sarah when young – now a sophomore in H.S. and a SWEET 16! Growing up – love her.

Choices in life – choices to choose from – life is full of choices!

Ella – Sarah – and Maddy – Sophomore in college – a sophomore in H.S. and Graduating from college – family memories.

Daughter and mother – Tammy and Sherry – priceless memory!

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TAYLOR – one of the twins – MEMORY of time gone past – PAPA’S WOLRD – FAMILY MEMORIES AND SMILES!

Papa’s World – Random memories and smiles.

Our oldest daughter Debby and her husband Mike when they were young! MEMORIES!

My little smile for the day – a sense of humor I think keeps you thinking “YOUNG”!

When they were little – our twin girls – Cassidy in the front – Taylor behind and their mother – Tammy! SMILES!

Back in the office at A.O.T.C. (DAL TILE) in Olean, N.Y. during the run of FOUR SUPER BOWLS for the BILLS!

Sherry third row – second from right!


Tammy and Marcus and the twins – before we had Bode! Miss this time of their lives!

One of our road trips to a winery with friends – Dottie Jim and Sherry – fun times over all these past 40 years!

And I have used all the other ones when playing. LOL

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Papa’s World – Random thoughts and memories from the past!

Years ago we made a trip to Washinton, D.C. with a group of friends from our church – Community Lutheran Church in Sterling, Va. to see Les Miserables on stage.

What a performance and good times with friends. MEMORIES!

Before Bode came along – and her mother was staying with us – a trip to Sweet Frog in Brambleton Town Center with FIVE granddaughters and an afternoon treat.

Now – Maddy is a senior in college and Ella a sophomore in college.

Sarah is a Sophomore in H.S. and the twins are twelve years old! MEMORIES!

A random thought – SMILE!

Friends – Sherry – Cindy – Dottie – when friends come together – we sing! MEMORIES!

Me in PINK SHORTS – Playing Volleyball in our Corporate Cup competition – we had about 40 members on the team in track and field and other sporting events.and competed against the other industries in the area. MEMORIES! Sherry on the left in the white top – we played volleyball in a league for years before we retired and took up golfing!

MEMORIES – a long ago times in the past – thanks for reading Papa’s World. HGD!

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Papa’s World – Old year ending – New year beginning!

Another year to get the golf game on track!

We love playing golf – and we are right in the middle of some 20-plus courses! Hoping this new year brings me better scores!

A new year to give – a new year to share – a new year of gratitude.

Living THE SALT LIFE – warmer weather – no snow or ice – living life to the plus!

Another year of aging – but another year of exploring – living healthy – one day at a time.

The old year ends – and the new year begins – thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –


As the sun sets – our dreams and life continue – one day at a time!

We both have dreams and we both have love of life. We both live life one day at a time and to the plus – exploring – loving.

We look at the good in life – the gratitude – the giving and family.

Forty years of marriage – two years before that – combining two families – living life one day at a time and to the plus.

Living our dream – exploring our area and spending time with family and friends – the SALT LIFE and our home.

Bring humor into our daily lives!

Smile – laugh – humor – give – love – share – family – church – live life to the plus.

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Papa’s World – Living life one day at a time!

Our little family picture about 12 years ago – since this picture – our grandson Bode was born and today is 8 years old!

We are also retired now – moving from NVA to the border of N.C. and S.C.

We now are in our retirement house – about four miles from the beach.

My sons from my first marriage and their partners – on the Sunset Beach Pier.

They remain in NWPA where they grew up – we transferred to NVA for our jobs and they stayed behind.

Today they work in the energy field of state and power companies winterizing homes for the elderly.

We live our lives one day at a time to the fullest we can manage. Retirement has been good to us and the weather here is what we like.

Bode – who is following in the footsteps of his older cousins playing soccer – I hope one day to follow him in college like we do with his cousins.

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Papa’s World – Sunset at SUNSET BEACH Pier with family – from NWPA!

Looking NE on Sunset Beach – the reflection from the setting sun in the West.

Our family from NWPA drove 14 1/2 hours to be with us for one week – and the first night –

we took them to Sunset Beach to the pier – to experience the famous Sunset Beach – sunset!

My youngest son – Shawn and myself standing on the pier.
Sherry and Shawn’s step daughter Autumn on sunset beach pier.

The air was warm as was the water at 80 degrees.

Many people come here to fish until midnight when the pier closes.

Family is very important to us – and while they live far away – they remain in our hearts.

Papa – my oldest son Troy and Andrea – Sherry and Trisha and Shawn with Autumn.

THE SUNSET at Sunset Beach, N.C. frfom the pier.

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Papa’s World – The power of belief – DREAMS!

We both have strong beliefs – in God – Church – Family and together we can make dreams!

I have found throughout my life – to one step at a time – take care of the little things in life –

and that in turn will mostly take care of the bigger things in life – at least partially.

LIVE YOUR LIFE – and DREAM – big and small.

To me DREAMS become goals of life – GOALS ACHIEVED become life as you live it.

Bring as much GOOD into your life – you then become the person you yourself respect the most.

PAPA’S WORLD is about all the above.


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Papa’s World – when they were little Grandkids.


It seems like only yesterday they came and stayed often overnight sleepovers!

Our six grandkids all lived close to us before we moved to OIB, N.C.

They had their own SPOTS that they would claim to spend the night.

Ella had a single bed adjoining our Master Bedroom.

Maddy had her own bedroom – a single bed.

Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode all had their spots on our master bedroom floor!

I miss those times – foam mattresses – blankets and lots of pillows.

Giggles during the night.


Today Maddy is a junior in college – Sarah a Freshman in H.S. and Ella a Freshman in college.

Taylor and Cassidy are in the 5th. grade – 11 years old!

And now we have Bode – the only boy.

Taylor Bode Cassidy

The sleepovers are gone – vacations are now here – bedrooms are gone – college soccer games are here.

Gone are the skateboard’s outside – bikes – easter egg hunts in the yard –

Today it is looking forward to visits here and visits back at their homes.

Times have changed – new beginnings are now here!

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Papa’s World – attending school in Eldred Pa. – little community in the Alleghany mountains!

One thing I learned

My very first memory of school – sitting on my grandma’s lap on the front porch –

“Grandma – when can I go to school”? I asked.

We had just watched a neighborhood boy walk past on the other side of the road –

His name was Denny and I later found out he was two years older than me!

So – I am thinking I was about four years old and I can still see him in my mind and me asking her.

The old Eldred school

I attended this old school until the fourth grade!

It was at that time – we merged with Duke Center – Rixford and Eldred to form OTTO-ELDRED.

At this time a brand new elementary school had been built right across the street from the ballpark!

I would not have to walk a mile to school in the mornings!

But – I remember that old school and my teachers and the classrooms.

The very first class was in the front and face the main street and I had Mrs. Shields.

We started off spelling the normal way – sounding out the words –

but soon after – we switched to the new way – MEMORY!

That went on for a couple years but it left me and others I know – very poor spellers.

The Alleghany River
The floodwaters of 1972

Across the main street and the railroad tracks – lays what we called THE FLATS!

And just beyond that the Alleghany River!

It seemed growing up part of life in the Spring were floods!

In 1954 or 1955 or thereabouts –

I was told not to go near the water flooded on the main street – I was maybe 6 years old.

But – I had made a raft and was sailing it on the main street – standing up and poling my way around

in about two feet of floodwater.

Unbeknown to me – a photographer from the local Bradford Era Newspaper – took my picture!

I was caught – standing on my homemade raft – poling my way around the main street –


But – I also shared that front page later in life with my dad!

He made a bet on the heavyweight champion of the world fight and picked

FLOYD PATTERSON – the bet – the loser would wheelbarrow the winner down Mainstreet

To Slavin’s Bar – my dad won and made that same newspaper front page being pushed by HERKY!

A WWII bomber pilot who had been shot down and made it to the allies’ lines!

The brand new Eldred Elementary School

This sits right across from the ballpark and tennis courts –

I was the first class in there in the fifth grade – Miss Cawley!

Mr. Harrington was my sixth-grade teacher and Principle!

Many games of RED ROVER RED ROVER please send ???? over!

Was played right there on that circle drive in front of the doors.

Later in life – I walked my youngest son down to those front doors and inside to enroll him in Kindergarten – and standing in the lobby with all those parents he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a bunch of dirt and worms!

He had stopped on our walk and without me knowing – stuffed his pocket with dirt and worms!

THAT I shall always remember!


We were bussed every day from the seventh grade on seven miles to school in Duke Center, Pa.

Three communities combined to have one single H.S. but each community had its own

grade schools and one township grade school.

We had to find our own way home after sports practices if we did not ride the bus.

My good buddy and I – later in H.S. road with his dad to school.

We had a science teacher called CB SAWYER – who had his own music system in his lab.

He would play up to date 45 records of music between classes all day long.

His favorite back then was PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS – “GLAD ALL OVER”

and it was everywhere in the hallways – piped through the loudspeaker system!


I have always said someday I would like to go back and rewalk those halls to that blast of music!

It was across from here I watched a fight between two seniors – and I was one of a hundred people!

I still see it in my mind and they were about three years older than us.

Their names were Ron and Jim!

My senior picture

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

My yearbook the year we graduated – June – 1967

Papa’s World – in this little town – Eldred Pa. – is a big WWII museum – tours stop all the time.

Main Street – just above the white truck to the left – is a brick-red building – with a huge Army Tank coming out the side – this is the ELDRED WWII MUSEUM!

When I was growing up – this was Fisbees Insurance and the Electric Company in the Cellar –

and right next to it was Slavin’s Furniture store and gas station.

I would roller skate down to the bays and Jack would sometimes buy me a glass coke out of the machine that stood there between the bays.

I do not remember his last name – but he was a really nice man and lived in Bullis Mills.

We also would come down here and ask for old cardboard boxes –

they all had a heavy layer of wax on them and were perfect for grass riding down the hill opposite of our front porch.


Today – both buildings are joined and form this fantastic museum – dedicated to WWII

and the munitions plant that made explosives for the war.

It has a full-size ARMY TANK that looks like it is busting right out the wall of the side of the building!

My stepfather – John Soules – who was decorated FIVE times with Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars

Once gave me a revolver he was given permission to bring back to the states

He had all the signed documents from the government –

Before he passed away – he asked for it back so he could donate it here!

A few years ago – I walked down and asked to see it once again.

They had it in a safe – and was told it was worth 30 to 40 thousand dollars!

He took that handheld automatic machine pistol off a NAZI OFFICER he had captured who was dressed as a civilian trying to escape.

I was told this pistol was not from WWII but from WWI and was very rare –

one of the first automatic machine guns ever manufactured by the Germans for WWI!

I got to once again hold it!

A reenactment of women working at the munitions plant outside Eldred during WWII is part of the museum.

As you walk through you come upon room after room of scenes such as this.

This MUSEUM is like something you would find in Washinton DC. yet it is here in the very small town

of ELDRED PA. in the mountains of the ALLEGHANY FOREST in WPA!

I do not know the full story of why it is here – but I do know before the PANDEMIC

regular busloads of people would stop every day.

It sits on North Main Street right across from the old fire hall.

A must-see!

Thanks for reading PAPA’SWORLD

Memories of my life growing up in a small town in NWPA called ELDRED!

WHERE EVERYONE KNEW YOUR NAME – the ’50’s ’60’s and ’70’s.




Papa’s World – Childhood in a little town in NWPA – what it is like growing up in ELDRED!

A small town – I knew almost everyone!
My brother-in-law Bill on the left – was the town cop – and later the mayor – many memories of him and me!

He was a very funny man and watched over me and my buddies!

State troopers were at his house at all times as he was friends with several of them.

He would let us know and made sure we were on our best behavior.

He had nicknames for everyone and he called my younger brother “JUICE”!

My younger brother Mike ( JUICE ) – always doing something – a great golfer – miss him.

He broke both arms at different times and they were crooked – but could he play golf and hit that ball!

He was a 300-yard driver back in the ’70s!

He had a one-stroke handicap –

he knocked his front tooth out by twirling a dog leash until it came around his head

and smacked that tooth!

He was riding my bike – he was too small for it and his foot slipped and he had a rupture –

He played football and basketball and went onto college and kicked field goals.

He was always doing something!

Sitting on my front porch – looking up and across the street – sat this church.

It was part of my playground growing up – but I had to be extra careful –

always look both ways before crossing the main street!

I had neighborhood friends on both sides of that North Main Street.

There were a lot of kids when I was growing up there.

A lot of memories sitting on the lawn in front of the church –

a lot of KICK THE CAN game and HIDE and SEEK were done there!

Tastee Freeze – is still there today!

We would walk some two miles to this place – they had the best soft ice cream!

We also would go and buy their burgers and fries!

Today – whenever I visit back home – we pass it and the memories after all those years come back!

The ELDRED TASTEE FREEZE – often think I should stop for old times!

Growing up in Eldred!

Growing up – I rode my bike everywhere – to the park to play baseball or football – the tennis courts and the dances that were held there –

The Town Team men’s baseball team and my dad as manager.

The carnivals in the park –

The parades and celebrations – the crowds of people and sleeping out and roaming the streets.

ELDRED was a small town where everybody knew your name!


Thanks for reading – PAPA’S WORLD – my life as a young person – in a small town.



Papa’s World – My world growing up and living in a little town in Pa. called Eldred!

Northwestern Pa.

In the midst of the Alleghany hills – amongst the green and lush valleys – sits a little community-

Population – around 800 souls – and back then – I knew almost every one of them!

Eldred Pa.

The town sits on the Alleghany river which eventually flowed into Pittsburg – but – it flowed North first!

Yes – it left Pa. and flowed into NYS before flowing once again South through Pa.

It ends up in Pittsburg some three-plus hours away.

We would be considered the snow belt – some 80 miles south of Lake Erie and Buffalo N.Y.

I helped a friend of mine growing up with his paper route – his name was Brent – and we hung out.

He bought a go-cart with his money and he would let me ride on it.

He was two years older than I and eventually married my cousin.

Funny how that worked out – he graduated and I lost track of him.

The town nestled in the hills.

I would ride my bike everywhere – I had to be home each night for dinner and before the street

lights came on. Every night at 10 o’clock sharp – the siren from the firehouse would blow-

You could hear it all over the town – that was “CURFEW” for the streets –

I think no one under 18 could be out and about!

My first friend I can remember is the girl next door – her name was Sharon – and she had a big brother whom everyone called Sonny “KING” – and he dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket and slicked his hair back like Elvis!

Sharon and I were like brother and sister – we would watch Lassie together – play on the front porch –

sneak a corncob pipe and gather silk from the corn and smoke –

puff it – in the big red barn behind the house.

We would walk to school together – and our route always was behind the main street along the tracks.

Behind the Eldred Garage and then on the tracks themselves.

Just before the creek – Lynches lived and behind their house was a tree –

like a little island raised up on a piece of land.

We would sit there and play our Kazoo’s together –


That was all I knew how to play! LOL

She moved away and my sister and her husband moved in right next door!

Bill Luce – on the left – my brother-in-law.

Over his shoulder is the greenhouse I grew up in – my bedroom was the two windows on the second floor –

after my older brother Roger left for college.

Every morning I would wake up to the birds singing in the tree outside that window –

the Sunlight would come streaming in –

There was the main street – highway right out front –

and I would sleep and hear the sound of cars – trucks rolling by –

and then – the accidents that happen right there –

crashes would hit the cars parked there.

Some – I sept right through – others – would jolt me right out of bed.

That curb was where my best friend and I were sitting one early morning after midnight –

he was sleeping over and my parents had gone somewhere –

we got into the hootch under the sink.

My sister came out and grilled us –


No I said and right at that time a car came

and the lights showed right on my friend – and he got sick –

and threw up all over the place!

” HE IS,” I said! LOL,

my sister always laughed at that and would tell the story many times over and over!

My friend and drinking buddy – lower right-hand corner!

We have reconnected about fifteen years ago at a class reunion –

he spent about a week here last October –

and we played golf once again – after some 55 years have gone by since we last played together!

My brother Roger and Sherry – a few years before he passed away – gone but not forgotten.

He was my hero growing up – ten years older than I –

named WHOS WHO in American colleges

OFFICERS TRAINING SCHOOL and a Lt. in the navy.

His bedroom became mine – when he came back I would sleep on the floor.

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Paps’ World – Tight family memory pictures!


This blog is dedicated to memories that I have of family – friends and our life in general!

Here you will find positive – friendly – and good thoughts – the World needs that!

If you look beyond this blog and into my site – you will find almost 800 blogs!

498 members – all over the USA and the World!

This is me – keeping a daily journal for future generations to look back on and see and read.

This is who we are – a TIGHT FAMILY!

Mother and daughters and five of the grandkids! Sherry!

We now reside in N.C. close to the border of S.C – about 30 minutes to North Myrtle Beach!

We moved from NVA where we all lived in the area.

Sherry with five granddaughters and one grandson.

Our family is very close and they stay in contact.

The two older granddaughters are in college and both start on their college soccer teams.

One is a Freshman in H.S. and aspires to dance and the arts.

The twins are close – one rides horses(bareback) and wants to go to Equestrian school –

The younger can make anything off of Youtube and is very artistic and also into gymnastics.

The only grandson – no socks – no shoes – no shirt – no problem – all boy –

soccer – baseball – sports – golf – all-around athlete.

All life – all humans – love is happiness in Papa’s World.
The grandkids and Papa and Sherry.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – TIGHT FAMILY –



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Papa’s World – Part two – When you push pause – MEMORIES come alive!

This is part two – when we pause the TV – all of a sudden the screen saver becomes MEMORIES –

Pictures start rolling through of the past and we find ourselves just watching them!

Fourteen years ago – the Myers family.

Today they are grown up – two in college – one in H.S. “MEMORIES”!

Today the Myers family – “MEMORIES” to be made.

Today – college for two – H.S. for the other – camping – hiking – sunrises – sunsets and campfires.

Seven years ago – Christmas past – all six grandkids
Today Christmas present with all six grandchildren.

Time has passed – memories and now new memories.


So many memories – so many great times – so many thoughts – so much love – so much family!

Ten years ago – Tammy and the twins
Eight years ago – the twins
Six years ago – the twins
And now this past Christmas – the twins and Bode.

Past memories – present memories in the making – PUSH PAUSE – and sit back and watch!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – my blog:

I do this to chronicle life – our family lives for future generations to see and read


Papa’s World – Push Pause – MEMORIES COME ALIVE!

My late brother – Roger and Sherry

Whenever we push pause on the TV – in a second pictures start circulating – ones we have forgotten!

It seems somehow it is tied into the cloud – and MEMORIES start a procession across the screen!

Taylor and Cassidy

At first, I just sat there and watched them roll by – then I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures.

You see – most of these have been deleted from my phone or are so far back it takes a long time –

to find them!

Today – this is Taylor!

Since I am not a “TECHIE” so to speak – Sherry explained where they were coming from!

However, it happens – I am thrilled to see them all once again.

Maddy – today she is a Junior in college.
Maddy – today she is a starter at the University of Lynchburg Women’s Soccer team
Ella – when she had her hair cut and donated.
Ella – today a Freshman at Randolph College and a starter on the Lady soccer team.

PUSH PAUSE and see the MEMORIES come forth.

I will continue in my next blog.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –


Papa’s World – Past memories – making new ones.

Side by side – over 40 years – making memories together.

The time has rushed by – youth to middle age to now autumn years – together as one.

Here we are today – but we were there 40 years ago – starting a journey – bound by love – together in spirit.
Spending time with family in those early years – continues today – although they are gone – memories still exist of the good times – the fun times and the love of each other. Sherry’s mother and father – Bill and Barb.
Today we have become what her parents were to our children and now us to their children.
All of the grandchildren – Christmas at our home in Brambleton, Va.

Past memories – past family gatherings – looking to the present and future of family times to come.

The present – doing what we love – golfing together.
Just the two of us during the week – afternoons – we are right in the middle of 20 plus golf courses.
The present also brings us to a small bar 1 1/2 miles from the house – watching the BILLS with friends.
A step outside of this small bar – to observe the sunset next to the small airport of OIB.

We are here now in OIB – making new friends – members of a church – exploring the area –

doctors are here now – life is going on – making new memories – but never forgetting the past ones.

We have managed to be 6 to 8 hours away from the family – but we have room for all of them.

Beaches – golfing – hiking – entertainments – venues – shopping – we are excited to share all of that.

Inviting fire on a chilly night

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PAPA’S WORLD – past memories – making new ones!

Papa’s World – Why I write my blog – – the creation

PAPA – Tom

I have always been a history buff – ancient history – but also family history.

My sister and brother were fifteen and ten years older than me.

So when I came along I had missed the family fishing trips to Canada each year.

And my sister became the family photo taker and camera buff.

All the family history was passed down to my sister’s daughter and then suddenly she passed away.

Unknown to me – a friend of their family cleaned out everything and threw it away.

Everything was gone except the few pictures I had and my brother had.

I decided that what happened there would not happen for me and my family.

So – by being encouraged by my wife Sherry – we set up this blog – where all the family history and pictures can be in one place for all to see and read.

Sherry and Papa ( Tom)

She has encouraged me to write it down along with pictures for future generations to look back on.

Our family before Bode

I have two sons from a previous marriage – Troy and Shawn who still live back in NWPA.

Shawn runs an energy company contracting out to the state and large power companies.

Running state audits and working through state grants to insulate senior citizens’ homes from the harsh winters.

He covers the entire western part of Pa.

Troy – built homes from the ground up – anything you wanted he could do.

After years of doing this ( he was in high demand) Shawn talked him into coming to work for him –

His business has grown to almost seven days a week.

Troy runs the insulation and energy side while Shawn concentrates on the Audit side.

Troy is learning that side and taking tests and courses to also step in and help.

I am very proud of both these boys and trying to talk them into taking a break and coming down for a visit.

Shawn and Trisha ( our daughter-in-law)

Winterizing homes in Eastern USA for the elderly has become big business – conserving energy

on the power grid for major corporations in order to provide heat and electricity –

He has tapped into a business that for him is seven days a week.

He constantly is looking to hire people and train as auditors.

Troy started working for him a couple years ago.

If anyone is looking for a career out there – contact me – and I will put you in contact with him – he travels the whole western part of Pa. North to South.

Shawn ( young one ) and Troy – my sons back in NWPA!

For them I write – post pictures and give them memories that I still have in my head.

Ryan – our oldest grandson

Ryan lives in Tenn. and we have stayed in touch with him – he manages a hotel

and recently opened a bar – restaurant business with two other partners.

We attended his wedding a few years ago in Nashville, Tenn.

He has visited us once a few years ago – he served his country

and is like his father(Shawn) making his own way in the business world.

Dylan Shawns youngest son

He just spent four years in the service and is now out – living with his mother or in that area.

He reminds me so much of Shawn.

While we do not often get to see either one – both are in our memories and hearts.

Hoping they can come and stay with us in the future.

Bode – the youngest grandchild from Tammy – is the only boy with five granddaughters.

He is all boy – cars – trucks – bikes – and always without shoes and socks – even in winter! LOL

Bode’s parents and sisters and their puppy Marley.
Debby and Mike and their three daughters – Ella – Sarah and Maddy

This is my “WHY” for writing this blog – my memories put forth in words and pictures for all these grandkids and our children to read in the future.

Life in pictures in words – memories – past – present and future to come.

I want to thank my wife who is the driving force behind this blog.


That is WHAT PAPA’S WORLD is all about.

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Papa’s World – family – past, and present.

Our first granddaughter – Maddy and Piggy!
Papa – Sarah – MADDY TODAY – Ella and Sherry

From that little one to an adult and a junior in college. Maddy was the first and now there are six.

TAYLOR and Papa.
Cassidy – TAYLOR – Bode

TAYLOR – today – who is going to be taller than all the rest – no longer my LITTLE ONE!

ELLA ( tiny) and Maddy
ELLA ( tiny) now a Freshman at Randolph College

We called her the nickname from her father – she always had a soccer ball or basketball in her hands.

Today – she is the starting midfielder for the college – playing almost every minute of the games.

Tiny now is taller than Sherry who is 5′ 9″.

CASSIDY and Taylor
CASSIDY – the caring little mother to Bode.

Today she is the smaller of the twins – with the biggest heart – always protecting Bode when not arguing with him! LOL, They should have been the twins they are so much alike!

She is the one who counts the days down to when she can see us – who zoom calls every week.

A little fireball with the biggest heart of them all.

SARAH and Ella
SARAH – Bode – Cassidy – Taylor and Ella.

Today – Sarah is almost as tall as Ella who is 5’10” – the fashion girl who wants to go to NYC!

The twins adore her and whenever we get together – they are three peas in a pod.

She is only a Freshman in H.S. – already was a contender for prom queen.

She is her own self – funny – outgoing – and just might have been a very good soccer player like her sisters.

Cassidy BODE Taylor
Taylor BODE Cassidy

So much like Cassidy that they should have been the twins – yet – he is growing –

and someday I think will be taller than Taylor who he is built just like at seven years old.

Full of energy – always on the go – wear no socks or shoes most of the time.

Or a jacket or gloves!

Out of the six grandchildren – the only boy.

Bode Ella Cassidy Taylor Maddy and Sarah

Here today at Christmas day for presents – memories from the past to the present.

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Papa’s World – Family MEMORIES – past to present.

Cassidy Sarah Taylor

Always together – even this time home – overnight sleepover – all three in Sarah’s bedroom!

Today – in the present – Sarah Taylor Mike Cassidy

Although times have passed – they remain always near one another.

The three little ones as I call them – Cassidy Bode Taylor
Today – the present – Cassidy Taylor Bode – growing up fast – THE LITTLE ONES!

We spent two weeks in Va. with both families – celebrating the Christmas holiday.

Maddy on her little bike with her favorite “PIGGY”

I love this and to this day she still has that PIGGY!

She now is a young 21-year-old woman – playing college soccer for the University of Lynchburg

Being named third-team all-conference as a Sophomore and second-team all-conference as a junior.

Our “TINY” Ella – today a Freshman at Randolph College – playing soccer – started and played almost every minute of each game.
“TINY” – Ella on her youth soccer travel team.

Family memories of past to present – during our stay for the Christmas holidays.

The present – Papa SARAH MADDY ELLA and Sherry

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Papa’s World – Christmas Holidays – 2021 part 5

Debby Ella Sherry Tammy

Blessed to be able and healthy to spend time with family.

Always adventures with the little ones!

Full of energy – laughter and just hanging with them.

Family is in the heart.
Maddy Sarah Ella three oldest granddaughters

The years have gone by – they have grown up – yet the memories are still there as they are.

Cassidy Taylor Bode Christmas eve – BARE FOOTING!

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Papa’s World – Christmas Holidays 2021 – part 3.

Taylor Bode Cassidy – 2021

Holidays – celebrations – cookies – presents – hugs – laughs – CHRISTMA VACATION – Chevy Chase!

To good health and nutrition

This the season – happy memories – trying to eat and drink healthy!

Celebrating with the three oldest – Sarah – Maddy – Ella and Sherry.

Seems like only yesterday they were small.

Now 15 – 21 – 18!

Christmas 2021 – daughters – mother and grandchildren!

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PAPA’S WORLD – Christmas 2021 – memories – Part 3!

Papa’s World – Christmas Holidays – 2021 – part 2.

Tammy Sherry Debby – mother and daughters

Family is very important to us – both back in Pa. and Va.

Holidays with the grandkids.

Memories of many holidays years – laughing – “GRANDMA and MORMOR” ring out.

Debby Ella Sherry Tammy

Shopping – walking – laughing – spending quality time together.

Cassidy Taylor Bode

Baking and frosting Christmas cookies with the little ones.

The MYERS family

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Papa’s World – Christmas Holiday – 2021!

Papa Sarah Maddy Ella Sherry

Memories of when they were small and today all grown up!

There are times I wish to see them that way again!
The three older granddaughters decorate the tree.

Two are in college – one is the first year of H.S. All we are hoping to have down with us at the beach.

I just know they will love our new home!

They would come and spend days with us before we moved – now college and H.S.

Those times are memories of the past – today – and in the future – memories of beach days!

Our three oldest granddaughters and their parents


PAPA’S WORLD – living healthy – one day at a time!

Papa’s World – Family growing up – THE KROHN’S.


The twins – came early – the doctor said it was a time a little past 32 weeks!

Taylor was the bigger – she was taking all the nutrients –

both were three pounds – Taylor 13 ozs. more!

So tiny – but healthy – and that was the birthday of their mother that they were born on!

Not planned – but by the doctor’s orders.

Bode came along four years later – today they are 11 and 7 years old!


Bode was the first boy out of six grandchildren – the girls MADDY ELLA SARAH TAYLOR CASSIDY.

Of course, the older ones all adore him and he adores them – esp. ELLA – whom he follows everywhere.

CASSIDY BODE TAYLOR six years ago!

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Papa’s World – Family memories – vacations and life in general!

The families we left behind.

Life is full of memories – past experiences – vacations – get-togethers – sharing fun times!

We told them all that we would only be 6 or 7 hours away and we have done that!

And that we would come back often and we have done that also!

They have visited numerous times and Spring and Summer are ahead to make more MEMORIES!


Maddy – today a Junior at the University of Lynchburg.

Sarah – A freshman in H.S.

Ella – today a Freshman at Randolph College

Both are older girls who play college soccer.

MEMORIES of past and present!

Sarah Mike Tammy Debby Ella Maddy Cassidy

MEMORIES of vacation times spent together.

Crossing the sound on a ferry boat!

Many a year we spent together as families – in the sun – water and sand!

MEMORIES of times in the past.


They are close with each other and with their mother Sherry –

All three ran the ten-mile Cherry Blossom race – crossing the finish line holding hands.



When a person comes into your life and you share 40 years together forming MEMORIES!

Today – we are by ourselves in N.C. while the families remain in Va.

Although distance separates us – memories – love and ZOOM – keep us all together!

MEMORIES of families in transit!


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Papa’s World – Family vacations part two!

Our little fashion girl – SARAH who now is a Freshman in H.S.

She is the fashion queen amongst all the grandkids – and is almost as tall as Sherry!

Today – Sarah and Bode!

The years have passed and she is growing up!


Maddy and Sherry

The oldest when she was little – the memory of then!

Maddy today – as a Junior – playing forward attacker

She is playing soccer for the Unversity of Lynchburg – and has played since she was a Freshman.

As a Sophomore, she was third-team all-conference and as a Junior – second-team all-conference!

So proud of this young lady who pursued a college soccer career.

They went to Division III NCAA 64 team playoffs where they lost in the last 2 minutes 3 to 2!

MEMORIES of when she was young!

FAMILY VACATION Sarah Cassidy Ella Taylor Maddy

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Papa’s World – When birthdays come in THREE’S – the final celebration – our patio – MEMORIES!

Celebrating the twin’s birthday and their mothers – all on the same day!

MEMORY – the twins came early – not by choice but the doctor said it was time at just 32 plus weeks.

It was by chance that the day he chose also happened to be the mother’s birthday!


We moved from Great Country farm for the twins – to the winery of Bluemont.

The winery was for Tammy and family and friends – and we celebrated there for her.

Then – it was onto our home in Brambleton Va. to the patio for close friends and family.

Where we celebrated all three together with their presents.

The memory of family and close friends.

Maddy is the oldest and then Taylor the youngest – today Maddy is a junior in college – and I will post at the end a picture of them before Christmas.

This was all back in 2012 – when they turned two.

Today – they are growing up so fast.

Ella is now the tallest – 5’10” and Maddy 5’6″ – Sarah is already taller than Maddy –

and soon Taylor at 11 years old will be taller than her!

MEMORIES of when they were all younger!

Today Tammy looks the same as she did then nine years ago.

We celebrate every year – all three of them together – bonded for life that way!

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MEMORIES are forever etched in my mind and blogs.

Taylor – Cassidy – Ella(hat) Maddy nine years ago!
Today – just before Christmas – Cassidy – Ella – Maddy – Sherry – Taylor – in PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – Continue – Tammy’s birthday at the winery on top of the mountain in Bluemont!

Debby along with the birthday girl – TAMMY!

MEMORIES: Tammy and the twins – Taylor and Cassidy – all share the same day as a birthday!

Nother and daughters – bonded through life for a special occasion.

A view from the patio at Bluemont Winery – on top of a mountain.

Great Country Farm is at the bottom of this mountain and we moved the party up to the top!

MEMORY of family and friends on our three-part celebration of life for all three of them!

Gerhard ( Tammy’s father in law) Marcus ( Tammy’s husband) Kevin ( Marcus childhood friend)

The winery serves food and has music – and sits atop a mountain next to Mt. Weather –

The Government installation for doomsday.

Next to the winery sits a brewery called Dirtfarm.

Both are places that we like to revisit when we go home for visits!

Family and friends celebrating Tammy’s birthday!

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Four generations – GIGI( Sherry’s mother) Sherry – Tammy and Taylor or Cassidy


Papa’s World – Memory of early family vacation!

Cassidy Maddy Sarah Ella and Taylor

Some were big – some were small – others were barely walking and two were tall!

Oak Island – family times – family vacation.

MEMORIES as I recall – all in one location – joy for all!

Taylor and cousin Ella

The sweetness of youth – the bonding of cousins.

MEMORIES of the little ones and memories of the bigger ones!

Cassidy going to the beach

MEMORIES of innocence – laughter – funny looks!

Taylor – take the glasses off – time to eat!

MEMORIES of crawling – then unsteady steps – walking and running!

Cassidy – peeking in at Maddy.

MEMORIES of playing with the older cousins – timeless pictures – cuteness in diapers.





2013-06-21 18.22.14            Taylor ,  Cassidy  &  big cousin  Sarah !

Every once in a while – the three of them get together and then the magic happens.  They seem to find everything and anything to dress up.

Be it as it may – I never cease to be amazed how well they get along. Hours and hours they will play.  Never a argument – always laughing and they adore Sarah!

I wonder how it will be in a couple weeks when the new brother for the twins comes along. “MAXPANDA” they call him already.  Already they walk around with little baby dolls , dressing “HIM” up , and when they come to “MORMOR’S” house, out comes all the old dolls of Debby & Tammy’s , along with all the outfits she made for them.

I can see it in the future – Taylor , Cassidy & Sarah all standing by the little brother known as “MAXPANDA” , looking down before they are off to DRESS UP once again.

A few years from now , it will be the three and BIG COUSIN Sarah – playing at PAPA & MORMOR’S – another adventure

in our lives to soon begin.

Can’t wait to see the outfits then – and my memory of them now will last for as long as I live. THE FROG , THE PRINCES AND THE BIG COUSIN – WAITING FOR “MAXPANDA” !!!!!!!!!

Papa’s World – memories of family times together!

Sherry’s mother Barb and her father Bill.

She was always smiling – laughing – having large dinners for all the family.

He was a master carpenter – so many pieces of furniture he made!

She was a devout Lutheran – involved in many aspects of the church.

He was an entrepreneur – always working – always looking for ways to make money.

She was meticulous in her home – always cleaning – always keeping the home in tip-top shape.

He was always doing the landscaping – tree trimming and mowing and building.

MEMORIES of Barb and Bill.

Bill Barb Debbie Sherry Papa Debby holding Maddy

Celebrating GIGI ( Barb) birthday – the last time we would have Bill with us.

MEMORIES of family times together.

Papa and my little Maddy who called me PACCA!

I would pick her up from the babysitter and she and I would sing OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM!

MEMORIES of the family.

Sherry and I (Papa)

MEMORIES of times gone by.

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Papa’s World – Memories – family, and grandchildren.

Bode Cassidy Taylor Sarah Ella Maddy

Life is aging and so are these grandchildren, the oldest is ( 2 ) in college and Bode is seven!

As they get older – it becomes harder to gather everyone in one location.

And now – we are six to seven hours away.

But – pictures such as this bring back a flood of memories.

MEMORIES of the grandchildren.

Whenever they visit – they want the shakes that Sherry makes!
Maddy and Ella – Maddy is a junior and Ella a freshman in college.
Sarah is now a freshman in H.S.

If I could turn back time as Cher sings!

But – in all my blogs – I have pictures of them all – for when I am gone – these will remain –

for future generations to come.

MEMORIES in pictures and words.

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