Papa’s World – oldest granddaughter in Costa Rico – working with children and playing soccer.

The experience of a lifetime – travel – helps kids and play soccer.

Maddy traveled to Costa Rico – part of her education at college – and with her soccer team.

She raised money for the trip with donations from many people and also knew she would be working

with the underprivileged children of this country.

At the first school children went to – the toilets would not flush and no toilet paper.

Yet the children loved having them as mentors in games and contests.

Maddy as captain – far right outside of the line of players.

They played matches against semi-pros of the country and won two of three matches –

losing 3 to 2 on a put-in from their own team!

This trip will shape her future for years to come.

Along with working with the children – they also had downtime to white water raft –

zip lines and hiking – working out and running on beaches

seeing a volcano and the rainforest.

Maddy is in the back row – fourth in white from the right – team picture of their own team and a mixture of semi-pro and college players from Costa Rico.


Maddy – on the right holding the American Flag!

She has grown up before our eyes – soon to be a senior and one of the captains of her college soccer team.

3.85 GPA – Environmental Science – Engineering

One last year of college and one last year of playing college soccer.

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Sarah MADDY Ella granddaughters


Papa’s World – Memories from the past Part Three!

Ella and Debby

While she has played soccer it seems since she was old enough to walk –

Ella has graduated from H.S. and completed her first soccer season in college!

As a Freshman, she played every game at midfield and only came out for a couple minutes each half!

She is enrolled at Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

Memories are cherished – never forgotten.

Ella on Winchester United travels soccer.

Two years during her playing time while growing up – she suffered a broken bone in each foot-

resulting in her missing two years of playing.

One was from a teammate who stepped on the top of her foot with her cleats.

The second came when she twisted it during a scrum for the ball.

Some memories are good – others you just chalk up to experience and learn from them!

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Tom ( Papa) Ella Sherry – celebrating first place in a tournament

Papa’s World – She will turn 18 this summer – it seems like yesterday she was Tiny – Ella College – Randolph College Va.

Ella – our second oldest granddaughter – enrolling in Randolph College in Lynchburg Va.

We called her “TINY” as she was growing up –

Her father came up with that nickname –

Today she stands 5′ 8 1/2 ” –

Our little girl is all grown up!

Along with her entrance into the four year program – she will also play college soccer – being recruited – she had two schools to select from – and it just so happens to be cross town from the University of Lynchburg – where her sister starts on the soccer team there – and yes they will compete against one another!
Ella with her mother Debby – all three granddaughters are as tall or taller than their mother. Debby’s mother – Sherry – is 5′ 9″ – so they are most likely inheriting the Swedish genes from her.
It is a beautiful campus – nestled in the foothills surrounding Lynchburg.
The soccer field a easy walk from the dorms.
Ella with her father Mike.

She endured two injuries during her Middle school and H.S.

Both were broken bones in her feet.

One she was stepped on with a cleat

and the other she just landed wrong on it.

She lost two seasons of playing soccer

but when she did – was recruited by two different colleges.

Today she walks the path to her future!

Due to the Pandemic – her H.S. soccer season was moved from the fall to the spring.

She is about to begin playing –

Her travel soccer was played although the number of games reduced.

She competed and will move onto the next level in the Fall.

Ella and Sarah – sisters.

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Sherry and Ella






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Papa’s World – through the years – Deb and Mike – soul mates.

This describes them to a “T”!

It has gone by so fast – the day they were married.

It seems like only yesterday –

now fast forward – and three beautiful daughters later

They still adventure out and into the mountains

be it camping – hiking or compete in a obstacle course together!

Tough mudder or Spartan race!

Both completed three Spartan races!
Maddy Debby Mike Ella Sarah

The family has grown – one in college( playing soccer) – Maddy.

One a senior and attending college in the fall and also playing soccer ( Ella)

And the third youngest still in H.S. Freshman – aspiring in arts and dance. (Sarah)

Three beautiful daughters!

They love the outdoors – hiking – zip lines – camping – lakes – swimming.

When they were young – all smiles – family.
Father and daughter – camping and hiking!
Father and daughter – teaching soccer to her.
Father and daughter – caring for her.

Through the years – teaching them about life –

Mother bringing them up in church
Mother – although she now looks up to Ella – leading her by example!

Once a Buffalo Bills fan always a Bills fan!

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The years have passed – the family grows on – always seeking the outdoors.



Through the years – DEB and MIKE – SOULMATES!





Papa’s World – she picked her choice from two – Ella is playing College Soccer!

Ella – back when I called her ‘TINY” – a nickname her father to this day still calls her!

When she was small – she would follow me around –

when there was company she was not sure about –

she would hold my pant leg or climb up into my lap.


She has the kindest heart – always doing things you ask of her with no complaint.

Our only grand son – Bode – adores her – hanging onto her as she did to me.

She has had a trying past four or five years –

Twice braking a bone in her feet

so that she was in casts and crutches so she could not play soccer.

Missing valuable time – but when she did

she proved she belonged out there!

She caught the coaches eyes when she played – and when healthy – she was voted MVP of her JV team – alongside of her sister – who was voted MVP of her varsity team!

Today – she has sprouted up – four inches taller than her big sister

who is in her second year of college soccer at University of Lynchburg.

Ella and Maddy – loved these two little ones.

With all the adversity of her broken bones in her feet

and this past year – her senior year – because of the Pandemic

her soccer season was postponed to be played in the Spring

if they can!

The whole World has changed – but for Ella – she had choices.

Two of them – where to go to college and which coach to play for!

Not a easy choice for a 17 year old!

Taking classes on line – working her job and not playing H.S. soccer

although she did play travel team this past fall.

Ella – when she is able to play – shows great speed and control

Those two teams and coaches recruited her

attending her games when she played

It would be a hard choice to make!

Sisters – Ella will be attending Randolph College – playing against Maddy at the University of Lynchburg with youngest sister Sarah – only 14 years old!

She now is almost 5′ 9″ tall – TINY has grown up!

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Papa’s World – Last tournament – travel soccer

She is quiet – except when she smiles – laughs –

caring – always thoughtful – kind –

little ones love her –

they can tell right away.

Ella – our second oldest grand daughter

Ella number 10 on the move soccer her passion

Along with her older sister – she loves soccer.

Maddy plays for University of Lynchburg – in Va. she is a sopomore.

Ella is a senior in James Wood H.S.

But also played for Blue Ridge United Soccer in Winchester Va.

For the last four years – she has experienced broken bones in her feet.

Slowing her down – but determined to come back and play once again.

Ella is tall – almost 5′ 9″

She has made up for lost time –

almost half her years of playing went away with the broken bones.

She never quit – attending games on crutches.

She still has her H.S. senior year to play – if they can – in the Spring!

Now the good news !

She has TWO OFFERS to attend Universities and a spot on each team!

She is excited – but has choices to make.

F.A.I.L. this is Ella!

She will make some coach a diamond in the rough.

Sprinting ahead to the goal with the ball

Determined – athletic – and some day will play against her older sister!

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Papa’s World – Loudoun United coming !!!!

We have been following soccer for I guess 14 years –

Maddy was four when she started to play – then Ella !

Now – we will follow Maddy in college –

and continue to follow Ella in travel and H.S. soccer –

But – on 8 -9-19 – something new is about to happen !

And since I write this a week ahead of time –

last night –

it happened!


We will have a professional soccer team about six miles away !


A farm team of D.C. United in Washington D.C.

Where players are developed – much as minor league baseball !

Site of new soccer field

Almost across from the Leesburg airport –

and part a huge soccer complex already there –

( where our grand daughter Maddy practiced for three years )

sits a complex of 12 to 16 soccer fields

And is part of Loudoun County !

Site work

It also contains a complex of base ball diamonds –

and both grass and turf fields.

Major tournaments both in baseball – softball

and soccer are played here

and is a hot bed for recruitment for soccer for college.

Beginning to take shape

A new four lane road with a traffic signal was built –

along with additional parking for over 700 cars –

along with lots already there for 700 cars.

More parking is in the plans !

In addition to the new stadium –

four more fields are being built

as part of the deal for the land with the county –

and two turf fields also will be built –

along with a state of the art training facility.

One of the turf fields will be for the pro team only

while the other fields will be for the County park.

Work progressing

We have known about this for some time –

as it has been in the news –

and Washington D.C. United –

just opened their new stadium –

which sits about a quarter mile from Nat’s Park

In the last two months !

So – big time Soccer is now here !


Being so close – instead of going into D.C. to Audi Field

we can jump in the car and be in the lot in 15 minutes –

of course traffic may become a problem and it will take longer

but still – to have this is just awesome !

Becoming a new fixture

Although Maddy will no longer be coming here for games and practice

There may be a chance that Ella’s travel team may play here.

Almost done

Our hope is to attend games –

and see some future players play in the big time.

Field is ready

This is a beautiful area –

and as the plan moves forward with the additional complex

It is a gold star for the County !

August 9 th. Professional Soccer came to Loudoun County !

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Papa’s World – Letter of Intent – going to college

Sherry – Maddy – and Papa . 2019 – April

The years went by so quickly – fourteen to be exact. When she was four – she started playing soccer. It was at that time – the ball seemed to be almost as big as she was !

Our Grand daughter – Madison ( Maddy ) last week signed her letter of intent to play college soccer at the University Of Lynchburg in central Va.

We took the 60 mile journey to Winchester Va. to James Wood H.S. where she is in her last year – for a celebration by the school – and the other part of this story is that her friend and playmate for the last fourteen years – ” Katie P ” also signed her letter of intent to play at the University DeSales in Pa. !

They both had played as four year old’s all the way through H.S. including travel teams in Winchester and the last three years traveling 65 miles one way – three times a week for practice with the Loudoun County Red team.

Maddy has had this goal in mind for a very long time and with all this she still has maintained a 4 . 10 GPA ! Katie also has done the same.

Her college team is going to be a three hour drive for us – which in my mind is ” ROAD TRIP ” something we both enjoy.

Very proud of the young lady she has become – from being the smallest on the field to a strong midfielder who has become defined by her coaches as the ” FULL PACKAGE ” , everything comes through her on the field.

And as you can see – she has grown into the part – taking after my wife who with Swedish heritage – is 5 ‘ 9″-

Maddy certainly has those genes. Another day in PAPA’S WORLD – living healthy and life to the plus !

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