Papa’s World – oldest granddaughter in Costa Rico – working with children and playing soccer.

The experience of a lifetime – travel – helps kids and play soccer.

Maddy traveled to Costa Rico – part of her education at college – and with her soccer team.

She raised money for the trip with donations from many people and also knew she would be working

with the underprivileged children of this country.

At the first school children went to – the toilets would not flush and no toilet paper.

Yet the children loved having them as mentors in games and contests.

Maddy as captain – far right outside of the line of players.

They played matches against semi-pros of the country and won two of three matches –

losing 3 to 2 on a put-in from their own team!

This trip will shape her future for years to come.

Along with working with the children – they also had downtime to white water raft –

zip lines and hiking – working out and running on beaches

seeing a volcano and the rainforest.

Maddy is in the back row – fourth in white from the right – team picture of their own team and a mixture of semi-pro and college players from Costa Rico.


Maddy – on the right holding the American Flag!

She has grown up before our eyes – soon to be a senior and one of the captains of her college soccer team.

3.85 GPA – Environmental Science – Engineering

One last year of college and one last year of playing college soccer.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

Sarah MADDY Ella granddaughters


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