Papa’s World – memories from the past -part 4!

Family is very important to us – both near and far away.

Over the past 40years – YES – we have been together that long – many friends have come and gone.

But the family has been a constant joy in our lives!

Mike and Debby – Tammy and Marcus – Maddy – Ella – Sarah – Taylor – Cassidy – Bode was not born yet!

They moved to NVA after we moved there! My sons stayed in Pa. and we talk and see them.

Now – we are in N.C. by ourselves – close friends live 35 miles from us.

We are making new friends – new neighbors – and our old friends have been visiting us!

As well as family.

MEMORIES are heartfelt.

Today Maddy and Ella are in college – playing soccer – Sarah is an H.S. Freshmen – and Taylor and Cassidy are in the fifth grade – Bode is now seven!

Thank you for reading – MEMORIES of each and every one of them come to mind –

Pictures speak to me of memories.





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