Papa’s World – memories of a birthday party for the twins – long ago!

The time seems to be moving along oh so fast!

Now – they are eleven years old and Bode is seven!

MEMORIES slipping past – making new ones – loving the present.

Over nine years ago!



At the Great Country Farm – Bluemont, Va.

Taylor and Cassidy are being held by Oliva and Ella and Maddy. Peyton looking on and Granma Jenny.

They were just two years old – family and friends gathered at the Great Country Farm in Bluemont Va.

MEMORIES of a time gone past!

The party was for family and friends of the family – celebrating the fraternal twins Taylor and Cassidy.

They were born early at I think 32 weeks – just so tiny – Taylor the bigger by a number of ozs.

The doctor told Tammy it was time because Taylor was getting all the nutrients.

SO TINY – both just over 3 lbs. MEMORIES!

Maddy and Taylor
Cousin Sarah
Cousin Ella

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