Papa’s World – Memories of Great Country Farm and twins birthday!

Tayor “BEAR” as mommy calls her.
“Little” Cassidy as we call her.

Two years old – my how time has passed and their next birthday they will be twelve!

Two blond hair – blue eyed fraternal twins.

MEMORIES of them running around – each with one another – always huddling together.

Where one went – the other followed!

Aunt and cousins and Tammy – family.

MEMORIES of all their cousins from both sides of the family.

Friends and family celebrating!

MEMORIES of aunt and uncle and friends!

Family and friends on a hayride!

To be continued in the next blog – friends and family celebrating.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the twin’s birthday.

PAPA’S WORLD – Grandparents – family and friends.

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