Papa’s World – all he wanted was his cousin – ELLA !

The birthday was earlier in the week – turning five –

His one request – ” I WANT ELLA TO GO TO TOP GOLF ” !

This is a five year old who adores his sixteen year old cousin !

at Top Golf

For the last few years – he has been fascinated with her.

Going where she is and asking her to play with him.


And she is so good with him –

You can hear him yelling ” ELLA – ELLA ” when she plays soccer !

Cheering her on and she in turn can hear him.

I do not know how to explain this –

only that he became attached to her when he was between 2 and 3 .

The other two – Taylor and Cassidy –

form that same bond only with Sarah –

Ella’s younger sister.

We are a family of mostly girls
mother and daughters
Bode the lone boy
Bode and his father Marcus
instructions on golf

It was Bode who asked to go here

It was chilly – 35 degrees –

but we kept warm with the overhead heaters.

Debby – Tammy – Sherry
Mother and two daughters

We had a fun time – over two hours –

It is always fun when you spend time with family.

Sarah after a shot
Debby and Ella

A cold night – but a time he wanted to spend with Ella

Bode and Ella

Thank you fro reading Papa’s World

where friends meet family

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PAPA’S WORLD – all he wanted was his cousin ELLA !


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