Papa’s World – Tammy and Marcus and three little ones – surprise visit and birthday cake for Bode!

A surprise visit – Sherry(MorMor)- Bode-Taylor-Marcus Tammy – Papa- Cassidy – family!

They called – a zoom call – the night before they left – we are going to surprise you tomorrow!

We had asked them to come down after they had stopped overnight back in August when they were passing through

for Marcus’s family vacation.

It was his mother and father and brother and sister and families.

We visited them at their beach house in Surfside – South Myrtle Beach.

So – this made us very happy to have four days with them this time!

Sherry and Tammy – she is the youngest daughter
I took Marcus and Bode golfing – while the girls went shopping with MorMor ( Swede for mothers mother)
This would be me with no birdies!
Although his birthday would be after they returned home – we celebrated while they were here!
Taylor – MorMor ( what they call her) and Cassidy singing happy birthday to Bode!
Taylor and Bode – they both are going to be really tall – taking after Sherry who is 5’9″.

It was a special four days – playing golf – shopping -walking two beaches – showing them Clarks in Little River –

Calabash shopping – and having cake and presents for Bode’s coming birthday.

Four days is not enough – and plans for Spring break are in the making.

Christmas – for 10 or more days – we will travel back to NVA and spend time with them and our other daughter and her husband and the older granddaughters.

Looking forward to our next gathering as a family.

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