Papa’s World – Tammy and Marcus and three little ones – surprise visit and birthday cake for Bode!

A surprise visit – Sherry(MorMor)- Bode-Taylor-Marcus Tammy – Papa- Cassidy – family!

They called – a zoom call – the night before they left – we are going to surprise you tomorrow!

We had asked them to come down after they had stopped overnight back in August when they were passing through

for Marcus’s family vacation.

It was his mother and father and brother and sister and families.

We visited them at their beach house in Surfside – South Myrtle Beach.

So – this made us very happy to have four days with them this time!

Sherry and Tammy – she is the youngest daughter
I took Marcus and Bode golfing – while the girls went shopping with MorMor ( Swede for mothers mother)
This would be me with no birdies!
Although his birthday would be after they returned home – we celebrated while they were here!
Taylor – MorMor ( what they call her) and Cassidy singing happy birthday to Bode!
Taylor and Bode – they both are going to be really tall – taking after Sherry who is 5’9″.

It was a special four days – playing golf – shopping -walking two beaches – showing them Clarks in Little River –

Calabash shopping – and having cake and presents for Bode’s coming birthday.

Four days is not enough – and plans for Spring break are in the making.

Christmas – for 10 or more days – we will travel back to NVA and spend time with them and our other daughter and her husband and the older granddaughters.

Looking forward to our next gathering as a family.

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Papa’s World – when birthdays come in three’s


Everyone celebrates their birthday on a special day !

It is very rare to celebrate your birthday with your child !

But – how rare is it to celebrate your birthday

with TWO of your children !!!

Taylor – Tammy – Cassidy
all share the same day
September 3rd.

Nine years ago the twins were born –

43 years ago – Tammy was born –

all on September 3 rd. !!!

Cassidy and Taylor

The twins had to be delivered early

The doctor said Taylor was growing and Cassidy wasn’t !

And so it has been all their lives

They grow at the same pace now

Taylor and Cassidy

Alike but different – same as their size –

one athletic ( Cassidy ) Gymnastics –

one who loves and rides horses ( Taylor )

both who adore their mother and MORMOR ( SHERRY ) Mothers mother !

Tammy and Sherry

Tammy – played basketball – soccer and in the marching band growing up !

Tammy in the marching band all those years ago

Today – she runs her own business –

Two of them actually

One Health and Nutrition

as a Sales Coordinator for the Juice Plus Company

Tammy at her own store

The other is her own store she opened up over a year ago !

A kids consignment

dealing in only upscale clothing ages 3 months to size 14 !

Her store is open six days a week and she has four part time employees !

so little
but so feisty
so loving – so mature

So all have the same day as a birthday means days and days of celebrations

Daughter and Mother

Mother and daughter so much alike!

Marcus and Tammy
husband and wife

Marcus – our son in law – daddy to the kids !

Cassidy -Tammy and Taylor
the birthday party at our house
and Bode’s hand
Fit bits from us
they were so excited
and wear them every day
trying to out do each other
in steps !!!!
The little guy
Bode watching
he and Cassidy
are two peas
in a pod !!!!

As the years pass – we have a door upstairs –

on the back of that door recorded with dates and names

are their heights and weight

both progress the same

from the 1 lb. 14 ozs. of Taylor at birth

and the 1lb. 2 ozs.of Cassidy at birth

it has not changed !

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The three
one for three
three for one

Sherry – Certified Health Coach



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