Papa’s World – Mother and Daughters – Sherry – Debby and Tammy! Beautiful inside and out!

Dreams – mother and daughters share the DREAM!

They laugh – cry – hold one another – all the while sharing life together – even though they are 300 miles apart

The bond exists each and every day!

Debby – the oldest – Sherry – known as Grandma and MorMor – Tammy – the youngest.

When we decided to move to NVA in 1999 – Tammy decided right away to follow us down to Va.

In one years time – Debby moved with her husband and small one year old daughter Maddy!

They have always been near each other – 3 hours away and no further.

Daughter and Mother

Sherry decided to become a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – and start her own business from home –

As a away to supplement her retirement income – it worked and she retired early!

Network marketing – in HEALTH and NUTRITION!

Today – that business thrives and allows us the freedom to travel –

move and build a new home.

In that same since – 15 years ago – Debby decided to do the same – with two young children –

And moving out to the country as it was cheaper to live – she also followed her mothers footsteps!

She became a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – and started her own business from home –

And surpassed her mother!

Today – they both lead “TEAM GENERATIONS” – promoting health and nutrition for families and children.

Daughter and Mother – Tammy and Sherry

During that time – Tammy married – had twin girls and then our first grandson!

She also followed her mother into the Health and Nutrition field – establishing her own home based business.

Along the way she quit her job and opened up a Upscale children’s consignment shop –

And has recently added another home based business – promoting healthy eating!

She now runs three business’s!

And it is because she is her mother’s daughter!


The story of Mother and Daughters – although now 300 miles away – following her in her footsteps –

always in contact – we visit and they visit – zoom – text or call.

Promoting HEALTH and NUTRITION – one child – one day at a time.



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