Papa’s World – Wishing my wife – Sherry – a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

She is looked up to by so many peers – loved by many and respected by most.
Co-founder along with her daughter of TEAM GENERATIONS

For sixteen years she has strived for helping many – many people in health and nutrition.

Founding the Tean Generations for friends – family and others –

she has encapsulated her Certified Health Coach into an East Coast team

of like individuals – all striving to help adults and children into a healthy lifestyle.

Her daughters and granddaughters adore her and look up to her.
Her grandson Bode – loves his MORMOR ( Swede for MOTHERSMOTHER)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY – with all my love.

“SHERRY – SHERRY BABY – why don’t you come out tonight”
Here’s to many – many more sunsets together – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Papa’s World – Great Smokey Mountains – health – team – bonding – Generations of Nutrition.

Sixteen gathered at a cabin located between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg –

They drove hours to get there – all up and down the East Coast.

You see – my wife Sherry is a Certified Health Coach –

and also a rep for The Juice Plus Company and has been for the last sixteen years.

My health is the reason I am here today and she has played a major role in that.

Every six months – a conference is held – one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.

The title is JUICE PLUS + LIVE!

Living life to the PLUS – one day at a time.

What started as a part-time hobby – became a retirement fun job.

In those sixteen years – we have traveled the country – met so many fine people

who all have one major thing in common –


Thus the TEAM GENERATIONS was born – led by a mother and daughter –

Today it has grown and grown and the leaders now gather –

Gathering for JUICE PLUS + LIVE

For the last two years – the Pandemic has kept the gathering in one place down to a minimum

But in October – it will be back in full swing in Atlanta!

Eight thousand people, normally, we shall see, the Pandemic has kept them apart.


This time – arrive on Thursday – leave on Sunday – fun – learning – games – all part of bonding.

Linda and Sherry – a little break time.

In October I’ll once again be going – driving Sherry and seeing old friends once again.

Education – seeing new sights and making new friends.

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD
Team Generations – gifting our children and grandkids.

Papa’s World – Memories of the past – Part Ten!

Sherry – before we moved South to N.C. was a runner – 10 mile and 5K!

She is a Certified Health Coach – retired from Corp. America for NINE YEARS!

Has had her own Internet business for almost SIXTEEN years.

Is an SSC rep for the Juice Plus Company.

Health and Nutrition – teaching children healthy eating habits.

Is the co-leader along with her eldest daughter of TEAM GENERATIONS.

With her team spreading all up and down the East Coast.

MEMORIES of ties past – present and yet to come!

Mother and youngest daughter preparing to run.

Tammy – owns her own consignment business – 529KidsConsignmentLoudoun –

She also has two internet business’s

along with her husband – and raising their three “LITTLE ONES” that I call them.

MEMORIES of mother and daughter.

Sherry with Tammy and Debby – daughters and the Tower Gardens.

Debby – also runs – and has had her own internet business from home for the past 14 years.

Is a Certified Health Coach – is Co-leader of TEAM GENERATIONS.

Works for The Juice Plus Comapny

And is a QNMD for that company –

With her team all over the country.

MEMORIES of mother and daughters.

Every month they promote ways to eat and drink healthy – supporting them on the web and by zoom.
Sherry crossing the finish line!
Accepting the medal for her age group at 70 years young!

Today – she will be 73 on her next birthday as will I.

She inspires me to walk 3 miles a day – eats healthily – and teach me health and nutrition.

Our mainstay of a plant-based healthy drink which we have every day – I have mine for a meal replacement.

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MEMORIES of the PASt PRESENT and FUTURE to come – living life to the plus one day at a time.


Papa’s World – a coming together of the wives in the great smoky mountains near Pigeon Forge Tenn.

Sherry and Pam(PJ) at the retreat near Pigeon Forge Tenn.

They went to this log cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a health and fitness retreat.

Along with eleven other people.

The husbands stayed home and golfed! LOL


Our daughter Debby taking the selfie picture.

It was a four day weekend – games – shopping and side trips –

Health and nutrition information –

Nighttime on the Island.

This has been planned for a long time – the main conference was in St. Louis –

But – because of the Pandemic – groups broke out smaller by themselves –

and were patched in live to the main hall of 2000 people.

If the Pandemic did not exist – 8000 people would have been there.

Of course, we also had fun golfing! LOL
Like-minded folks – Dr. Bruce was the only guy – lucky him!

The weekend had many games and fun activities – along with learning – the health field thrives.

Moving forward through the Pandemic.
Sherry (SSC) Debby ( QNMD) Sari ( Sherry’s mentor – NMD) Kristen – (SC)

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Papa’s World – Shopping – stop for drinks – at Patio’s by the water – and then dinner.

A beautiful morning sunrise – our friends car in driveway – and later a shopping trip to Calabash.

We decided this day would be shopping – a unique store in Calabash called Calahans.

This has been a store of destination for decades and decades.

“L” shaped and 100 feet long or more on each side!

There are thousands and thousands of items – beach – lawn – apparal and holidays – all of them!

Steve in the old English telephone booth outside

It was fun – but I am a people watcher – not a shoper – I know what I want – and I am in and out!

But – Elaine and Steve had fun – I got to visit with a guy sitting on a bench –

and Sherry got to look some more at what she has looked at at least six times! LOL

And then it was on our way to Little River, S.C. to the waterfront.

I told them this is where the locals go and hang out.

There is even a biker bar there!

But our favorite is called “PATIO’S” and sits on the water – has live music –

and good food!

We are on the lower deck behind the other two patio decks – and also behind the band.

We have a VIEW of the water and boat traffic – plus this is where they dock the two large Casino boats.

This is the waterway the big boat came down on – and turned completly around and docked right in front of us!

It was incredible to watch as it from end to end – you would swear it could touch both shores!

The Casino boat after turning around right there and docking – and passengers getting off.

It loads up here – ticket office right there and there were hundreds of people on it!

It goes out to the ocean to the international border line – and then they anchor and they gamble!


We decided to stay – order dinner – I HAD A SALAD –

and listen to the band play ’70’s and ’80’s music!

The food was good and so was the music!

My beautiful wife of almost 40 years – who is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH from Dr. William Sears!

Who keeps me on track and healthy after my heart attack almost 8 years ago.

Sherry has had her own internet – multi level business for almost 16 years.

She has the title of Senior Sales Cordinator for The Juice Plus Company.

Available in over 20 country’s Worldwide.

Her team is nationwide and is called TEAM GENERATIONS –

helping mothers and fathers –

children and grandparents and now grandchildren –

build their immune systems long before Covid.

Our daughters are also in the business and one has surpassed her mother in both the business and title!

Debby is now a QMND for The Juice Plus Company –

having gone full time as soon as she joined the team.

Debby – her husband and Sarah – between Sherry and me – and the three little ones from Tammy! Everyone takes juiice plus!

There are no restrictions on what level you achieve and once there – you never lose it.

For additional information to become a partner – for a very small yearly fee ( $52.00) and have your own website –

contact Sherry : EMAIL:

and or visit her website to scroll

and see all there is on research – business oportunity – and videos.

This is what the website you get when buying your business

and all transactions

are done threogh here.

No inventory – no shipping and no collecting money!

Opportunity is right here – our time and attnetion to help you!

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Papa’s World – Mother and Daughters – changing families – for better health

Debby and Sherry

It all started 15 years ago

Sherry found a better way to get nutrition & nutrients

from fruits and vegetables with research to back it up!

Three generations

They started by naming their mother – daughters team


From GIGI ( grandmother )

– to Sherry ( mother) to daughters

Tammy and Debby and their children.

Four generations – all on the road to better health.

Ella and Sarah
Bode Taylor Cassidy

The fourth generation – and when they have children – the fifth generation

All because Sherry said “YES” at NBC for your health

at the Washington DC convention center!


It continues to grow – families seeking nutrition

better health

feeling great and less doctor visits

More energy

It has spread across the country

and now they communicate with ZOOM calls

and those that live near each other – gather in exercising

There are monthly exercise programs – group fastings

Challenges – and social group gatherings.

Mother and daughter bonding

It has become a FAMILY trip to health.

The oldest in college – practicing health

sending her care packages of healthy foods!

Trips to conferences on the East Coast and West Coast and Middle America twice a year
Team generations continues to grow one family at a time
Leadership in numbers
Before the pandemic – social gatherings
Making life fun with health
Team Generations began with a mother and daughters
Today it has grown into this – leaders from across the country

What started out as a way to eat healthy

and have our kids and grand kids eating better

has turned into a group of dedicated individuals

who share their experience of health and nutrition.

To a whole new life style
Debby Papa Sherry on the way to THE ELTON’S a celebration of recognizing individuals

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Mother and Daughters –

changing families for better health


Papa’s World – the party for Ella at their home – in Lake Holiday – Va. Graduation!

Ella Myers – graduate 2021 – fall Randolph College – Phys Ed. and playing Soccer.
Ella at the CANDY and CAKE table.

The party was held at the family house in Lake Holiday – Cross Junction Va.

Their father – through the years – developed a phys ed. course for the girls – balance line – zip line –

trampoline – climbing wall – tree house – soccer nets – and in winter a snow board run.

Living out in the country – they were raised to hike – kayak – conoeing – swimming – walking and running.

Over the years he taught them the soccer skills they have – now both older girls play soccer in college.

The younger sister – prefers dance – acting and writing – directing and producing videos.

Her dream is to one day go to NYC!

The three sisters – Ella – 17 years old Maddy – 20 years old Sarah – 14 years old – growing up in nature – camping.

Ella – when she was young we all called her TINY – today – she stands almost 5′ 9″ tall!
The balance line leading to the ladder and platform for the zip line.
Ellas favorite creature on earth is the turtle – here her graduation cake is that of a turtle –
A watermelon – carved by her two aunts into a turtle!
Sherry’s daughters – her sisters kids and their kids – cousins – generations.

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The graduation party was a success and continued on into the wee morning hours!

Maddy mother Debby Ella father Mike Sarah FAMILY MYERS
Ella – about to hug her grandma Sherry.


ELLA college bound – education and play soccer against her sister Maddy!


Papa’s World – graduation – party – family!

Ella’s sisters – Maddy and Sarah at the graduation – hard to believe that come fall – Sarah is the only one left at home – she enters H.S, in the Fall and Maddy enters her Junior year and plays and starts soccer for Lynchburg University. She will play against Ella.
Ella’s number one fan – her nephew Bode who adores her – here he is wearing Ella’s old sweatshirt she gave him!
After the game – he ran to her and she picked him up – he adores her and she is so good to him. That is our Ella!
The Three Sisters – Maddy – Ella and Sarah.
Ella’s mother Debby – Ella – her best friend Olivia and her mother Amy – they have lived beside each other all their lives and the mothers are close friends. What also is unique – they have Sarah from Debby and Justin from Amy who are also the same age and in the same grade who are as close as Ella and Olivia.
Sarah and Justin – same age – same grade and close friends – neighbors for life.


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Three generations – Grandmother – granddaughter – daughter – granddaughter – health and nutrition.




ELLA: Love you – PAPA’S WORLD –

Papa’s World – little Krohn puppy – Marley( she) and I – dog sitting!

She is a GOLDENDOODLE – all legs and a cute face that you become attached to!

She is ten weeks old and named Marley – the newest addition to Tammy and Marcus’s family!

They have wanted a dog for years – at least the kids have.

But – I feel deep down – this is Tammy’s Dog! LOL

Marley – she just flops down where ever she is and looks at you with those puppy eyes!

Everyone was gone – kids in school – Tammy and Marcus at work – Sherry meeting friends for lunch and me with Marley – the whole time I had her outside in the fenced in back yard – she would go and hide in the bushes!

Peaking out at me – and when I went over – she thought it a game and would move to another bush!

She really is a sweet puppy – but still a puppy – she has sharp little teeth – and barks really loud!

It was warm outside and she sought out the shade – she would look at me and when I whistled – would come running up to me – licking my legs and hands and wagging her whole body!

But – she is a puppy and like a little child – you have to watch everything she does – chewing – peeing –

It is more challenging than baby sitting! LOL

Marley – under the bush – the other side is a drain spout and wet – she would go there and roll in the mud and dig!
Marley – waiting for me to let her back into the house – she seemed to have had enough for a while!

She wants to go back inside and will lay at the top of the steps and sort of cry!

Then when you go up to her – she gets all excited and licks you as you open the door and inside she goes!

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Then the kids came home and it became Taylor and Marley – she has a way with Marley – more so than the other two – making her listen and holding her!

Sherry – my wife – is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH

( a reason why I am still alive after my heart attack 7 1/2 years ago)

She guides me in nutrition – walking for health – getting all the nutrients for my immune system –

and living life to the plus.

She also is a SSC for the Juice Plus Company –

and owns her own internet marketing business – anywhere from her computer and phone.

Her website for contacting health and business :

Her business email:

Her team of health advocates all over the country: TEAM GENERATIONS

Children’s research:

ages 4 to 19 FREE withe adult order –

19 to 13 college FREE with adult order for up to FOUR YEARS

Owning your own business $50.00 a year includes website!

I am a advocate for her as she is the reason I am healthy today!


Papa’s World – Mother and Daughters – Sherry – Debby and Tammy! Beautiful inside and out!

Dreams – mother and daughters share the DREAM!

They laugh – cry – hold one another – all the while sharing life together – even though they are 300 miles apart

The bond exists each and every day!

Debby – the oldest – Sherry – known as Grandma and MorMor – Tammy – the youngest.

When we decided to move to NVA in 1999 – Tammy decided right away to follow us down to Va.

In one years time – Debby moved with her husband and small one year old daughter Maddy!

They have always been near each other – 3 hours away and no further.

Daughter and Mother

Sherry decided to become a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – and start her own business from home –

As a away to supplement her retirement income – it worked and she retired early!

Network marketing – in HEALTH and NUTRITION!

Today – that business thrives and allows us the freedom to travel –

move and build a new home.

In that same since – 15 years ago – Debby decided to do the same – with two young children –

And moving out to the country as it was cheaper to live – she also followed her mothers footsteps!

She became a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – and started her own business from home –

And surpassed her mother!

Today – they both lead “TEAM GENERATIONS” – promoting health and nutrition for families and children.

Daughter and Mother – Tammy and Sherry

During that time – Tammy married – had twin girls and then our first grandson!

She also followed her mother into the Health and Nutrition field – establishing her own home based business.

Along the way she quit her job and opened up a Upscale children’s consignment shop –

And has recently added another home based business – promoting healthy eating!

She now runs three business’s!

And it is because she is her mother’s daughter!


The story of Mother and Daughters – although now 300 miles away – following her in her footsteps –

always in contact – we visit and they visit – zoom – text or call.

Promoting HEALTH and NUTRITION – one child – one day at a time.



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Papa’s World – more memories of the past six teen months – living life one day at a time!

Debby Ella Mike Papa Sherry Sarah Maddy

On our way back home to NVA – we stopped in Lynchburg to watch Maddy –

Our oldest granddaughter – play soccer!

She starts as a Sophomore – and plays for the University of Lynchburg.

One thing she wanted to do – to get out in the fresh air and hike with her family!

Which we did on this paved trail that runs along the river in Lynchburg Va.

Gerhard and Jennie

One of our very first visitors after we moved to Ocean Keyes in North Myrtle Beach –

was the father and mother of our son in law – Marcus.

They came down and spent four days with us – playing cards – walking the beach –

and introducing us to a new game called RUMMIKUBE!

We have always gotten along with them and every Sunday – sat beside them in the pew!

A short visit – Sherry Sarah Debby – came to visit – Mike could not be here – Maddy was in college.

Debby and the two granddaughters came for a short visit –

and we took them hiking – which they love to do – at Vareens memorial Garden.

Walking along the ICW and over the marsh.

They will be back as we took them also to the new house build!

Carol and Mike – our close neighbors back in WNY for 12 1/2 years!

Mike and Carol – we lived next door to them – invited us and our friends – we have all been friends for years-

to their lake house in WNY -Lake Chatauqua – for a long weekend of riding the lake in their beautiful boat!

They have extended another invitation for this August – the same group – for four days!

They own a business that sends crews to do commercial painting all over the East Coast

and this year are expanding to the mid west.

Mike – started this when he was very young — and what a company he has turned it into!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!

Cindy Papa Sherry Carol

On the lake in Mike and Carols boat!

All eight of us fit very comfortable – we spent three days cruising the lake for hours at a time!

All eight of us have been friends for years and years!







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Papa’s World – In a little over two months – we will leave this behind – another sunrise!

We have been here since 10-1-20 – and this never gets old – the view and sunrise each day!

Building our new home – coming back to here each day – soon – it will be over!

We have until the end of June here – a total of nine months-

We never expected to be here that long – but when we decided to build

We extended the months – hoping we would be done and able to move.

We have plans in case something prevents that!

Ready to move out – put excess in a strorage unit we have three miles from our new build

and move in with friends who have offered!

We moved everything we had in NVA in storage – down here so we could grab whatever we needed.

We should be able to move it a little at a time!

We are expecting to close early June and have been told we still are on schedule!

The house is sided and the trim done on the outside – the stacked stone is done.

The roof is complete as is the electrical and plumbing.

The doors and windows are all in and this week the insulation should be done

and dry wall next week.

We are moving forward – and we have memories and pictures such as these!

We love it here – but – no garage and not enough storage space for what we have.

This area is great and we are only one half hour away.

We can visit anytime we want – there is parking by the beach.

One more view – one more sunrise.

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Papa’s World – Spring has Sprung – the Beach got busy – and they are in the water!

Here is our before 9:am. early morning walk – a little more crowed but nothing not expected! Looking South to North Myrtle Beach from where we enter the access to the beach.
From the beach access looking toward Cherry Grove – a few more people – but not a lot!

But – this is the beginning of the week for Spring Breakers –

and we noticed traffic getting heavey.

We have found our way around and avoid the high traffic on rte. 17!

We take the side streets as far as we can – and one side street takes up to where we can shop!

Now – in the afternoon we decided to do a couple hours of a beach day – taking and carrying our chairs to the beach. Here is the same view looking toward North Myrtle Beach – a lot more people and a lot of people in the water. But we still had our own space – no one within thirty feet of us!
Here is the same view in the afternoon looking toward Cherry Grove! And – it will get more crowed as Spring turns into Summer with vacations! We are in the open space and avoid large gatherings which happen mostly toward North Myrtle Beach town center. A lot of young H.S. and college students gather on the beach there in a large group. You just avoid them as they will do what they do regardless!

Being here is still our dream – we will come back often as we like it here –

but also where we are moving too – no traffic – country quiet – we can walk –

and still be in access to the other two beaches!

The beach here is very wide – I have been told it is the widest on the Grand Strand!

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SHERRY’S TEAM: TEAM GENERATIONS ( helping a child eat healthy one day at a time.)



Papa’s World – Easter sunrise service on the beach – cold – but worth it!

It was rather cold – 46 degrees – but thank goodness no wind!

We went in the dark – at 6:15 AM. and was surprised at all the cars and activity.

This was but one of several services up and down the beach.

ELCA – which we are a member of – along with the Episcopal church –

Came together to have this service.

I would guess by the start – some 4 to 5 hundred souls gathered on the beach-

many standing – others brought their own chairs

At last – in more than a year – we attended a live service.

Glory to God in the highest – and peace to his people on earth.

All our married lives – we have attended church – me – I converted from Catholic to Lutheran

which was how Sherry was raised.

I serve a risen Savior , He’s in the world today – I know that He is living , whatever others say ; I see his hand of mercy , I hear his voice of cheer, And just the time I need Him He’s always near.
They came and came – down the ramp or steps – or from up the beach and down the beach – walking- walking – walking – silently – some hand in hand – others close by – Easter Sunrise Service.
Give thanks to the LORD , for he is good; “His mercy endures for ever.”

They were mostly silent – a few murmurs here and there – ushers directing people – passing out communion cups and wafers – a few announcements – still cold – but at least there was no wind. The sound of the surf – the seagulls – the stillness of the early morning hour – the sand cold – bundled up – ear muffs and scarf – waiting – waiting – waiting.

Our Father , who art in heaven , hallowed be thy name , thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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TITLE: SSC for the Juice Plus Company




Papa’s World – walking the beach – no buildings here – just wide endless beach – Cherry Point!

Debby Sarah Sherry Ella

We decided for their last beach walk on a cold windy day –

to take them to the far end of Cherry Grove to a place the local’s call Cherry Point!

To get to the beach – you must park along the road and then walk through this covered path!

The path to the beach is overhanging tree limbs with lots of shrubs and bushes.

Once you walk through there – you are greeted to a wide expanse of beach to the left.

The right goes back toward the houses and pier.

The view to the left and almost low tide!

It was cold and windy – and we wanted to walk way out as it seemed at low tide you might be able to walk to the other shore.

Here you can see a few brave souls – walking – and the wind was really blowing!

Ella and Sarah – laughing and trying to stay warm in the blowing wind!

We walked maybe a half mile – and decided enough – it was just too cold and so windy!

One last picture with Ella – Debby Sherry and Sarah before heading back to the car.

I told Sherry – when it gets warmer and is low tide – we must come back and just see if we can walk across the bay!

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Papa’s World – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock Brewery – Deb and girls.

We ventured out and drove to Barefoot Landing – to let Sarah shop!

That is what she wanted to do the most beside walking the beach.

Sarah – Debby – Ella discussing which shops to go to – just outside of the new Brewery – Crooked Hammock!
We had walked by here dozens of times – and were waiting for it to open up – at last – it was open!

But – we decided since it looked really busy on the inside and outside

We would pass on this trip and go to a place that was not really that busy!

So we walked around and came upon this alligator in the water – below us as we stood behind the railing.

This was my first time seeing one here.

There were signs for this and snakes –

And at first we did not think it real as it was very still until it moved!

Hoping when the little grand kids come – we can show them a “GATOR”!

Ella Debby Sarah

I actually like Barefoot Landing over Broadway on the Beach

which is in Myrtle Beach Proper.

We did do some shopping – well they did – I walked in – took a look around and went back outside to find a place to sit!

Papa – checking out the “BEER GARDEN” notice all the
GARDEN TOOLS” hanging on the wall!

Sarah loved it here – her place to be – store to store!

Deb tying her shoe – Ella – Sarah and Sherry exploring the grounds of Crooked Hammock Brewery.

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Sherry Sarah Debby Ella – about to go to another area of Crooked Hammock.




Debby – QMND The Juice Plus Company Certified Health Coach

Sherry – SSC The Juice Plus Company Certified Health Coach contact Sherry.


You can help the Bodies Immune System – through Fruits and Vegetables!

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Papa’s World – find a shell – tie a cord through it – DEB and GIRLS make a WISH – hang in tree!

There is a place near the ICW – where there are hundreds of shells hanging from trees – each one is someones WISH!

We brought them – Debby – Sarah and Ella to Vareen’s Memorial Garden

Just as we did with their cousins – and here is a special place

to not wish upon a star – but a SEASHELL and the hang it form one of the Cypress Trees!

Sarah Sherry Ella Debby at the make a wish site.
Sarah’s hanging wishes for all her school friends!
The first make a wish tree – now there are many more!

Many people pass through here each day –

I watched two older women stop and do the same thing –

find a shell – write on it and then hang it from a tree!

Busy writing their names and making their wishes!
Debby’s shell – no matter how old you are – make a wish to come true!
Taylor’s shell in front of Ella’s shell – cousins!

It was a warm day – low tide so lots of shells to look at!

Sarah going to the ICW to look for shells.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Sherry and Papa


Sherry Sarah Ella Debby


Wishing tree along the ICW!



SHERRY SSC for The Juice Plus Company Debby QMND for The Juice Plus Company – Mother and daughter teaming up to bring health and nutrition to families all across the U.S.A.




Cassidy -cousin and grand daughter – make a wish on a seashell and hang from the WISHING TREE!

Papa’s World – beach time with Deb – Sarah and Ella!

After unpacking – the very first thing they wanted to do after riding seven hours – “GO TO THE BEACH”!

They love the sand – the surf and the sound of the water and waves –


So we did – the half mile walk through the neighborhood

To the gate entrance and then cross Hillside drive

Walk another block and cross Ocean Blvd. to the parking lot!

And then – you are standing on the sand – looking out to sea – looking for Dolphins!

Growing up – we would take Debby and her sister Tammy to the beach

Whenever we could for vacation.

Now – whenever they can – they take their families to the Ocean.

They are so excited – finding shells – talking – sticking their toes into the water!
We have raised them to respect nature – to be a part of it – they love the outdoors.

Early on – we taught them to respect the environment

To not litter and see the wonders of what is around them.

Walking the sand – listening to the sound – “THE BEACH”!

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Ella – who in the fall – will enroll at Randolph College to play soccer.
Papa’s World –


Maddy Ella Sherry Sarah



A SSC with the JUICE PLUS COMPANY which has been in business for 50 years!

TEAM GENERATIONS – partners helping others to attain good health.

For a opportunity – go to the website –

send a email.

Contact Sherry: at



2021 will be year number 15 in the formation of Team Generation!

Formed by a mother ( MORMOR – Swedish for Mothers-Mothers)

and her two daughters –

To bring health and nutrition into the families

of friends – family and stanger’s across the nation –

It has prospered in that pursuit!

The many faces of health and nutrition

Today – we celebrate another year – one that we will never forget –

The COVID19 year!

Team Generations – the leaders at conference – wishing a Happy New Year – to those who could not be there!

HEALTH and NUTRITION – building ones immune system – being as healthy as you can –

a insurance policy to help combat a virus.

Not a cure – not a miracle –

but whole food nutrition –

the nutrients of food we eat –

good wholesome food!

The Pandemic is all around us – all around the World –

The abnormal has now become the Normal.

In Team Generations – the priority is eating healthy!

One family – one day at a time – one child – bringing health into their lives!

This at the best of times is very hard to do –

fast food – process food –

snacks – candy –

calories – fats – oils – carbs!

Celebrate – a way to combat – unhealthy living – in red – daughter Debby!
Conference – a way to learn – to talk – to listen – TEAM GENERATION !

Regional’s and semi yearly conferences – comparing notes and experiences.

Environmental concerns – health is all related!

A celebration of ideas – a way to communicate – living healthy – nutrition – lives – real food!

Thank you to all members of Team Generation – those that were there and those that were not!

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Papa’s World – In his own words – Jim Martin – how I lost almost 100 lbs.

Jim Martin at 350 lbs.

I first met Jim some years back – his wife Claudia is a close friend of my wife Sherry!

Jim is a very large man – standing 6’5 ” of taller!

He loves to cook and always was making BBQ for his employees!

Claudia was interested in what Sherry was doing for her health.

Then – Jim became interested.

He sent me this email – I had no idea he was writing it.

It is such a story of health and a journey for a individual

who one day said enough is enough!


 My name is Jim Martin, and I am 65 years old. I live in Reston, Virginia, I still maintain a full-time job.

Heaviest Weight: 350 pounds

Current Weight: 260 pounds

 I struggled with my weight my entire adult life. It led to binge eating and weight gain. Before trying Juice Plus, I had done yo-yo diets my whole life. My weight has gone up and down 50 to 80 pounds over the years, but nothing ever stuck. 

Before Juice Plus, a typical day consisted of a lack of sleeping of no more that 4 to 5 hours a night and grabbing either a breakfast burrito with an apple juice or a chicken biscuit from a drive thru. I would go to work at my incredibly stressful sales job from 7:30-4:30 and get little to no movement at work. I would always eat out for lunch and pick very unhealthy options—sometimes I would even get dessert (cookies) with lunch!  After work I would come home and eat dinner around 6:30 pm and sit on the couch until it was time for bed. Before bed, I would usually have ice cream or another dessert. Sometimes I would wake up and get a “midnight snack.” I was literally eating around the clock.   

The first time I heard about Juice Plus was almost a year ago. I was not into fitness at the time, but back then I thought Juice Plus would help me lose weight and promote a good immune system. However, after years of putting on weight, I started learning more about it and decided I wanted to give it a try and joined the “Shred Your Way” Facebook group.

My turning point came on January 6, 2020 with the “Shred Your Way” Sugar Shred Challenge, No sugar for 10 days.  As a result of completing this challenge, I have completely removed sugar from my diet for the past 11 months. I have no sugar cravings or desire to eat sweets as I did in the past. This all happened two months prior to the COVID lockdown and I was stress eating like crazy. It was a Monday morning and I stepped on the scale that I had been avoiding for months. After I read it, I just said, “That’s enough.” Something had to change.

My goal when I started this journey was to be in better shape than I was when I was 45. Back then, I was 260 pounds and less than 20% bodyfat. From the start of this journey to get healthy, I told myself that I wanted to be in better shape in the next year than I was in the last. 

I found that adding Fasting, Healthy eating and Walking to my journey

I loved it so much, I added the Fasting (Zero Fast), Food Monitoring (MyFitnessPal) and Walking (Fitbit) apps to help me stay on track. It has been a huge help in my journey. Tracking the fast, steps, and foods It helps me to see trends, and with that I can make adjustments.  I love being able to look back and see how I have done. The Shred Your Way Facebook group has also been a great source of motivation.

I currently follow a 16:8 fasting schedule, walking 8 to 10 miles a day, and eating about 1500 to 1800 calories a day, while trying to keep it flexible. Most days I end up following 17:7 Fasting, 25,000 steps and 1600 calories. I change my fasting times to suit my lifestyle. If I want to go out and have a big dinner with my wife, I will just do a longer fast leading up to it, so I stay in a deficit. And some days when I am hungry, I will break my fast at 13-14 hours (minimum of 13 hours to be considered fasting). I listen to my body and hunger signals. That is what I love about intermittent fasting—it is all about flexibility. 

The first few mornings I started fasting I was so hungry, but honestly by the second week my body had adapted well. That is part of the reason I have been able to do this so long (coming up on 7 months). It is not a struggle for me to follow the plan.

Aside from the weight loss, fasting gives me freedom from food, walking gives me the movement I need and Juice Plus give me a healthy immune system. I no longer feel like food is my source of comfort. I can focus my thoughts and feelings more. I also did change my overall diet. I discovered tons of extremely healthy choices. However, that is another writing exercise.

Here is what I typically eat in a day:

Breakfast: Black coffee, breakfast cereal (Ezekiel or Sola brands, no/exceptionally low sugar) blueberries, raspberries, almond milk, and chia seeds.

Lunch: Arnold whole wheat bread or a Mission brand low carb whole wheat wrap, turkey or ham, mustard, lettuce., tomato and Kettle Brand avocado and Himalaya salt potato chips.

Dinner: Taco Bowl (steak, brown rice, pinto beans, salsa, cheese,) Kevin Brand Chicken entrees with steam veggies.

Snacks: Mixed nuts or, protein shake (1G or less sugar) or apple or protein bar (2G or less sugar)

Dessert: 1oz70% Dark Chocolate

I feel completely different now that I added fasting and walking to my Juice Plus daily routine.  I no longer have a need to eat wasteful and harmful foods like sugar. Before, I would always eat a huge lunch and then be worthless for hours afterwards. Now, I experience the mental clarity that comes from eating the right foods, fasting, and walking. I am tracking all my calories in MyFitnessPal because I wanted to stay in a deficit, which was key for weight loss. I aim to eat 1,800 calories each day. I walk 7 days a week. It has been great.

These three changes contributed the most to my weight loss success.

Change 1: I gave myself more than a year to reach my goal.

By taking a longer-view approach, I do not get discouraged by little missteps. I still have plenty of time to reach my goal. When you set a short timeframe to reach your goal, you can get discouraged if it does not happen “fast” enough.

Change 2: I focused on healthy eating at first.
I’ve done diets before, and when you change everything in the first week, you drain yourself of willpower and end up falling off the wagon.  I just focused on finding healthy food choices that minimize or eliminate SUGAR. SUGAR is the killer of any plan that includes weight loss or a good immune system.

Change 3: I do not get discourage… focus on the big picture

Life happens, and if I get down on myself for being human, that is not going to help me in the future. So instead, I give myself grace and understand this will happen. I acknowledge it and move on instead of making myself feel like a failure.   I could barely walk a mile without resting, now I can complete a 10K in less that two hours. It takes one step at a time.

I hope my successful journey can help other archive the life changing experience this has been for me.   I think the most rewarding part about making this change has been the mental clarity and focus that comes in the last few hours before breaking a fast. I do not feel mentally drained. But the weight loss has made the biggest difference. It is going to allow me to live an active life well into old age. If I had continued putting on weight, I would have been in extremely poor health within the next five years. But now I feel strong, and I do not feel deprived.

The new Jim Martin – at 260 lbs.

As a side note – Claudia Martin has literally folllowed in Jim’s footsteps.

She now walks with him and has lost 55 lbs. !

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Papa’s World – #livinglifetotheplus

What do you do with your strawberry plants in the Fall from the TOWER GARDEN ?

Every year – and we have been growing in the Tower Garden ‘ s for seven years – we have had strawberry plants left over – so – instead of throwing them away – I just took them out and stuck them in the ground !

We have this area right beside the house where my back flow is . And now – each year – these plants come back and thrive there ! Last year – I picked 10 to 14 quarts of sweet strawberries – and they spread.

This area was dug up two years ago to install our irrigation system and you can see where they put in the back flow. So – in two years time – they have spread and filled the area back in again.

Three cousins – we promote #livinglifetotheplus to our families.

The concept of healthy eating – is that we GROW as much as we can – for ourselves. The two smaller ones – Cassidy and Taylor – will come over – and when the strawberries are nice and red and ripe – will sit out there and pick and eat them – teaching them you can eat from the Earth and not always from the store. Taylor asked me the other day ” ARE THE STRAWBERRIES READY YET PAPA ? “

As we enter the setting Sun of our years

Our wish – and the WHY we do all this – is to install for Generations to come the value of eating healthy – eliminating process foods – cutting back on sweets and dairy ( the Myth of dairy ) – Gluten – and eating more fruits and vegetables – passing this onto the grand kids of today and hoping that they in turn pass it onto their children.

We named our team – TEAM GENERATIONS

Life to us is changing habits – instilling new ones in the kids – and inhance memories of growing up with PAPA & MORMOR as the younger ones callus or Grandma and Grandpa as the older ones call us.

Memories are formed at young age – as in Taylor just saying the other day – she is 8 years old. Her and her parents and sister lived with us for one year while they awaited there new home being made ready. Sherry and I were having a conversation – about in the future moving South.

She spoke up from her homework ( we pick them up from school ) and said ” MORMOR & PAPA – you can’t move -I have too many memories here” ! And then went on to tell how she remembers her bedroom and how they shared it together – her mother and fathers room and the front room where they had their doll house. They were only two and one half when they lived here.

Last Summer – Outer Banks Beach

So memories play a big part of our lives – and grand kids even bigger. Instilling memories of us and health is the legacy we want to have – one that enriches their lives and that of their children. That memory has led to our motto #livinglifetotheplus and our own health and lifestyle. This in turn led to the concept of TEAM GENERATIONS and the impact that since we started has on hundreds of families just like us.

If you want to find out how – why and more – follow us on this blog – visit the web site – I hope this helps explain – and if you TOWER GARDEN – just remember -those STRAWBERRIES can and do survive the Winter – just plant them and watch them spread.

#homeagain #HGD #JP #just #livinglifetotheplus

Papa’s World – life – living life – doing it my way!

Family – my why!

Living life doing it my way – became my blog site!

Family became my WHY

and FRIENDS became my reason – to meet my FAMILY!

However – I never stay in bed unless I am ill which is not often!

I think I have always been living life my own way

I am a watcher – listener – observing what is around me.

I have my opinions – unless asked – I keep them to myself.

I am a independent – I do not like party’s

I do not need to adhere to a agenda

I think for myself.

Hence – my blog

I do not choose one news outlet over another

I can see for myself – and think things through.

I listen to people talk – I see actions – I select what I think is the truth.

Both sides – and the middle.

My family – church – friends are important to me.

Not all of the above think as I do.

I respect that.

My blog is born of which I have described.

But – mostly to put down memories

in pictures and words.


So that the generations now and those to come

have a place to go back and see just who we are.

Therefore my blog is born

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Papa’s World – when I write – I express my thoughts!

My thoughts and words – relate to my own life

and that of the people who are dear to me!

Marcus Tammy Debby Mike Sherry

My family – whom we are close to –

They were all there for me when I had my heart attack

almost seven years ago – A WIDOW MAKER –

I was told by the staff!

You should not be here they said!

BUT – you are the most healthy heart attack victim

we have ever had in here – they also said!


but I had done all the damage for 40 years

until I switched lifestyles

and started my journey to health

and was guided by my wife – SHERRY –

who became a Certified Health Coach

through courses by Doctor William Sears

and the teachings of Doctor Pam Popper

and a few doctors from the Cleveland Clinic.

Ella Bode Cassidy Taylor Sarah – my WHY!

Now – today – we practice healthy eating

and have passed it onto our children and grand children

Everyone in these pictures – follow our example.

We are partners in The Juice Plus Company –

have been for 15 years!

And so have these kids – as long as they have been alive.

Growing – listening – following – example –

all part of our life together

Living by example

Tammy and Debby

These two believed in us from the start

and you can see in them the healthy way of life.

This day we went hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail

only a few miles from THE DIRT FARM BREWERY!

Yes – we do relax – a three mile hike up and down the trail.

Then here to sit outside in Social distance

and allow ourselves to have a drink as a treat.

I sometimes go weeks and months

without a beer – I really do not like wine

or the hard stuff- only light beer.

This day we had all the grand kids except the oldest who

is in college at The University of Lynchburg playing soccer.

Bode is the only boy and he adores Ella

Yes – when I write I express my thoughts

in both words and pictures

putting them down – and saving them for the people

you see in this blog for generations to come.


For – you see – Sherry’s team – countrywide –


for the very reason you see in this picture

passing on health to all the GENERATIONS to come.

Our legacy – which started 15 years ago and now is passed onto

the third generation –

lives through us –



Now extended across the country

Making children healthy

one day at a time!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papas World – bringing a smile and good thought every day – Papas World.

A long time ago – when my wife first asked me to join social media

because all my friends would ask her about me

on her posts and her face book home page

“How is Tom” or “What is Tom doing” ?

She told me there were so many that I should be the one answering!

And it went back to my childhood friends –

so she hooked me up with my own home page

and I started accumulating friends – 609 today!

I decided a long time ago – I would follow three rules

as much as I could!

One – post something to make you smile!

Everyday I post ” My BIG smile for the day”

And ” Laughter is the best medicine”!

Two – “My GOOD thought for the day”

Three – “My smile and Good thought for the day”!

And my last one –

Fourth – “No Politics” which is the hardest to do as I grit my teeth!

So – today – I have 609 face book friends

and 249 subscribers on my blog site

of which only THREE I know!

And both my friends and subscribers are world wide.

When I started in 2012 I had no idea –

and a little over a year ago I started my blog site

on advice from my wife and her friend.

“Tom – you write your memories – and we can not find them”!

” You need to store them for the kids to read”!!

So – here I am today – writing each day – over 300 blogs stored –

pictures – places and events – 246 subscribers whom I do not know-

following me – face book friends commenting every day.

From all over the World –

Thank you to my wife and her friend

I always wanted to write a book

Now I have and it is stored away.

For the next generation to read

Welcome to Papa’s World



Papa’s World – Eating healthy – staying active – turning 70

Me – 1967 – second shift – American Olean Tile Co.

WOW – 52 years ago – over one half century – and in a few days – 70 becomes the new norm and new start of a decade. So much has changed – so much has come and gone.

I started and ended my career with the same company 47 1/2 years later !

And it is were I met and married my second wife – we celebrate 37 years next month.

On our wedding day June 25, 1982.

Sherry and I started dating in April of 1981 – we had found out in passing that we both were going through a divorce by accident. I worked in Shipping and she in payroll – as I was passing her desk – one of the other ladies said to me – “I hear you are getting a divorce” !

I answered ‘ YES” and then went my way – she quietly observed this and when she brought my shipping orders out – she told me ” I overheard . I am also getting a divorce” – to which I relied ” Then we should go and have a drink and talk about it ” !

Oahu – 2 years ago – North Shore

That began a 15 month process of dating – engagement the following December at Christmas time – and marriage in June the following year. All the while juggling two divorces and inter mixing four children into one family. My two sons and her two daughters. WE DID IT ! Not easy – but the results have been fantastic. My two sons still live back in NWPA & her two daughters both followed us South to NVA. My son runs a energy company with state contracts for the elderly and my other son has joined him. One can build a entire house from the ground up – he did not get that from me – and the other is a ranked pool player in his spare time who travels the entire country winning his way to Vegas a half dozen times.

Our two daughters are also very successful – the eldest followed her mother into the health and nutrition field and most likely will attain National Marketing Director for the Juice Plus Company at the conference in Austin Texas in October. Our other daughter also followed their mother – but she – one year ago -opened up a franchise near where we live. She maintains both the Health & Nutrition business and her new

store which is coming up up the one year anniversary. In our very busy lives – we have managed to change our lifestyle in eating – giving up a lot of what I had eaten for 35 years or more.

About to turn 70

Sherry is my rock and has been all these years – by accident we learned of one another’s dilemma – we ventured forward on a whim – and soon became friends – she is my best friend – we combined a family – and 13 years ago – she changed our lifestyle to a healthy one. She is the guiding force and well respected as a Certified Health Coach – she is a pillar to her TEAM -known and loved by all as “MAMA BEAR ” !

Just a part of her nationwide Juice Plus Company team known as TEAM GENERATIONS

In a short while on 5 -7 -49 I will turn 70 years old – and another
WE WERE MET TO BE TOGETHER ” sign – she will turn 70 on 7 – 5 – 49 !!

We eat healthy – we love healthy and we promote health. Our family in NVA has followed us not only here – but also on the pathway of HEALTH & NUTRITION ! Soon – in October – the oldest will attain the highest level in the Juice Plus Company -living life to the plus as I call it.

We attended Debby Taylor Myers promotion for the Juice Plus Company to QNMD – our oldest daughter

This is my story – this is my life – well – part of it – many other chapters to tell

My sincere thank you to my wife and our family – a new lifestyle 13 years ago and a new life 37 years ago. I am the most lucky man in the World or so I believe – and I am WINNING OFF THE FIELD ! Thank you – enjoy & HGD !

If you would like to be a part of her team – Sherry Fitzsimmons Nationwide ( TEAM GENERATIONS ) where families meet and pass it down !

#homeagain #HGD #just #JP