Papa’s World – little Krohn puppy – Marley( she) and I – dog sitting!

She is a GOLDENDOODLE – all legs and a cute face that you become attached to!

She is ten weeks old and named Marley – the newest addition to Tammy and Marcus’s family!

They have wanted a dog for years – at least the kids have.

But – I feel deep down – this is Tammy’s Dog! LOL

Marley – she just flops down where ever she is and looks at you with those puppy eyes!

Everyone was gone – kids in school – Tammy and Marcus at work – Sherry meeting friends for lunch and me with Marley – the whole time I had her outside in the fenced in back yard – she would go and hide in the bushes!

Peaking out at me – and when I went over – she thought it a game and would move to another bush!

She really is a sweet puppy – but still a puppy – she has sharp little teeth – and barks really loud!

It was warm outside and she sought out the shade – she would look at me and when I whistled – would come running up to me – licking my legs and hands and wagging her whole body!

But – she is a puppy and like a little child – you have to watch everything she does – chewing – peeing –

It is more challenging than baby sitting! LOL

Marley – under the bush – the other side is a drain spout and wet – she would go there and roll in the mud and dig!
Marley – waiting for me to let her back into the house – she seemed to have had enough for a while!

She wants to go back inside and will lay at the top of the steps and sort of cry!

Then when you go up to her – she gets all excited and licks you as you open the door and inside she goes!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World






Then the kids came home and it became Taylor and Marley – she has a way with Marley – more so than the other two – making her listen and holding her!

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I am a advocate for her as she is the reason I am healthy today!


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