Papa’s World – on our first night staying with our daughters house – STORM rolls in!

We had arrived and settled in from Winchester – Lake Holiday – Cross Junction – our other daughters home.

The day was uneventful until late afternoon – the sky turned deep gray – and the clouds seemed to be rolling!

They were scary – rolling across the sky!

A storm was coming!

It was like this in front of the house also – the wind picked up and we could hear thunder in the distance

to the West.

In the distance – sort of pink clouds – but overhead – dark gray!

Lightening began and then the rain came!

The wind picked up – looking out the front window – I could see the major portion of the storm –

coming over the hills toward us – flashes and then the thunder.

Then the first time we lost all lights!

The electric went out!

The rain came in hard – beating against the front windows!

The lights came back on!

The thunder continued and flashes of lightening!

Did not seem to phase the newest member of the family – MARLEY!

The electric went out several times and came back on – the rain got harder – later we learned trees had come down

and one house was struck by lightening out Winchester way and burned down.

It was a severe storm – first one of the late spring – and then the lights went our for good!

We all decided after it calmed down – with no lights but still a little daylight to see –

to just go to bed while we still could see.

Later – the electric came back – I think it was out a couple hours – and then we had to get up and turn lights off!

A eventful first night back at our daughters house in Leesburg Va.

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD!




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