Papa’s World – OIB – 4th. of July golf cart parade!

Front row seats – 284 decorated golf carts – thousands of people.

We were front row with our chairs and the grandkids were so excited!

Here you see Bode – Taylor – Cassidy and Sherry.

It was a joyous celebration of our nations birthday!

There were also other participates in the parade!
Sherry ( MORMOR) Taylor Cassidy and Bode watching as the parade begins.
As the parade continued – dark clouds were rolling in – thunder in the distance!
The clouds rolled in and the thunder got loud – soon we saw lightening and we headed across the street beneath the wine – beer and coffee shop!
Just before we crossed the street – this man saw me take this picture and his comment was – THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL REMEMBER THE MOST ABOUT THIS PARADE – THUNDER- LIGHTENING- AND POUR DOWN RAIN FROM THESE CLOUDS and he was right – we made it just in time and two houses on the beach were struck by lightening – MOTHER NATURE PREVAILED!
Later that day – sunset – the storm cleared out – we made it back from OIB and all was well!
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OIB – JULY 4th. GOLF CART PARADE – and then the RAIN CAME!

Papa’s World – on our first night staying with our daughters house – STORM rolls in!

We had arrived and settled in from Winchester – Lake Holiday – Cross Junction – our other daughters home.

The day was uneventful until late afternoon – the sky turned deep gray – and the clouds seemed to be rolling!

They were scary – rolling across the sky!

A storm was coming!

It was like this in front of the house also – the wind picked up and we could hear thunder in the distance

to the West.

In the distance – sort of pink clouds – but overhead – dark gray!

Lightening began and then the rain came!

The wind picked up – looking out the front window – I could see the major portion of the storm –

coming over the hills toward us – flashes and then the thunder.

Then the first time we lost all lights!

The electric went out!

The rain came in hard – beating against the front windows!

The lights came back on!

The thunder continued and flashes of lightening!

Did not seem to phase the newest member of the family – MARLEY!

The electric went out several times and came back on – the rain got harder – later we learned trees had come down

and one house was struck by lightening out Winchester way and burned down.

It was a severe storm – first one of the late spring – and then the lights went our for good!

We all decided after it calmed down – with no lights but still a little daylight to see –

to just go to bed while we still could see.

Later – the electric came back – I think it was out a couple hours – and then we had to get up and turn lights off!

A eventful first night back at our daughters house in Leesburg Va.

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Papa’s World – morning sunrise – blue skies – late afternoon – thunder – lightening – RAIN!

Morning sunrise – calm – warm – partial clouds – then blue skies – a start of a beautiful day!

It started out with sunshine and we walked the beach – and the neighborhood –

But – the storm was out there – coming up from the South – West!

We did get all our steps in and had dinner – a beautiful day here in S.C. North Myrtle Beach – Ocean Keyes!

Our beach walk in the morning – on Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.
And then 12 hours later – it blew in and it started to rain!

The sky turned from blue to gray – clouds were rolling in – thunder and lightening!

The wind picked up – Sherry started to go out the front door – the side of the condo the storm was coming from!

She had a hard time holding the door so she closed it!

The lightening was bad and the thunder shook us.

This was the first real storm in the day light we have had since being here!

I have to admit – it got a little bit scary!

The wind just whipped the rain almost sideways!

This went on for a couple hours – and lightening on and off!

I do like a good storm to fall asleep with – lightening – thunder and rain – but can do without the wind!

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SHERRY – the next morning – return to normal – walking the beach!





Papa’s World – the skies of a storm coming – beautiful!

I walked outside – we are staying with Tammy and Marcus.

They were on vacation – Sherry & I were alone.

Everywhere I looked to the sky –

was just awesome!


Sherry told me that she had a weather alert!

That is when I walked out onto the front porch.

I turned to the left and saw this after looking straight to the West.

Our new car parked alongside the road

as they were sealing the driveway the next day!

Then I walked to the edn of the porch and snapped this picture.

It was different in every direction!

I then went back inside and out the back door –

Again it was different!

There was yellow – orange – purple – blue – white – gray

and some deep pink!

The storm was suppose to start around 9 PM.

Flash flood alerts –

Stay off the roads –

High winds and take shelter!

The calm and beauty before the storm.

Later that night it hit –

Lightening – thunder and lots of rain.

I love a storm – and it will drum me to sleep!

And this one did!

Midnight – Sherry thought to wake me up and move the car.

The next day we were suppose to have the driveway sealed.

So – I had parked by the road and ditch.

She was worried the ditch would fill –

So – after trying to wake me up to no success

Off she went in the rain and moved the car back to the driveway!

She is a angel – me – for some reason I would not wake up!


She had 18 alerts on road closings –

wash outs and rescues being taken – nine people!

I slept right through it!

The calm before the storm got me!

Always loved a good storm –

Next time I vow to be more alert!

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Papa’s World – and then the rains came – lightening – winds – trees down

We had to be at the library at 3:00 PM. on Thursday –

We had stopped at Marcus & Tammy’s to pick up library books

We had the twins and Bode –

and then it started – lightening and thunder.

Good morning

We drove the short distance –

I was going to let them all out in front of the library !

I pulled right into a space right in front of the entrance –

Then literally –


The rains came so hard – going sideways with the wind.

It was like a fire hose had been trained on us !

Windshield wipers could not keep up.

The wind picked up – we tuned to 103 TOP news radio – DC.

Gusts of 60 MPH – torrential rain – take cover –

Then the lightening picked up –

Sherry checked her google weather app –

Instead of showing rain –


The kids got scared –

the twins went to the floor in the back seat –

Bode came up front to Sherry’s lap –

We could not see out of the car for more than 10 feet!

A head light no more than 20 feet away.
The car with the head light

We calmed the kids down – telling them we had rubber tires beneath us.

There was no chance of getting out and running into the library –

The lightening and thunder was continuous.

Cassidy on floor in back

Cassidy got real quiet she was so scared.

Taylor comforting Cassidy

Taylor clutched her build a bear – talking to Cassidy –

telling her not to touch metal –

we would be okay because we had tires !

Where we parked
Library with roof over hang

We were parked right in front – the over hang was just across the sidewalk

What was really scary was lightening would hit –

A very loud crack and then the wind –

Bending those trees you see almost over touching the sidewalk.

The park right across the street

Legacy park was right across the street –

about a football field away –

This is a 15 acre park –

They closed it right after the storm quit


Legacy Park

Branches were everywhere – it was a mess and so close to us in the car

When it was over after almost 40 minutes –

we went inside.

It continued a soft rain –

We got home and I discovered shingles from our roof in the yard

The flag – flag pole and the bracket had been ripped right off the porch.

Small branches were everywhere

The top 12 feet of our neighbors tree came off-

and lacked the width of a finger

from going through his living room window.

On our walk this morning –

this pond came up 3 to 4 feet

and the feeder streams ares still rushing water into it.

Legacy Park
Legacy park

Less than 300 yards from where we sat in the car.

Legacy Park
Legacy Park

Some of these trees – the roots were bigger than garage doors !

We have not had much rain in the last two months –

and I think that weakened the root systems where the soil

was extremely dried out !

So much for all those in Government who say


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