Papa’s World – spending a few days with our daughter!

The last couple days we traveled to the home

of Mike & Debby and the three grand daughters.

We are leaving and taking Sarah and Ella with us

to the beach in Sand bridge – near Va. Beach.

We walked our three miles up what they call THE DAMM HILL!

And it was hot and humid – but we also walked across the dam

at Lake Holiday in Cross Junction Va.

The walk is full of up and down hills

but all on the road surface!

a view of the 240 acre lake from the dam.

This is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Va.

West of Winchester.

Behind us in this picture is the last big hill –

the one they call THE DAMM HILL and it is steep.

The family practices health and nutrition

Debby is a Qualified National Marketing Director

for The Juice Plus Company.

Mike is a Phys Ed teacher

Sarah Maddy Ella

We are taking the two youngest – Maddy has to work

and in two weeks will be moving into her new dorm room

She achieved a 3.85 GPA in her first year as a Freshman

She was named to the conference ALL AMERICAN ACADEMIC

while playing soccer –

and as part of that – will move into the brand new suite dorms for atheletes

at University Of Lynchburg – in Va.

Sarah and her love bird FENNY – who likes to bite me!

But she carries him-her around like this all the time.

He will even sleep like that as she holds him-her.

We bird sat – while they went away for a week –

and he will say PRETTY BIRD

after you uncover his cage in the mornings!

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Papa’sWorld – Yosemite – natural wonders – El Capitan

Cindy & Buck

Once again I drive – up and up – hairpin turns –

We are going to Yosemite –

Cindy – Sherry and Buck

The drop offs are a thousand feet –

There are no guard rails – the berm drops a foot

and then it is straight down !

Cindy and Sherry
later we would drive on the road at the bottom

There is no other way to describe it – 15 MPH is too fast !

I would constantly pull over at the spots to pull over to let traffic pass !

They would take the turns in the other lane –

Too many in hurry – unsafe drivers out there !

Sherry – with a wonder in back of her

In the distance you can see El Capitan –

Site of the movie FREE SOLO !

President Roosevelt

This pristine area has been preserved for one reason –

President Roosevelt !


Captured – with the view – on the back spare tire –


Buck Cindy Tom Sherry

As we made our way through the park –

many sights and scenes unfolded before us –

I am breaking this up into parts

as there is just so much to capture and so many pictures.

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Papa’s World – AIR B&B we hit the jack pot !


And the bathrooms were grand !

We booked not knowing exactly what we were getting !

We had pictures and reviews –

but you just never know !

Hall way entrance
laundry room
and then the door way
to our own suite !

We found out later that this whole community was built in 2018 !

So – it was almost brand new – and it showed that way !

Our own private suite
with a family room
and outside patio

I set up my computer in this room

and used the drawers and table top to “SPREAD” out !

Our bedroom with walk in closet
very comfortable bed

We had our own queen size bed with a foam mattress

on top of a pillow top –

very comfortable

plus a full walk in closet with another portion we didn’t even use !

Our own private bathroom

Our bathroom had a walk in shower –

no tub but we do not use a tub anyways!

The bathroom had two doors – one from the family room !

Stairs to second floor

Then – we had a entire floor above us !

We had a family room – kitchen – dinning room –

two bedrooms and two full bathrooms –

plus a outside covered patio

with chairs for coffee !

Living room and dinning room
Kitchen with pantry to the right
View from the dinning room

It was very comfortable watching TV or eating at the table

there were art pictures on every wall – paintings !

The covered patio – balcony
Third bedroom
which we did not use !
The third full bathroom
off the dinning room
and the third bed room

The third BR and Bath we did not use !

Bedroom number two

Then there was a master bedroom

bathroom and walk in closet !

Master bath room

Very comfortable and spacious

We were very happy

everything was just perfect !

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Sherry – Certified Health Coach

Papa’s World -where friends meet family

AIR B & B Sacramento California

Papa’s World – MIKUNI – SUSHI – best for last !


The whole time we were out here – Sherry talked about SUSHI –

and how when she was here in April –

they has their team dinner at MIKUNI !!!!

She persisted and we made our last night in downtown Sacramento !

We decided to go back around 6:00 PM.

and made sure with a call we could get in !

So glad we did this

as it is the best I have ever had !

Sherry Cindy and Buck

The easy part was eating –

the hard part was what were we going to order

and our waiter helped us immensely !

The Sushi Bar

I am not one much for raw fish

so we ordered off the cooked menu

and mine was Lobster – crab and shrimp rolls !

Sherry’s top
mine bottom

All I can say is that there was nothing left !

It was that good –

It was a dining experience that night

and I am thankful we made it the highlight

of our dining for the ten days!

Cindy and Sherry

And we had a waiter that made it possible !

And yes – I used the chop sticks !!!!!!!


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certified health coach
Sherry and Tom



Papa’s World – second stop STERLING – NAPA VALLEY and then ” GOTTS ” !


Our second and last wine tasting was at STERLING –

across the road and on top of a hill facing the castle !

Now – it was hard trying to select just where to go

after a 2 1/2 hour drive.


YES – a tram ride to the top and I do not like heights !

But I prevailed – fortified with Italian wine from the other winery !

OBOY !!!!!
Starting up !
Not too sure about this !

You will be just fine

do not look down

keep your eyes straight ahead !

Almost there

Then we arrived – some 3 to 5 hundred feet up !

The view of the castle

Once there – I was okay

And time to walk the halls

But I will be real –

I did not care for this wine

In fact after the second tasting

I just quit !

Second station

You had to walk a long ways between tastings !

Not quite sure what that was all about


But this was the jewel of the trip

as far as I was concerned

a open covered patio

with 360 degrees views !!!!

On the patio

I was happy again

my two glasses

I saved them as I went

The last one was okay !

But – not something I would order

that is just me not being a wine drinker !

Time to go BACK DOWN !!!!!

Cindy & Buck

Headed back to the bottom

and then we would start the return back to our base !

But we were told –

before we go back

you have to go to St. Helena’s

and experience

GOTTS !!!!!


Now -just think – 50 and 60’s

open air root beer stands

music – girls on roller skates

burgers and fries and hot dogs

This is that with out the girls on roller skates

but the burgers and fries are on steroids! ( really good )

Mouth watering

This is a must if you are in Napa Valley !

Sherry and Buck

The place was spotlessly clean !

And the back was full mowed grass – putting green style

With picnic tables ( lots )

and trees for shade !

and the burgers were right on – not greasy !

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Cindy at GOTTS

And they also had their own home made ice cream !!!!

Sherry – Certified Health Coach
her email
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Papa’s World -wine tasting – NAPA VALLEY – 400 to choose


And so it began – two hours – trying to pick out the stops –

We were going to NAPA VALLEY

a good two hour drive ( ended up closer to 2 1/2 hours )

Our first choice


And – I LIKED IT !!!!

The first wine I have actually liked in a tasting ! ( all of them)

And a real castle – took 30 years in planning – 15 years to construct

and at 121,000 square feet – HUGE !

Buck and Cindy

This is a replicate of a 1300 Moorish castle

The way in !

I do not know the exact reason – other than it was a dream of the owner

But – you have to know – this is not a commercial wine

you can ONLY BUY IT HERE !

And it is all ITALIAN !!!!!

Inside the court yard
Full of spaces such as this !
More courtyards
Two story court yard
Cindy and Sherry

We choose the self guided tour !

Just the outside was worth the cost !


But it was time to do inside !

We could of chosen the wine tasting
in the Banquet Hall

But instead we went to the under ground tasting room !

Heading to the bowels of the castle
Getting closer
Finally we are in the tasting room
Making out our wine tasting selections
DONE !!!!

We had a really good person who poured

in fact we paid for five

he gave us at least seven

and one was from a $300.00 bottle !!!!

The kind that he had to break the wax seal !

Cindy was ecstatic over that one !!!!!
And so was Sherry and I !!!!!!

Now – normally I do not like wine

but – there was something about this ITALIAN WINE I LIKED !

The decor of the tasting room
The selections

Now -the only way to get them home

was to ship them

And they had hundreds of bottles

The bummer was that you had to select at least SIX bottles

before they would ship!

I did not like it that much ( $300.00 )

So – we toasted – marked it up to very enjoyable –

And made our way back out side

exploring as we went!

Buck and Cindy

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Beautiful grapes
Buck and Sherry
I can see why it is number one !



Our second stop on wine tasting

STERLING next blog – THANK YOU !!!



On our list – SAN FRANCISCO – and we made it !

The Golden Gate Bridge

We left in traffic in the early morning –

and arrived still in traffic crossing the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE in FOG !

We had a destination – a parking garage –

But it was surrounded by one way streets !

So – drove around and around –

passing our way in a few times

because we could not get to it.

Parking garage

The plus to all that was the garage was right across the street from Pier 39 !


We also had a view of Alcatraz in the bay.

We choose not to go there as Buck and Cindy had been there

and I wanted to spend more time in the city !

Pier 39

We walked and walked Pier 39 –

NOTE – we left Sacramento in 100 plus temps

had to have light jackets as it only got to 64 and foggy.

great place to people watch and also full of unique places.

If you go here – take it all in and search out a good place to eat !

San Fran sky line

It also was close to where we bought tickets

for a 2 1/2 hour bus tour ( you can hop on and off )

we selected to stay on and then walk when we got back.

At end of Pier 39

I also recommend you walk to the end of Pier 39

where you can see hundreds of huge Harbor Seals

all barking and moving around on floating docks!

End of Pier 39 and Harbor Seals

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Papa’s World – Yosemite – El Capitan & Awanhee Hotel

I have to give KUDO’S to the drivers of Nevada and California !

They are courteous – mindful and after passing

go back to the inside lane !

It certainly is not like where we live as HORNS are always blaring !

El Capitan

You see it rising and rising – and wonder how anyone can climb it !

Now – the other night we rented a movie called FREE SOLO !

Where someone actually climbs this without equipment !

Just fingertips and toe holds ! CRAZY !!!!!

Sherry with back drop of El Capitan

Now – I will also admit – while I knew he made it – TRUE LIFE FILM !

I was not watching it as I would dream about it !

Or at the very least lay there and think about it !

But I am glad I got to stand there and admire this wonder of nature !

You can not describe the feeling – you must see it for yourself !

The beauty of the area is just extreme pleasure in looking around !

But all things must come to a end

and we were told another must see

was the Awanhee Hotel – Lodge !

Painting Awanhee Hotel – Lodge

We traveled on down to the village

where we explored and then to the Hotel

If you stop be sure to go inside both the Village store

and the Hotel.

The Awanhee Hotel

Made out of huge logs

and you can see how they left trees growing

without damaging them !

Inside the lobby

The setting is beautiful with the backdrop of cliffs and mountains.

I do not know the price or how much snow they get

but if you are a nature lover

then put this on your list !

This finished our trip to Yosemite

and we started back

a different route

for additional scenes !

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Papas World – staying with our daughter – 4th of July

I am glad I had my HIPPIE YEARS all those years ago! YIKES!

All those years later – we have sold our home

and are spending time back and forth between our daughters homes.

Here – we are at Debby and Mikes at Lake Holiday – Cross Junction.

We have come for the 4th. of July – and the fireworks on the lake

at a friends of theirs dock!


We have been coming here for the past 14 years to be with them

The three oldest grand daughters!

The friends boat and dock
Debby with the girls out in the water
Debby and Sherry
We all are a family of healthy eating

Sherry is a senior sales cordinator

and Debby a Qualified National Marking Director.

Both for the same company –

The Juice Plus Company

and both certified health coaches.

The peaceful setting – ducks on the water – speed boats –

and pontoon boats pulling tubes and skiers.

fire works at dusk
all the boaters gathered at the marina

We had a excellent view – and had watched the boats headed to the marina.

Observing is my nature – I like to watch – listen –

and I as I get older – I am learning –

looking and feeling the vibes of others.

Ella relaxing
the moon casting light for the boats to navigate
Fireworks on Lake Holiday

I found this funny – but wife may not agree! Lol

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Life with Debby and Mikes family
Lake Holiday – Cross Junction Va.
The three oldest grand daughters
The Myers
Thank You!

Papas World – leaving the Tower Gardens – fantastic

When we sold the house – the new owners had adopted

a plant based diet – they observed the Tower Gardens

and made the offer to purchase them!

Along with 95 % of our household goods!

This Tower Garden is the one that has the cukes – tomatoes and spreading plants

We did two outside – in the patio we limited it – so as not to spread out

This one is inside the patio and will not spread out so much

There is enough produce to provide for several families

I often over the ten years would give away as we had too much to eat.

You can see just how much is there

They will only have to make sure it has water –

and once every 10 days or so – some nutrients –

and just pick and eat!

This will produce until extra cold weather – frost – ice or snow.

Sherry even made bread and butter pickles –

and we stored tomatoes in newspapers for a while.

For more information on the Juice Plus Company –

The Tower Gardens which are part of JP –

just contact Sherry – who is a Senior Sales Cordinator

to find out more info – contact her at or

Papa & Sherry

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