Papa’s World – retired – being healthy – a day in my life

What I do in a day of my life

I worked 47 1/2 years for the same company – prior to that – I started working when I was going into my Junior year of H.S.

I decided when I retired – almost 50 years of working – was enough !

Me – Sherry – Steve- Elaine – Cindy & Buck

It was important to maintain our friendships – stay in touch – here are four of our closest friends.

Buck and I – NWPA – golfing vacation

It was important for me to stay active and play golf.

Our six grand children – 5 grand daughters and then Bode .

Family is very important to me , when we moved to NVA – Sherry’s daughters followed us there . My two sons stayed in NWPA – we see them when we visit. In the 20 years – the has grown – and being there – we see them often if not daily. My family I grew up with is almost gone – I have a niece – great niece’s – brother’s daughter – great – great niece and 2 great – great nephews – everyone else including uncles -aunts are gone.

We have a little side business –

We live in a very expensive part of the country – in fact – this county has the highest income per household in the country. We moved here 20 years ago for work and then Sherry retired almost 7 years ago – and went full time into that business of health and nutrition. I followed one year later – and – we have been into this for almost sixteen years!

North Shore – Oahu

We travel – we play golf – we see the country – but we also maintain a healthy lifestyle – eating right – and continue to inspire people to do the same.

You have to remember – retirement means Social Security – if you have a pension plan – 401 K – and whatever else you have saved. PLAN ” B ” – if you want to maintain – you have to have a plan.

The three amigo’s for over 38 years.

Family life – friends – and maintaining health are important for us. All three – with church and God – are our mainstays of life. Giving – helping – praying and attending church – go hand in hand with our life. But – having fun – seeing friends – and watching the family grow – is to me what retirement is all about.

Cindy and Sherry

My wife is extraordinary – a natural born leader – a certified health coach – along as being a true friend to many. She is my crutch – the one I follow on health and nutrition and the reason I am still alive today.

A typical dinner meal for me

Eating healthy – sticking to the plan – and taking my nutrition supplement – and following what she says and does are my secrets to life.

The TOWER GARDEN – we grow inside and outside – year round.

We grow our own produce – April through October outside with two Tower Gardens – anything that does not grow on a tree! And then as you see above – we grow inside our garage from November through March. Always fresh and no pesticides – we know what we are eating and growing.

Team Generations

Our team has grown over the years – conference time is twice a year – all over the Country – as is the team – simply sharing by word of mouth. Families – children – helping each other – maintain that healthy lifestyle.

Sherry -Debby ( QMND – soon to be NMD )

Our goal of maintaining our lifestyle in retirement with a PLAN ” B” has been met and continues – growing year by year.

We would love to share it with you – it is not easy – life isn’t easy either – but you make it what you want it to be.

It is up to you – we supply the help – the guidance – we are there. is where you contact Sherry – and look at all the different video’s – both on the health and business.

I am writing this blog today – my only regret is that SOMEONE out there did not share it with us 25 years ago – I wish they had – but we found it 16 years ago and our own PLAN” B” has worked.

Thank you for reading – and remember #livinglifetotheplus is real –

Papa’s World – retirement – loving life to the plus doing it my way.

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Papa’s World – In less than FOUR WEEKS – growing VEGGIES in Cameron Woods Community!

We have grown our own VEGGIES for almost ten years!

A neighbor saw ours and wanted to know more about it!

They made the purchase of the system and I went to their home to put it together.

Less than four weeks later – they asked me and my wife back to check it out and show them when to add water and nutrients!

The pictures here are what I found in less than FOUR WEEKS!

Front view of the system – and it must have sunlight four to six hours a day!
Side view of the growing system which has no dirt!

The system is grown only with water – air, and nutrients!

A pump is in the bottom reservoir of water – and is attached to a timer outside.

Water and nutrients are pumped up the center of the white tower –

where it trickles downward mixing with air on the roots of the plants.

You can start harvesting salads in a couple weeks with no pesticides!

From growing system to table!

No weeding – no pesticides that you do not know what they are!

Grown in your own residence – from seeds

anything that does not grow on a tree!

And with today’s cost of produce

it is a winner for you!

Growing and eating your own produce!
Our own growing system behind the chairs!

For more information and how to purchase your own growing system –

contact the following website:


And we can put you in contact with this neighbor!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World!

Papa’s World – little Krohn puppy – Marley( she) and I – dog sitting!

She is a GOLDENDOODLE – all legs and a cute face that you become attached to!

She is ten weeks old and named Marley – the newest addition to Tammy and Marcus’s family!

They have wanted a dog for years – at least the kids have.

But – I feel deep down – this is Tammy’s Dog! LOL

Marley – she just flops down where ever she is and looks at you with those puppy eyes!

Everyone was gone – kids in school – Tammy and Marcus at work – Sherry meeting friends for lunch and me with Marley – the whole time I had her outside in the fenced in back yard – she would go and hide in the bushes!

Peaking out at me – and when I went over – she thought it a game and would move to another bush!

She really is a sweet puppy – but still a puppy – she has sharp little teeth – and barks really loud!

It was warm outside and she sought out the shade – she would look at me and when I whistled – would come running up to me – licking my legs and hands and wagging her whole body!

But – she is a puppy and like a little child – you have to watch everything she does – chewing – peeing –

It is more challenging than baby sitting! LOL

Marley – under the bush – the other side is a drain spout and wet – she would go there and roll in the mud and dig!
Marley – waiting for me to let her back into the house – she seemed to have had enough for a while!

She wants to go back inside and will lay at the top of the steps and sort of cry!

Then when you go up to her – she gets all excited and licks you as you open the door and inside she goes!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World






Then the kids came home and it became Taylor and Marley – she has a way with Marley – more so than the other two – making her listen and holding her!

Sherry – my wife – is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH

( a reason why I am still alive after my heart attack 7 1/2 years ago)

She guides me in nutrition – walking for health – getting all the nutrients for my immune system –

and living life to the plus.

She also is a SSC for the Juice Plus Company –

and owns her own internet marketing business – anywhere from her computer and phone.

Her website for contacting health and business :

Her business email:

Her team of health advocates all over the country: TEAM GENERATIONS

Children’s research:

ages 4 to 19 FREE withe adult order –

19 to 13 college FREE with adult order for up to FOUR YEARS

Owning your own business $50.00 a year includes website!

I am a advocate for her as she is the reason I am healthy today!


Papa’s World – Bode – will you walk with me? Twins – Blue glasses and desks.

He quietly came down the carpeted stairs –

and walked softly over to me where I was writing my blog.

Bode – six years old – our only boy – five grand daughters!

“How many sleeps are left Papa – before you go away”? he asked.

You see – every morning when we stay with them – before 6 am. down he comes.

“Will you walk to the bus stop with me Papa”?

He started a week ago going to actual school twice a week.

Three days at home virtual learning!

Bode – walking to the bus stop with Papa – MorMor and Daddy!

Two sleeps I answered and yes I will walk with you!


The twins – Cassidy and Taylor – have been in virtual learning the entire time

Making the choice not to go back to school –

They are thriving and doing really well!

Cassidy and Taylor – twins – ten years old – at Taylor’s desk in the basement near our room.

They both are in the basement only in different rooms –

they help each other out – Cassidy will always go to Taylor if she does not understand!

I had no idea what the glasses were for – but was told –

“They are BLUE GLASSES Papa – to protect your eyes from the screen on the chrome book”!

WOW – they look so old in them!

Bode – leading the way to the bus stop – love his back pack!

He told us he liked school – does not know how many are in his class –

Does not know how many boys or how many girls are in his class!

” But Papa , I am the fastest one in my class”!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Taylor and her desk – at ten years old – already 5′ 1/2 ” tall!

Papa’s World –


Cassidy at her desk – so caring for her brother and sister. Everything is orderly and in it’s place.

Sherry – Certified Health Coach – grand kids are free – with adult order from The Juice Plus Company for each.


Home based business – no inventory – no collecting money – no packaging or shipping!

Just take the order – submit over your own website connected to The Juice Plus Company

They process -package – collect and ship !

Then automatically direct deposit your commission into your account monthly!

You make commissions yourself and from your team.


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Papa’s World – when friends meet up in the cold – bundle up – and enjoy!

Cindy Sherry Papa Buck

It was not planned – but we had weeks and weeks of non stop rain!

So – Sherry made the call – what are you doing to our friends

who now live some 50 miles from us!

Lets get together – you come here for a over night stay –

we will walk the beach if it does not rain!

So – they did – came down and stayed overnight!

Yep – story of our lives now!

We played cards – laughed – and walked.

The rain held off and the Sun came out – but was still cold!

We made the most of it!

Papa and Buck – on the beach – girls were going to walk to Cherry Grove Pier – we would walk back to the condo – pick up the car – and go back and pick them up!

They walked the two miles up to the pier –

we walked the mile back to the condo –

The wind was blowing – but on the beach –

The ladies said the sun kept them warm.

We picked up our car and drove up to the pier –

and got out and met them just as they arrived!

The pier at Cherry Grove – there were surfers in the water!

We walked a short distance up the beach –

Before we decided to get in the car and drive around.

We showed them the canals and cottages.

Stopped at the boat landing – and then returned to the condo!

So ended another great time with friends –

No rain – walking – games and just great fun.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Another time – another place – warmer weather – still – GREAT FRIENDS!



Papa’s World – The awesome skies of North Myrtle beach – where we live – walk.

Every morning when the sun rises – we get to see this!

This view is what first got my attention when I was looking for a place to rent!

I came across it and right away I called to Sherry –

“How would you like to live here for a while” ?

It took maybe one minute to decide – this is where we will go until we find another place!

We have now been here – at this time of writing – early January – some 13 weeks!

And – expecting our house to be done – the end of June!

But – that view is not all – we can walk to this every day!

The other reason is the walk to the beach –

a little over 1/2 mile and we are standing here.

Although the clouds roll in and out –

very few times have we not been able to walk with rain ruining it!

Plus – we are so close to other trails – nature – we can explore.

We are building a house – in the long run – it was about the same as buying one already built!

In our price range.

And – we will still be close to this – one half hour away!

The area we choose is in N.C. 15 miles away.

There we are close to two other beaches!

Ocean Isle Beach ( which is the address) and Sunset Beach.

Both about 4 and 6 miles away!

Although we will not see this on our walks – we will have a entirely different view.

The skies here are wonderful – different each day – I always notice skies where ever we are!

Just above the fountain – two black dots – the SWANS have returned – they come and go!
Looking back toward the beach entrance – and .66 miles away – our rented condo!

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The wonder of the surf while working her business by phone! from anywhere in 21 countries!


The skies of North Myrtle Beach – where we live-walk!


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Papa’s World – Sunset Beach – Ocean Isles Beach – morning walk!

Good day – our mornings start off like this!

It has only rained one time in the 25 days

we have been here!

We DO NOT watch the NEWS!

But I do get on the scale every day!

We decided to take a little trip

as two beaches were not that far away!

The first was SUNSET BEACH – NC.

And here we are driving over the causeway!

Looking North on Sunset Beach
Looking South on Sunset Beach

This beach a few years ago –

was voted one of the top beaches in the country.

And – judging by the number of people here

in the off season – I can see why.

This entrance had bathrooms – water to wash off

and looked really inviting.


But since this was a day trip

we only stopped to check it out

parking in the Summer might be a problem as well as traffic!

Time to reflect – time to look around – our dream is real!

On to our next beach destination


This area is a target of where we might end up!

It is only 40 minutes to our friends house in Magnolia Greens

and right in the heart of so many fine golf courses!

Plus in 30 minutes or less

we are right back in North Myrtle Beach!

Over the causeway to Ocean Isles Beach

largely a residential beach

buy what you want BEFORE you cross the causeway!

But – I like this area better than Sunset Beach!

Looking North along the beach

no where as crowded in the off season as Sunset Beach!

Looking South along the beach

and the sand is not hot on your feet!

There might also be a problem in parking as I noticed few lots

but parking was encouraged to park off the road

but alongside of the road.

Public access was plentiful but not as nice as

Sunset beach – just paths between houses.

A cup of coffee – sitting on the beach

we will return here as it is peaceful

no high buildings

Bathrooms might be a problem!

Our early morning walk on North Myrtle Beach!

If we could find a place here – we would.

It is that nice.

We continue to look –

Rising early to see the sun

And then the beginning of our three mile walk on the beach

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Someday soon we will make a moonlit visit to the beach!



Sherry – about to begin her walk – with her phone behind her back – doing her Network Marketing business as she walks – living the dream because of what she does!



Papas World – took a little road trip – to buy some seeds

It has now passed TWO MONTHS since I had my HAIR CUT

and today I looked in the mirror


I have decided to wait as long as I can –

no place to get one anyway

and not that I do not trust her

but my wife is encouraging me to let it go!

Jerry Garcia I am not – but getting there!

So – anyway – we went to a team members house

about one hour and fifth teen minutes away

You see she has started a TOWER GARDEN FARM

with over 20 TOWER GARDENS!

And she also grows and sells seedlings!

Other Tower Garden growers wanted strawberry plants

Which right now at different growers we use from all over the country

Do not have any – so we purchased 60!

We have a small strawberry patch in the ground as seen here.

But wanted to start some in our Tower Garden

and two other team members also wanted some.

After we were there and toured the Towers

She had 10 inside and 10 outside

and quite the operation in various stages

We made our purchases and then drove through the Va. countryside

for another hour and twenty minutes

This whole time we practiced social distancing with our masks.

We arrived at the second team members house

She had set up two tower gardens

and had a whole table full of seedlings growing with grow lights!

And she wanted 31 strawberry plants as she had two more

tower gardens to set up!

One of the two tower gardens
we have set up plus our indoor
tower garden in the garage

We delivered the plants and Friday – the rest of the strawberries

plus a whole tray full of seedlings which two more team members wanted

well we have arranged to meet them while still practicing

Social Distancing!

All in all our little day trip turned into a 6 1/2 hour journey

and over 150 miles

Oh – I might add – we had to leave the house

Our dryer had to be fixed

and the only way was for us to leave and the repairman come in

Such has now become the norm from the abnormal.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World