Papa’s World – early morning sunrise and then early walk on the beach – before 7:30 am. !

The sun peaking above the tree line – this is in the direction of Cherry Grove – North Myrtle Beach is too the right – beyond that tree live is Ocean Blvd and then the beach.

It was a warm morning – 73 degrees – and Sherry had said she wanted to walk early!

The view here is like this every morning when there are no clouds!

It is one half mile to the gated entrance on Hillside drive.

We walk this almost every day – and then turn left and walk up two blocks to 8th. street.

Turn right and walk one block to Ocean Blvd. – cross the street –

and walk into the parking lot – we like this lot – it has a bathroom – and a shower to wash the sand off!

It also has a boardwalk from the parking lot – to a deck and then steps right onto the beach!

In . 66 of a mile – we are standing on the beach!

Here I am standing on the deck before the steps to the beach!

Early morning sunrise – ten minute walk from our condo.

We will miss this but in thirty minutes from our new home – we can be back here!

Sherry at the deck at the end of the ramp to the beach on 8th avenue – North Myrtle Beach!
We begin our walk North toward the Cherry Grove Pier – beautiful day – sun shine on the water.
Sherry walking on the surf edge – actually the water felt somewhat warm on the feet!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

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Back to where it all began with a early morning sunrise!




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