Papa’s World – early morning sunrise and then early walk on the beach – before 7:30 am. !

The sun peaking above the tree line – this is in the direction of Cherry Grove – North Myrtle Beach is too the right – beyond that tree live is Ocean Blvd and then the beach.

It was a warm morning – 73 degrees – and Sherry had said she wanted to walk early!

The view here is like this every morning when there are no clouds!

It is one half mile to the gated entrance on Hillside drive.

We walk this almost every day – and then turn left and walk up two blocks to 8th. street.

Turn right and walk one block to Ocean Blvd. – cross the street –

and walk into the parking lot – we like this lot – it has a bathroom – and a shower to wash the sand off!

It also has a boardwalk from the parking lot – to a deck and then steps right onto the beach!

In . 66 of a mile – we are standing on the beach!

Here I am standing on the deck before the steps to the beach!

Early morning sunrise – ten minute walk from our condo.

We will miss this but in thirty minutes from our new home – we can be back here!

Sherry at the deck at the end of the ramp to the beach on 8th avenue – North Myrtle Beach!
We begin our walk North toward the Cherry Grove Pier – beautiful day – sun shine on the water.
Sherry walking on the surf edge – actually the water felt somewhat warm on the feet!

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Papa’s World – Boardwalk – Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We decided to take a little side trip on our way to Costco!

Since neither one of ever remembered going to the Boardwalk

on the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach –

We thought we would take our time

and follow the beach road from North Myrtle Beach

all the way down to the Boardwalk!

It had been almost 25 years since we vacationed in North Myrtle Beach

and – we were not disappointed!

We parked half way in between the two piers.

And then we walked toward the Northern Pier!

We entered the doors and went out to the open pier

where the fishermen were and the other tourist.

We had walked by numerous shops – places to eat –

a large volleyball complex with multiple courts

and a sand volleyball game going on –

two on two!

The boardwalk continued beyond that pier

but – we decided to return from our starting point

and then walk South to the other pier

about a mile distance between the two.

The southern pier in the distance

The walk back to where we parked the car

was on the boardwalk

but it changed to a paved walk – wide – and lined on both sides

with bushes – plam trees and shade and flowers.

It was not straight but wound from side to side

with benches in the shade.

Places to see and observe the beach
The beach of white soft sand

We decided once we got to the second pier

we would look for a place to grab a late lunch

before we continued on our way to Costco.

We found that place by the pier itself –

actually looked like it was part of the pier

called “WICKED TUNA”

where we made our way to the top and had a great view of the pier

and the beach in both directions!

We had a great lunch sharing some appetizers.

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Sherry and I sitting at the WICKED TUNA

We continued onto Costco – and vowed that when we have to make that trip again – we would include the Boardwalk and this place to sit and have lunch!


Papa’s World – late afternoon walk on the beach – daily routine!

The sunrise gives out the desire to begin walking outside – however – a cold snap – so walking the beach in the afternoon!

The warm rays from the sun – sand beneath my feet – casting a shadow – living our dreams!

Sherry walking – we have come to always head to the beach –

and as Sherry says ” SEE OUR OCEAN”!

But – as soon as we start the one half mile walk

we can actually hear the surf.

When there is a storm somewhere OUT THERE –

the waves get large as well as the sound.

Listening – as we walk closer –

and then – breaking the plain of the dunes

we see the waters – cresting – wave after wave

Warn sunshine – large waves –

making the music we love

OUR OCEAN – so we have come to call it!

Footprints in the sand – a hazy sky – luring us on – walking – walking!

Much too soon – it is back to the parking lot and straight up the street

to our gate back onto the gated community!

Where in the late afternoon sun – the ducks and geese – come together – to rest for the night!

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Papa’s World – Once in a BLUE MOON!

Our little grand daughter Cassidy

texted a message-

” I think it is so COOL that you and Papa are going to the beach –

to take pictures of the full MOON”!

Sherry said did you forget you told her that?

Well – I did – and she did not forget it!

So – off we went in the dark – into the car –

and drove the half mile to the beach entrance!


We made our way along the walk way to the sand

and I captured the moon

on a very dark night

I could hardly see the other people who

had made their way to the beach

to do the same thing!

The only light we had was the street light!

We could hear the surf but could not really see it!

Then the full moon lit up the ocean

and the crashing waves on the sandy beach!

This once in your life event of a blue moon on the beach

was worth the effort to bundle up

and hit the beach in the dark.

My little grand daughter –


And then it was back home

to go out on the Lanai

and snap a picture of the Full Blue Moon

coming up over the small lake of Ocean Keyes!

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