Papas World – welcome to my World of thoughts!

I started this blog with the idea of putting my thoughts

into writing – trying to keep it simple

and good humored –

about family – friends and my life

I spread happiness
whenever I can
something positive
something funny
and something
to feel good about!

There is so much negative – so many postings that hurt.

So – here I am – bearing my soul!

I am too!

For to be able to post everyday

and to scroll past the negative

I welcome being the quote above!

And my wife
is the same way
a little bit left
of where I fit in
but we always agree
to disagree
and move on!

And I am fortunate to have found her

When we made our vows all those years ago

The sermon was based on

The Church on a rock

as in foundation

That remains true 38 years later!


Not a day goes by –

“Have you seen my phone”?


And this is true
about me!

She is the driver on health

walking – ( I DO NOT RUN) !

Been there – done that –

and I always end up hurting myself!

But she is a runner

she likes it

and has always placed high in her age group!

I am not a drinker!

I – for some reason – do not like wine!

Nor do I do SHOTS!

Not into Whiskey etc.

I will drink beer –

but it has to be light!

Generally – I am not a drinker –

but with our friends

I can hold my own!

And that is rare when it happens!

We had a dog!

A few years before we moved South

we had to put her down

she had been with us for almost 14 years!

I held her on the way to the vet.

She would lose the ability to walk

Her hind legs just would not work!

She licked my face –

Sherry drove – I cried!

And that day in my mind I made a pact with her-

She would be the last – but never forgotten

R.I.P. Samantha – Sam for short.

One of the great!

My first Super bowl watching

on a color TV!

It was in the I think mid 60’s.

My father was part owner

of the Western Auto in the small town

I grew up in.

On the floor was the first color TV in that store.

We gathered there and watched the game!

The next week – it was in our living room!

Prior to that –

He came home and announced


on our TV!

He then put this plastic colored film

over the black and white TV!




That was the rage back then –

Funny today!

My mother – God bless her!

We all ate at the table –

my younger brother

My older brother and sister – 10 & 15 years older

were gone – college and married

Friday’s were no meat –

pancakes –

Salmon patties – and my dads favorite


I do not know how he ate that!

But he sat at the head of the table

with a hot electric griddle

And flipped pancakes

while my mom stood by the stove

Frying the salmon patties!

I still can see and smell it today

The best of home cooking

and my mom baked cookies- rolls and bread every day!

And home made pies and cake!

She was known all over town for her baking!

I can cook!

I think I got that from my mother –

And I really do not need instructions

I just sort of remember and just wing it!

Sherry -not that way –

and she is a excellent cook

love her homemade soups!

This would be me!

I am neither half full

or half empty

I love solving problems and organizing

and I pay attention to details

I am a bull dog when it comes to doing something

once I start

( that sometimes is not starting)

I carry on to the end!

Ask me to arrange a outing –

and I am on it!

Just something I am good at!

However – working on a car – repairing something-

well – I have no patience –

and if something breaks or goes wrong

I am done – and that is what I am bad at!

This is me!

My blog –

That is exactly me and why I titled it that way!

It works for me

But I have a partner who watches over me

who takes care of me

who is my one and only soul mate

That allows me to be me!

Who is my caution

Who is my sounding board

Who is my opposite

and that is why it works so well!

The way I feel!

Thank you for reading –

This is a glimpse into Papa’s World

This also is me.

Today I showed you my soul

my inner thoughts

Today – this is why I write.

Sherry & Tom

Welcome to Papa’s World


Papa’s World – “HEY WILMER – HERE’S A NEW LIST “

Every week – this little tidbit shows up in my emails – and the frustrating part – it is a ad with a ” NO REPLY ” email from SIRIUS RADIO !

The first time I got this – not knowing – I replied –


After I got the second one – I then saw in the address-


The urge – after the next 4 or 5 – was well not something I will say here – but – to let you know –

I do remember four telephone numbers –

the first is that of my Mother – the second is my sister – both gone –

the third is my wife’s and lastly my own !

I find that this sometimes is helpful

So – now instead of getting mad – and needing something for the head ache –

I will just delete as soon as they show up !!!

Now – the thought I have is that SOMEWHERE out there

is someone by the name of WILMER –

wondering why he has not been contacted by SIRIUS RADIO !!!!

All right – just forget it !

So – I have come to accept this – I thought about calling them –

but I have negotiated with them every 4 to 6 months on pricing –

yes – you can do that –

HINT – never give them a credit card – make them invoice you – and not automatic renewal –

And if you can get through all the transfers – you can do it – but it takes time.

Make the most – delete them – and live on

My advice when you get a email addressed to WILMER – just move on –

DELETE it – smile and live another day –

it is funny in a way –

WILMER – I truly hope that when you see THOMAS –

just delete it –

think nice things and smile –

life does go on – one day at a time !

#homeagain #JP #HGD #just

Papa’s World – I choose to be me – #livinglifetotheplus –

Now that I am 70 years old ( young ) – time to reflect -just how did I get here and where am I going down that long ( sometimes) journey of life !

My niece Terri and my brother Mike – with me in the middle

When I was born – I already had a brother ten years old at the time and a sister fifth teen years old . So – I was like the second family – and it stayed that way until I was four plus ten months – and then Mike came – shortly before that – my sister – who had married – gave birth to Terri.

My early childhood – was spent with my Grand Ma – who lived with us at that time – she was in her late 70’s and early 80’s. She was Penn. Dutch – and they had twelve children. They lived on a farm and grand pa – was a big man. The story goes during the depression – he would carry meat and flour to the neighbors to help them out. There was no money – but he had a kind heart. I never knew him as he passed before I was born in ’49 – he was hoisting a pig up to the barn rafters and suffered a heart attack. There is a family history of heart attacks on this side – all his sons suffered the same .

David and Nora Aiken – my grand parents -who lived ” Down Home ” in Pa.Corsica.

She cared for me while my parents worked – my Mom at Alcas – now known as Cutco – in Olean N.Y. and my dad as a supervisor in the oil fields for South Penn oil company , known as Penns. oil.

Tom at around age 2 or 3.

It was at this time my mother would not let me take my shirt off outside – she said ” People will think I am starving you ” ! You could count every vein and bone on my chest ! Today – well – you would be hard pressed to find either ! Where did that go !!

My great – great grand father and grand mother – Frank Schick and Sara.

I do not know much about them – other then when young – my grandmother Nora – left home and followed the lumber camps through out Pa. cooking meals and that is where she met my grand father David. But – I am told that they were Pa. Dutch .

My father – Clarence Russel Fitzsimmons

My father – he would take me to work with him when I was young- to the oil fields – I still remember the smells and the sounds. The chill air and all the big bull dozers. The tool houses that they pulled around and me riding in the seat next to Pat Murphy. Then there was Junior Greenman – and a host of other colorful men – the mud and Earth chewed up by the tracks of the dozer. My dad passed early in my life – when I had just turned 19. His family came from Ireland – County Tyrone – so I was told. A tale of FIVE brothers who came here in the mid 19th. century. Seeking fame and fortune, only to find that IMMIGRANTS such as they were – looked down on – and treated very badly – in that aspect – not much has changed – will we ever learn ?

My mother – Mary Aiken Fitzsimmons who lived to be almost 98 !

Mary – as most people called her – MOM to me – she was small but feisty – she ruled – talked soft – but I listened to her – we all did. She outlived my younger brother and my older sister. She wore a ball cap that said – ” I’M THE BOSS ” ! But she also could bake – pies – buns – cakes and home made bread ! She was known all over for that. And she also was known to a LOT of people. She would sit on her front porch – and all day long – as cars went past – horns would honk- windows come down and a big ” HELLO MARY” would come forth. If I were there – I would ask her who that was -she would just say ” OH , SOMEONE , THEY ALL DO IT ” !!!!

My brother in law Bill and my sister Donna & me.

My sister Donna – she also helped to raise me – my Mom would walk my brother and me down the street at 5:45 am. We would walk the long steps up to their apartment – and lie down in the little room set aside with a couch. Here we would sleep another hour until she would wake us up to eat and then off to school. Bill – my brother in law – was the town Police chief – but also drove all over the East coast delivering meat for White Hawk Meat Company. One time up near Boston – he was at a truck stop – and in came a crew from a radio station. Looking for a human interest story. They interviewed him – as he was both a Police chief and a truck driver – and that show aired on the radio – he got a copy of it – Larry King did the interview ! My mother outlived both of them.

My brother Roger and me.

Growing up – I had one hero in life – my brother Roger, I looked up to him and tried my best to be just like him. He was my idol and ten years older. He went away to college and became a national ” WHO’S WHO” – from all over the USA. He went into the Navy in OCS- and was a LT. during the ‘NAM war. He never came back to our home town to live – I moved into his bedroom after he left for college. I still remember all the things he left behind – on the walls – the club room he and his friends had in our basement. In his later years – after his wife passed – we would spend our Winters with him in The Villages in Florida – where this picture was taken. Hero’s and idols – I had one – and it was him.

1967 – senior picture – Tom Fitzsimmons

My life as I know it – I am writing this now because I am the last one living. All have now gone before me. I needed to get it down for my sons – grand children – great nieces and great great nephew. My brothers children and their children. A history of growing up in a little town called Eldred in NWPA. In the mountains so lush and green.

I am in the autumn of my own life – and the main purpose of this blog is to record the memories I have. As I have been writing daily for the past 8 years – only to have them somewhere in face book land.

Tom & Sherry Fitzsimmons

I owe this all to my wife – Sherry – who encourages me to write it down as she often says. So – with that being said – going back to the beginning –

“Where does it say we have to “ACT” our age ?”

As long as it makes me happy and I’m not hurting anyone –


Besides – I learned a long time ago – when you are married –


Enjoy and remember #livinglifetotheplus

#homeagain #just #HGD #JP