Papa’s World – “HEY WILMER – HERE’S A NEW LIST “

Every week – this little tidbit shows up in my emails – and the frustrating part – it is a ad with a ” NO REPLY ” email from SIRIUS RADIO !

The first time I got this – not knowing – I replied –


After I got the second one – I then saw in the address-


The urge – after the next 4 or 5 – was well not something I will say here – but – to let you know –

I do remember four telephone numbers –

the first is that of my Mother – the second is my sister – both gone –

the third is my wife’s and lastly my own !

I find that this sometimes is helpful

So – now instead of getting mad – and needing something for the head ache –

I will just delete as soon as they show up !!!

Now – the thought I have is that SOMEWHERE out there

is someone by the name of WILMER –

wondering why he has not been contacted by SIRIUS RADIO !!!!

All right – just forget it !

So – I have come to accept this – I thought about calling them –

but I have negotiated with them every 4 to 6 months on pricing –

yes – you can do that –

HINT – never give them a credit card – make them invoice you – and not automatic renewal –

And if you can get through all the transfers – you can do it – but it takes time.

Make the most – delete them – and live on

My advice when you get a email addressed to WILMER – just move on –

DELETE it – smile and live another day –

it is funny in a way –

WILMER – I truly hope that when you see THOMAS –

just delete it –

think nice things and smile –

life does go on – one day at a time !

#homeagain #JP #HGD #just

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