Papa’s World – cleaning up the desk – one day in my life

YES – this is me !

EARLY TO BED – EARLY TO RISE – so do not text me past 8:00 PM.

I will answer at 5:00 AM.

Our daughter

Our daughter( Tammy ) and her husband ( Marcus ) – celebrated 14 years of marriage yesterday –

and one year of her store which she is standing in front of – 529KidsConsignment !

Very proud of them both – and her taking the leap of faith and running with her dream.

My brother in law

Although he is gone – I will remember him always – his wit and humor –

his nick names for everyone – he was my friend.

Two in the morning – none at night – makes sleep just right – MILD !

Maddy – 3 rd. from right orange
Maddy – waiting for bus
Maddy -middle under coach Donavan – white shirt

Through the years – Maddy – and once again last night – a playoff win –

advancing to the final Thursday night – against Handley –

and guaranteed a spot in Regions next week .

Papa – Maddy – MorMor

At least two more games in H.S. before graduation –

then on to University of Lynchburg – Va. to play soccer !


We once had a dog named Samantha – Sam for short –

Now we have a salamander – in our Strawberry patch – courtyard –

So – I named him / her Samantha or Sam –

Anyway – IT eats BUGS – so it works for me !

I picked these yesterday – this is the 5 th time of picking !

I take the strawberry plants out of the Tower Garden in the Fall –

and plant them in THE PATCH beside the house – and they spread –

And we have Strawberry’s each Spring !


My wife and best friend – Sherry –

called MORMOR by the three youngest grand kids –


Just cleaning up my desk – odds and ends of another day in my life.

I have a LOT of stories and blogs here – and mostly deal with my life

and that of family and friends.

Health – nutrition – lifestyles –

Up beat and positive – good news – bringing a smile –

But most of all – after I am gone – a place for family to go and read.

A place that I call home and a place of memories.

I hope you enjoy a little piece of that.


Here’s to you ! ” CHEERS ” !!!!! #homeagain

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