Papas World – welcome to my World of thoughts!

I started this blog with the idea of putting my thoughts

into writing – trying to keep it simple

and good humored –

about family – friends and my life

I spread happiness
whenever I can
something positive
something funny
and something
to feel good about!

There is so much negative – so many postings that hurt.

So – here I am – bearing my soul!

I am too!

For to be able to post everyday

and to scroll past the negative

I welcome being the quote above!

And my wife
is the same way
a little bit left
of where I fit in
but we always agree
to disagree
and move on!

And I am fortunate to have found her

When we made our vows all those years ago

The sermon was based on

The Church on a rock

as in foundation

That remains true 38 years later!


Not a day goes by –

“Have you seen my phone”?


And this is true
about me!

She is the driver on health

walking – ( I DO NOT RUN) !

Been there – done that –

and I always end up hurting myself!

But she is a runner

she likes it

and has always placed high in her age group!

I am not a drinker!

I – for some reason – do not like wine!

Nor do I do SHOTS!

Not into Whiskey etc.

I will drink beer –

but it has to be light!

Generally – I am not a drinker –

but with our friends

I can hold my own!

And that is rare when it happens!

We had a dog!

A few years before we moved South

we had to put her down

she had been with us for almost 14 years!

I held her on the way to the vet.

She would lose the ability to walk

Her hind legs just would not work!

She licked my face –

Sherry drove – I cried!

And that day in my mind I made a pact with her-

She would be the last – but never forgotten

R.I.P. Samantha – Sam for short.

One of the great!

My first Super bowl watching

on a color TV!

It was in the I think mid 60’s.

My father was part owner

of the Western Auto in the small town

I grew up in.

On the floor was the first color TV in that store.

We gathered there and watched the game!

The next week – it was in our living room!

Prior to that –

He came home and announced


on our TV!

He then put this plastic colored film

over the black and white TV!




That was the rage back then –

Funny today!

My mother – God bless her!

We all ate at the table –

my younger brother

My older brother and sister – 10 & 15 years older

were gone – college and married

Friday’s were no meat –

pancakes –

Salmon patties – and my dads favorite


I do not know how he ate that!

But he sat at the head of the table

with a hot electric griddle

And flipped pancakes

while my mom stood by the stove

Frying the salmon patties!

I still can see and smell it today

The best of home cooking

and my mom baked cookies- rolls and bread every day!

And home made pies and cake!

She was known all over town for her baking!

I can cook!

I think I got that from my mother –

And I really do not need instructions

I just sort of remember and just wing it!

Sherry -not that way –

and she is a excellent cook

love her homemade soups!

This would be me!

I am neither half full

or half empty

I love solving problems and organizing

and I pay attention to details

I am a bull dog when it comes to doing something

once I start

( that sometimes is not starting)

I carry on to the end!

Ask me to arrange a outing –

and I am on it!

Just something I am good at!

However – working on a car – repairing something-

well – I have no patience –

and if something breaks or goes wrong

I am done – and that is what I am bad at!

This is me!

My blog –

That is exactly me and why I titled it that way!

It works for me

But I have a partner who watches over me

who takes care of me

who is my one and only soul mate

That allows me to be me!

Who is my caution

Who is my sounding board

Who is my opposite

and that is why it works so well!

The way I feel!

Thank you for reading –

This is a glimpse into Papa’s World

This also is me.

Today I showed you my soul

my inner thoughts

Today – this is why I write.

Sherry & Tom

Welcome to Papa’s World


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