Papas World – bringing a smile and good thought every day – Papas World.

A long time ago – when my wife first asked me to join social media

because all my friends would ask her about me

on her posts and her face book home page

“How is Tom” or “What is Tom doing” ?

She told me there were so many that I should be the one answering!

And it went back to my childhood friends –

so she hooked me up with my own home page

and I started accumulating friends – 609 today!

I decided a long time ago – I would follow three rules

as much as I could!

One – post something to make you smile!

Everyday I post ” My BIG smile for the day”

And ” Laughter is the best medicine”!

Two – “My GOOD thought for the day”

Three – “My smile and Good thought for the day”!

And my last one –

Fourth – “No Politics” which is the hardest to do as I grit my teeth!

So – today – I have 609 face book friends

and 249 subscribers on my blog site

of which only THREE I know!

And both my friends and subscribers are world wide.

When I started in 2012 I had no idea –

and a little over a year ago I started my blog site

on advice from my wife and her friend.

“Tom – you write your memories – and we can not find them”!

” You need to store them for the kids to read”!!

So – here I am today – writing each day – over 300 blogs stored –

pictures – places and events – 246 subscribers whom I do not know-

following me – face book friends commenting every day.

From all over the World –

Thank you to my wife and her friend

I always wanted to write a book

Now I have and it is stored away.

For the next generation to read

Welcome to Papa’s World



Papas World – company asked – How do you know what to write about?

It’s like this!
You make something out of nothing!
The story is there – you just have to see it
in your mind!

We had company and were talking and I was asked

“How do you know what to blog about” ?

“I do not know I answered”!

I just see something and I write!

I did not PLAN to write this blog this morning

But – I have a ability to ” SEE” stories in everything I see!

” How often do you write(blog) ?

“EVERYDAY” I replied!

I try to bring humor
I try to find balance
and I try to look at life

Another conversation we had –

” You go to bed at 8 to 8:30 pm.” ?


Well – I get tired and find when that happens

If I go to bed – I fall asleep right away.

If I push past it – then I am awake until 1 or 2 AM.

And – I still will wake up before 5 am.

And then – I feel terrible the rest of the day!

That could be my wife
but not me
I am blessed with
a great memory
and I find to have that memory
is to be consistent in whatever I do!

Now – I told our company –

one other thing I do – is I never use a alarm clock!

I do not need one – I have what I call

a internal clock –

If I need to get up at say 3:45 am.

I just wake up!

Or if you tell me you want up at a certain time

I will wake you up!

I do not know how this is –

or how it works –

But it is me – and I know it not to be normal!

Smiling – laughing
seeing funny things
jogs my memory!

Today – I came downstairs at 4:35 am.

I had gotten up at 12:30 am. Bathroom break!

Could not fall asleep

So I came down and looked at my emails

Looked at my stats on my blogs.

Saw what was on face book

And then I went back to bed at 1:30 am.

And fell a sleep again.

I had gotten 7 plus hours of sleep

and I was ready to go!

While posting on face book
I came across this
and then it came into
my mind to write this blog!

My wife Sherry understands me –

not the who – what or why I am me!

But she accepts it – she is opposite –

and that is why it works!

I learned a long time ago
Just see the other side
might not agree
but it is safer!

She is all the time asking me



But – be that what it is – she takes care of all things$$$$!

She takes care of everything that deals with bills –

I – on the other hand – clean – mow the lawn

Do the repairs I know how to do


She can make almost anything
but requires a book to follow
Not me – I just plow ahead
and from memory and feel
put it together

This works for both of us –

we know our boundries

we know each other well

She is my health coach

She has taken so many classes

done the research

and attending so many health fairs

She is why I am still alive today!

I did not marry a rich women!

I married a women Rich in thought

word and deed

A women rich in history

No – I did not know what I was going to write about

when I got out of bed this morning

But I do know that all of a sudden it comes!

This is but one more blog

One that when I go – will be left behind

that is my legacy – my memory – my BLOG for the day!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Where friends meet the family!

Papas World – welcome to my World of thoughts!

I started this blog with the idea of putting my thoughts

into writing – trying to keep it simple

and good humored –

about family – friends and my life

I spread happiness
whenever I can
something positive
something funny
and something
to feel good about!

There is so much negative – so many postings that hurt.

So – here I am – bearing my soul!

I am too!

For to be able to post everyday

and to scroll past the negative

I welcome being the quote above!

And my wife
is the same way
a little bit left
of where I fit in
but we always agree
to disagree
and move on!

And I am fortunate to have found her

When we made our vows all those years ago

The sermon was based on

The Church on a rock

as in foundation

That remains true 38 years later!


Not a day goes by –

“Have you seen my phone”?


And this is true
about me!

She is the driver on health

walking – ( I DO NOT RUN) !

Been there – done that –

and I always end up hurting myself!

But she is a runner

she likes it

and has always placed high in her age group!

I am not a drinker!

I – for some reason – do not like wine!

Nor do I do SHOTS!

Not into Whiskey etc.

I will drink beer –

but it has to be light!

Generally – I am not a drinker –

but with our friends

I can hold my own!

And that is rare when it happens!

We had a dog!

A few years before we moved South

we had to put her down

she had been with us for almost 14 years!

I held her on the way to the vet.

She would lose the ability to walk

Her hind legs just would not work!

She licked my face –

Sherry drove – I cried!

And that day in my mind I made a pact with her-

She would be the last – but never forgotten

R.I.P. Samantha – Sam for short.

One of the great!

My first Super bowl watching

on a color TV!

It was in the I think mid 60’s.

My father was part owner

of the Western Auto in the small town

I grew up in.

On the floor was the first color TV in that store.

We gathered there and watched the game!

The next week – it was in our living room!

Prior to that –

He came home and announced


on our TV!

He then put this plastic colored film

over the black and white TV!




That was the rage back then –

Funny today!

My mother – God bless her!

We all ate at the table –

my younger brother

My older brother and sister – 10 & 15 years older

were gone – college and married

Friday’s were no meat –

pancakes –

Salmon patties – and my dads favorite


I do not know how he ate that!

But he sat at the head of the table

with a hot electric griddle

And flipped pancakes

while my mom stood by the stove

Frying the salmon patties!

I still can see and smell it today

The best of home cooking

and my mom baked cookies- rolls and bread every day!

And home made pies and cake!

She was known all over town for her baking!

I can cook!

I think I got that from my mother –

And I really do not need instructions

I just sort of remember and just wing it!

Sherry -not that way –

and she is a excellent cook

love her homemade soups!

This would be me!

I am neither half full

or half empty

I love solving problems and organizing

and I pay attention to details

I am a bull dog when it comes to doing something

once I start

( that sometimes is not starting)

I carry on to the end!

Ask me to arrange a outing –

and I am on it!

Just something I am good at!

However – working on a car – repairing something-

well – I have no patience –

and if something breaks or goes wrong

I am done – and that is what I am bad at!

This is me!

My blog –

That is exactly me and why I titled it that way!

It works for me

But I have a partner who watches over me

who takes care of me

who is my one and only soul mate

That allows me to be me!

Who is my caution

Who is my sounding board

Who is my opposite

and that is why it works so well!

The way I feel!

Thank you for reading –

This is a glimpse into Papa’s World

This also is me.

Today I showed you my soul

my inner thoughts

Today – this is why I write.

Sherry & Tom

Welcome to Papa’s World


Papas World – Blogging – sharing the positive

I never knew I was going to blog –

My wife – Sherry – told me in 2011

” You need to get on face book “

All your friends keep asking about you!

This is so true
I remember my mother buying
me what was then called “Blue Jeans”
They were so baggy
and the “IN” style then was
skin tight
black or red socks
and high top
black and white
tennis sneakers!

So – I signed up for my site

and began writing short daily happenings


And numbered them from the day I started in sequence!

This is true in our oldest
daughters house
open a cupboard
and there are all these
containers with no lids!

I started to accumulate “Friends” outside my old friends.

And they were from all over the Country

and some from the World!

Most I did not know personally

But through our “Home Business”

I was too much for some people
but I wrote about my life
and the lives of my loved ones
and the lives of my closest
and dearest friends.

I determined that from reading the daily paper

and watching the news

That I would bring POSITIVE – FUNNY

and GOOD thoughts to my site.

There fore I very seldom do anything Political.

I keep it pretty much as I stated

Which is getting hard to do with

everything going on.

I so believe this
and hope one day
that we all can be nice
to each other

Then – my wife found a site that will publish

your face book writings for certain time periods

and publish them in a book form.

My one desire is to write a book on memories I have.

She choose a six month period and had it printed

It is so cool – with my picture on the front –

However – I had written so much –

That if I had them all printed –

there would be TEN full books!

I most likely in my younger years
could of truthfully stated this!

And she said this would be too expensive

You need to write and put it down

where we can all read it!

So , I did , eight years ago –

I started a blog – I wrote a lot but then for some reason

I quit and believe it or not – I LOST IT somewhere


I could not find it again and had never written down the site!

All those things were gone
but she told me she had met a friend
through networking
named Belinda
who could get me started again
on a new site and a new blog!

So – we met – and she was talking me through the startup!

When lo and behold – we found one of the two old sites!

Yes – I had two sites and we stumbled over one of them.

It had 4 blogs and I was on my way!

That was last April – and today –

I have written over 200 blogs

and have accumulated 180 FOLLOWERS!

From all over the WORLD!

I have finally found my passion
writing – family – friends
and sharing my life

The main thing is –

When I am gone – my memories will linger on.

I have no one left that I grew up with as family

except two niece’s – three great niece – and great – great niece and nephews.

My two sons – but the rest are gone.

No one remembers that life of or came before!

Today I am the eldest
the one whom they call
when they want to know
about family
Today I am all that is left to remember
to put it all down

So – I write – everyday – I put down thoughts

I put down memories

I put down current events and family


Sherry and Tom
70 years old

I have lived a good life – ups and downs –

Almost gone

but still here.

I record trying to stay true to my beliefs





That is how I have lived my life.

Yep – this would be me!

I leave you with a quote –

“It’s not for me to question why? But for me to do or die”

When you get married – I think you both need to think about this!

Sherry and Tom
almost 38 years being married!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World