Papa’s World – Eating dinner at CROOKED HAMMOCK!

A family outing at Barefoot Landing in S.C. NMB – dinner at CROOKED HAMMOCK – before our Alabama Theater performance and Christmas show.

When in North Myrtle Beach – this is one of our favorite places to go – eat and have a drink – CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY!

Our acts of kindness result in happiness for others.

Sherry ( MORMOR) Taylor Marcus Bode Cassidy Tammy – family night out – visited us after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve.

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Papa’s World – Barefoot Landing- Crooked Landing – Lulu’s – Playground – dinner at BULLYS!

Cassidy – Bode and Taylor – at Crooked Hammock Brewery – is one of our favorites!

We left Boardwalk on the beach and drove back to Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.

We lived for nine months near here and often came to just walk our three miles!

Around the lake and by the ICW and the marina.

Crooked Hammock – we watched it being built during the nine months we lived at Ocean Keyes.

Today – when we have friends staying with us or family – we try to bring them here.

They were so good the whole time with us – “Papa – are we being good”?

A smile every day – is just a way to make it a little better!

The huge old oak tree in the playground.

The playground across from Lulu’s – is another place we like to go and just have a drink and people-watch.

This huge tree – was in another spot some 800 feet away –

they made that area into a parking lot and kept this tree by moving it here!

It is a few hundred years old and they wanted to save it.

That is conversation!

We also bring the family here sometimes to eat – great place and friendly.

A good way to wrap up another busy day with the grandkids.

Going to miss them – life as grandparents – PRICELESS!

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Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock – FAMILY!

Ella – Maddy – Sarah granddaughters visiting the NMB entrance by the Arch!

Decided to go to North Myrtle Beach where we lived for nine months until our house was built!

Mike and Sarah had not been there and we wanted to do a little shopping.

Then it was onto Barefoot Landing – another place we would go to while living in this area.

On the ICW and boat marina of Barefoot Landing.
Walking along the lake at Barefoot Landing

Shopping – looking around and Mike and I went to the waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock.

Waterfront bar of Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing – NMB, S.C.
The brewery and restaurant of Crooked Hammock

It was a fun-filled day exploring with the family –

Sarah got to go to her store that sells crystals

Mike got to see where we lived for nine months

All the ladies are like this!

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The ladies in Mike & Papa’s World

Papa’s World – stop at CROOKED HAMMOCK then onto the PELICANS baseball game!

At the Pelicans baseball park in Myrtle Beach.

We decided at the spur of the moment to buy tickets – got great seats just to the right behind home plate

and take in a minor league ball game.

When we lived in NVA – we often went and saw the Nationals play in D.C.

Now – I normally do not watch baseball on TV unless it is my team I follow.

But – minor league to me is different – full of little games between innings.

The cold beer and peanuts – a slice of pizza or a hot dog.

At Crooked Hammock in Barefoot Landing before the game.

But first, we stopped at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach –

at one of our favorite places – CROOKED HAMMOCK!

This is a brand new brewery – perhaps opening a little over a year ago.

They sold beer out of a little RV trailer while consturction was going on to complete the brewery.

We like it here and stop in every so often – this time to buy a hat for our son-in-law

who requested one.

He had bought one when they visited us and wanted a new one.

So – we left early and stopped before the game.

The mascot for the Pelicans.

The divisions and teams in this minor league system.
View from our seats – $20.00 got us great seats.

Just a little time out and away from home – worth the money and a good time for a few hours.

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Papa’s World – Friends – Barefoot Landing – Land shark – hanging out – Fat Harold’s!

At Barefoot Landing – North Myrtle Beach – walking to Land Sharks – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Jim and Buck.

We had gone to Crooked Hammock Brewery to taste beer –

and then decided to head over to the newly opened Land Shark to grab a late lunch –

Sherry and I come here all the time to walk – doing a couple loops will get us 2 1/2 miles!

We really like this better than Broadway on the Beach.

There are more places to visit here and sit!

This all sits on top of water on the lake!

Jimmy explaining to the sales lady why he won’t give his name and phone number to her! LOL

We planed to eat and then go to Fat Harold’s to watch Shag dancing later!

Dottie Cindy Sherry – planning for the golf game the next day if it does not rain!
We arrived at Land Shark!

This had just opened recently and was our first time here.

It was not as busy as the other place – but had many wide open spaces!

Seated – we had this area all to ourselves!

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Later – we stopped in at Fat Harold’s to watch SHAG DANCING on the BLVD!

At FAT HAROLD’S BEACH CLUB – Sherry – Dottie – Jim – Cindy and Buck.

The walls – everywhere you look through out the rooms and bar

are covered with plaques and awards through the years of SHAGGER’S!

The picture behind Sherry represents the original shag clubs since the 1940’s which were destroyed

in a Hurricane in the 1950’s!

This building has been in operation since the 1990’s!

HISTORY of the dance which started here in NMB and spread around the nation and world.


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Papa’s World – friends – the pier – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock Brewery!

Next to last day – Papa Bob Pam Sherry – near their campground and RV. A visit to Apache Pier!

We had so much to pack in so little time – touring – seeing the house – Mother’s day – catching up – FRIENDS!

Their RV and campground was down the beach about a mile and one half.

They could see this pier from their beach so we decided to drive to it and just take a look around.

Just beyond these tall buildings – 21 to 25 years ago – Sherry and I spent I think three different vacations here!

We would walk up the beach and past this pier to the campground.

So we knew what was here and have many fond memories of her parents – sister and my sister and brother in law here. We also spent vacation time here with friends Steve and Elaine. Our friends from back home in WNY!

Bob and Pam – Bob and I went to grade school – middle school and high school together – life long friends – and got back in touch after one of our H.S. reunions – he had moved to New Hampshire away from Pa. and NYS. Keeping in touch is like normal best buddies do when life comes along – only seeing them at special times – a lot of years in between but memories and laughs renewed!

Here we are at The Crooked Hammock Brewery in Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.

We have come to really like this place and Sherry actually likes some of the beer!

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Papa’s World – Crooked Hammock – Greg Normans – Carolina Opry – with FRIENDS!

PAPA BUCK SHERRY CINDY outside Crooked Hammock Brewery in Barefoot landing S.C.

They stopped and picked us up – we had tickets to see Time Warp at the Carolina Opry Theater in Myrtle Beach

But first – we stopped at Barefoot Landing at the new Brewery Crooked Hammock.

Sherry had decided to make a switch to beer – as that is what we mostly drink.

She wanted to try it and just see if she would like it! ( SHE DID)!

She and Cindy ordered a flight of four different brews and tasted each one!

She found two she could drink!

Now – when together – she can drink some brews! LOL

We then walked across the street to Greg Normans – bar and eatery.

Yes – that Greg Norman – the Aussie great golfer!

It was a first for us and we had walked past it numerous times.

My lettuce wedge with salmon was excellent and they all said theirs was good as well!


Will go back!

We had tickets – just a short drive down the beach in Myrtle Beach.
To see TIME WARP – music from the 60’s – 70’s and 80’s – what we grew up with!

And it was fantastic!

We knew every non stop song for over one hour – and then intermission!

And then for one hour more – non stop!

Do to the Pandemic and Social Distancing – no one sat in front – side or back of us.

It said the show was sold out but it was less than half full.

Very professional – wearing masks to our seats – and no one within I would say almost ten feet!

It felt good to once again enjoy music and just relax to a very good broad way style revue!

A cast of dozens – top performers – America’s got talent – The Voice and American Idol.

So many talented people who all can sing – dance – play instruments and perform at a high level!

Well – I had a beer – but it was a special time for special drinks!

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Papa’s World – more memories of the past 16 months – living life doing it my way!

Papa Jimmy Buck

In this picture – my friends of the last 36 years for Buck and 40 plus hears for Jimmy!

Jimmy and I worked together and played softball together in the mid to late ’70’s!

In the back ground across the pond on this hole in Magnolia Greens –

sits Buck and Cindy’s new home they built a couple years ago!

I really like this area and would of moved here if we could of found something

like this and in our price range.

Friends and golfing buddies – MEMORIES!

Buck Cindy Dottie

Dottie – Jimmy’s wife and Cindy – Bucks wife – all these years still getting together!

We all moved away from our home town areas.

Yet – at least twice a year we manage to get together –

here we are at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach!

Speak no evil – see on evil and hear no evil!

In the last 16 months – sometimes we struggled to balance social distancing –

and that was very true with family.

Sitting in our garage while the three little ones sat on a tarp in the lawn at the end of the driveway.

Or visiting them standing outside and little Bode hiding behind his parents peaking out at us!

That broke my heart.

But – we have come a long ways on this – we did stay with family after we sold our house

at the end of June last year!

Family is important and we have been tested twice and so have they!

My little buddy – Bode – who when we stay with them – will come down the stairs to the bottom area where we stay –

PAPA – can I sit on your lap!

This is at 5:45 am. – while I am writing my blog!

He knows I wake up early and down he comes- when we are not here – he sleeps in!

Last week he asked me on a kids message –

he had called me – “PAPA – WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU AGAIN”?

I tear up when he talks to me like that!

When the family Krohn – the three little ones and Marcus and Tammy – came to visit on their Spring Break.

Here we are having lunch after they drove 6 hours – at Crooked Hammock at Barefoot Landing!

They spent all weekend and until Friday of the following week with us!

This made us very happy as they got to see where we are and where we are building our house.

They now know it is but a six hour drive for them to visit!

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Papa’s World – just some random thoughts and pictures of the family Krohn.

The Krohn family and Sherry – granddaughters – daughter and son in law.

They have visited for almost a week.

The weather – bearable – low 60’s to low 70’s but with chilly wind.

Marcus and I took Bode out golfing on Monday!

He has pretty good form and Marcus is getting him lessons.

He is only six years old and I think the highlight for him is driving the golf cart! LOL

I told Marcus – you need to get him lessons plus doing cross country

He almost ran the whole golf course!

Taylor Sherry ( MorMor) Bode

They walked to the beach every day.

Most days I would drive the car down as we had all the chairs and beach stuff!

Some days – as in this picture – we all walked carrying the “STUFF”!

Daddy and Taylor – she is a little daddy’s girl!
Cassidy and Daddy – independent little spitfire – but very caring – for her brother and sister.
Bode and Daddy – all boy – trucks – tools – sports – running – full of energy – barefoot – coat less – teasing – BOY!

Yesterday was a full beach day – warm – sun – and kids in the water!

Too cold for me – but in the sun – hot!

Taylor – Cassidy and Bode – notice how Cassidy takes care of Bode!

Such a protective little girl – a heart of warmth!


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Papa’s World – Coloring eggs on the lanai -exploring Barefoot Landing – LITTLE ONES!

One of the first things Sherry did for the little ones after they had a good nights sleep-

Was to color Easter Eggs!

So – she hard boiled the eggs – set up on the Lanai – and they got to it!

Taylor Cassidy Bode – on the Lanai overlooking the small lake at Ocean Keyes – coloring Easter Eggs!

This has been a tradition with MorMor – as they call her -Swede for Mothers Mother!

She has done this even before Bode – who is six was born!

Afterward – things were washed up and packed for Tammy to take back to NVA!

Cassidy Bode Taylor

I think Cassidy and Bode should of been the twins!

They are so much alike and act the same.

It is hard for me to tell the difference if I am not looking at them – to see who is talking!

Now – Bode is going to be tall like Taylor – who is so laid back!

She likes her “TAYLOR” time!

She also is going to be the tallest of the granddaughters

With Maddy being 5′ 6″ – Ella 5′ 8 1/2 ” and Sarah pushing Ella at 14 years old!

We took the family to Barefoot landing in North Myrtle Beach –

We had taken them there before and the little ones love the playground!

There was a Easter Egg hunt – scavenger – find the different stores hunt going on!
Cassidy at one of our favorite stores!
Cassidy and Taylor with I think Frozen Princess’s

Then it was time for a late lunch – our reservations were ready!

Family time

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The Family – Cassidy Bode Taylor Marcus Tammy – Family Krohn




Papa’s World – The Krohns come to visit North Myrtle Beach!

Marcus Papa Sherry Tammy

They all came this time – for almost a week’s stay –

Tammy and the little ones had come down for a long weekend

Now – it was Marcus time to see where we would be living!

Here we are on the ICW at Barefoot Landing!

We had met them here instead of the condo – for we knew the little ones would be hungry –

they had left NVA at 5:09 AM. and we were standing in the Parking lot at a little before noon –

Less that seven hours!

And we told them – it would be 45 minutes fewer that that at the new house!

Our goal was to keep the time traveled to less than seven hours

and for both sets of family’s it will be that!

The above picture is for both family’s as they love the tradition at Christmas time!

Taylor Bode Sherry Cassidy Tammy Marcus

We planned to have a late lunch and early dinner at the new brewery

CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY – that had opened up a couple weeks earlier

outdoors – and they -Marcus and Tammy loved the draft beer!

Taking a picture along the ICW Marcus and Tammy and the little ones

Family is and has been important to us – both daughters followed us to NVA.

One was married with a small child ( Maddy)

And one met her future husband in NVA.

Taylor MorMor( Sherry) & Bode

Walking to the beach – these two will one day be so tall – here she is 10 years old and he is 6 years old.

Sherry – a Swede – is 5′ 9″ tall!

Bode Taylor MorMor Cassidy – the first time walking the beach.

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Papa’s World – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock Brewery – Deb and girls.

We ventured out and drove to Barefoot Landing – to let Sarah shop!

That is what she wanted to do the most beside walking the beach.

Sarah – Debby – Ella discussing which shops to go to – just outside of the new Brewery – Crooked Hammock!
We had walked by here dozens of times – and were waiting for it to open up – at last – it was open!

But – we decided since it looked really busy on the inside and outside

We would pass on this trip and go to a place that was not really that busy!

So we walked around and came upon this alligator in the water – below us as we stood behind the railing.

This was my first time seeing one here.

There were signs for this and snakes –

And at first we did not think it real as it was very still until it moved!

Hoping when the little grand kids come – we can show them a “GATOR”!

Ella Debby Sarah

I actually like Barefoot Landing over Broadway on the Beach

which is in Myrtle Beach Proper.

We did do some shopping – well they did – I walked in – took a look around and went back outside to find a place to sit!

Papa – checking out the “BEER GARDEN” notice all the
GARDEN TOOLS” hanging on the wall!

Sarah loved it here – her place to be – store to store!

Deb tying her shoe – Ella – Sarah and Sherry exploring the grounds of Crooked Hammock Brewery.

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Sherry Sarah Debby Ella – about to go to another area of Crooked Hammock.




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Papa’s World – Morning begins our day out to Barefoot Landing!

Waking up everyday to a sunrise!

We do plan some days ahead –

mostly – we walk in the mornings

usually around 9 am.

Other days it is errands to run – houses to see

areas to explore –

and a trip down the street

to BAREFOOT LANDING in North Myrtle Beach!

Now – to get our STEPS in

we go here and walk around.

It is peaceful – not crowded

and you walk around the lake

and among the stores.

We wear our masks when it gets crowded

We also have had lunch here.

And it is maybe 5 or 6 miles away.

There is construction going on for a new brewery

and it looks to be really huge!

But in the mean time – they have set up a small park like area.

With tables – artificial lawn – stringed lights

a playground for kids

and a small tear drop trailer that is converted into a kitchen!

It is called Crooked Hammock Brewery!

I had one of them from a small TIKI LIKE HUT

next to the tear drop trailer.

It was what I wanted – not too heavy

and a hint of coconut aftertaste.

Now that may not sound good to you

but I enjoyed it and would drink it again.

I do not like IPA’s or heavy beer.

While sitting there at a long table all by ourselves

a table that could easily seat 10 or 12 people.

I noticed another couple with masks on purchase a couple beers

in cans from the brewery.

They had no where to sit

so I invited them to sit at the other end of our long table.

We carried on a conversation and found out at one time they had lived near us in Northern Va.

They had done the same as us and had purchased a condo

overlooking the marina – where we had previously

had dinner with the McBrides and Sherry’s sister

at a place called CLARK’S!

We had met another couple – exchanged address’s

and phone numbers –

we had made new friends simply by offering a seat for them.

You never know as your day starts what will transpire.

What began with a brand new sunrise

turned into a fine day of walking – meeting new friends

and discovering a new brewery.

Life is good and getting better!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World