Papa’s World – The Krohns come to visit North Myrtle Beach!

Marcus Papa Sherry Tammy

They all came this time – for almost a week’s stay –

Tammy and the little ones had come down for a long weekend

Now – it was Marcus time to see where we would be living!

Here we are on the ICW at Barefoot Landing!

We had met them here instead of the condo – for we knew the little ones would be hungry –

they had left NVA at 5:09 AM. and we were standing in the Parking lot at a little before noon –

Less that seven hours!

And we told them – it would be 45 minutes fewer that that at the new house!

Our goal was to keep the time traveled to less than seven hours

and for both sets of family’s it will be that!

The above picture is for both family’s as they love the tradition at Christmas time!

Taylor Bode Sherry Cassidy Tammy Marcus

We planned to have a late lunch and early dinner at the new brewery

CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY – that had opened up a couple weeks earlier

outdoors – and they -Marcus and Tammy loved the draft beer!

Taking a picture along the ICW Marcus and Tammy and the little ones

Family is and has been important to us – both daughters followed us to NVA.

One was married with a small child ( Maddy)

And one met her future husband in NVA.

Taylor MorMor( Sherry) & Bode

Walking to the beach – these two will one day be so tall – here she is 10 years old and he is 6 years old.

Sherry – a Swede – is 5′ 9″ tall!

Bode Taylor MorMor Cassidy – the first time walking the beach.

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