Papa’s World – Life with us – in our senior years!

We have a walking group that meets every Monday and Friday at the park across the street. You walk at your own pace and usually do two complete loops – just over a mile each and then once around the track.

This in total would be 2.30 miles!

Then during the day, we will get in the rest of our 10,000 steps – my heart doctor has told me just to “MOVE”!

Growing up in the 50s-60s and 70s – the generations that wanted love and peace – still has a place in my heart today!

We have adopted a healthy choice lifestyle – I do not drink soda or milk anymore – or fast food!

We live just a few miles from the beach – often going there for our walks – sun – sand, and surf!

We try to golf once a week or every other week – usually with dear friends of 35 years.

Just being out in nature – and yes – we get STEPS in that way!

Our dear friends – golfing – having dinner together and making plans for fun trips!

SENIOR YEARS – living one day at a time and living life to the plus – LIFE WITH US –

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Papa’s World – Walking OIB to see the sunrise!

The sun creeping above the horizon on Ocean Isle Beach – GOOD MORNING!

Our Monday morning walking group decided to walk the beach instead of the park – to see the sunrise!

In the middle we had our daughter Tammy and her son Bode along with us to walk – she also chose to run as did Bode!

Tammy along with Sherry and Bode walking and looking for shells – you can just see Bode as he is shell hunting!

Only eight years old – he got out of bed and came with us as we left the house at 6:15 am.

Standing before a beach castle someone made above the surf line – Bode – who also ran with his mother!

The sky turns orange over the water as the Sun rises!

Diane and Sherry walk toward the Groin as the sun peaks above the horizon.

The views are just beautiful!

A look back at the way we had come!

Notice the reflection on the White House!

Tammy and Bode looking for shells as the sun nears rising!


Thanks for reading – it was a way to get exercise and enjoy the beauty of the area we live in!


Papa’s World – Walking Ocean Isle Beach – early March!

Sunny day – high 60’s – no breeze – workers working on the OIB water tower – not for me! LOL

We decided after Pickle-ball – to take a walk on the beach – hardly anyone there!

It was a nice warm walk in the sun.

Product of my life in the ’60s! LOL

The beach was empty – which surprised me because as we walked it got warmer!

OIB pier – a look out south to the ocean – the beaches here face south! Curveture of the coastline!

Walking we saw hardly anyone – but we got our steps in – love walking on the beach!

Ocean Isle Beach when it is warm and lots of folks there! A view from the pier!

Living in the Carolinas has been our plan “B” – living the SALT LIFE!

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Papa’s World – In Winter – walking Sunset Beach!

Winter here is a lot different than NVA or WNY! Here – I do bundle up for I just do not like being COLD!

However – if I am warm and not chilled – I like to walk and Sherry and I go to the beach – Sunset Beach or OIB to walk!

At this time of year – sometimes it is cloudy and gray – other times sunny with blue skies and white clouds.

On the gray days, the beach is almost deserted – only a lone person sitting in a chair by the pier.

However, we have each other and we both like to do this! The sound of the surf – the birds and an occasional walker!

For as far as you can – no one – just the expanse of the beach – surf and ocean!

There are people here – you drive by the houses – all decorated – cars in the driveways or underneath the houses.

Our “WHY” we moved here near the borders of N.C and S.C.



Papa’s World – Life in general – living healthy.

We grow our own produce year-round on our back patio.

You also can see my wife’s sun tea on the table to the right!

Since I had a heart attack almost eight years ago – I LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME!

We walk almost every day and try to play golf once a week!

One of the reasons we moved to the border of N.C and S.C. – was to be near the beach – which we are very near two of them!

We also find humor in a lot of people- places and things!

This is but a small view of our life together for 42 years.

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Papa’s World – show a little LOVE!

We went to Lynchburg Va. to watch our grand daughter play soccer.

Our oldest daughter – her husband and the three grand daughters

all were there – the next day we went for a walk along the river.

Mike Sarah ( youngest) Maddy ( oldest – college soccer) Ella ( senior – college soccer in the Fall)

We watched the game Friday night in the rain – Maddy scored a goal

And the next day – after her practice – went for a walk along the river.

Sarah ( 5’7″) Ella ( 5′ 8 1/2″) Maddy ( 5′ 6″) Sherry ( 5′ 9″)

The girls are tall – Sarah seems like she will be the tallest as she is only 14.

But – when we were home at our other daughters house-

Taylor who is only ten years old – is already 5′ 1/2″ tall!

I think she will be the tallest along with Bode.

Our walk lasted a couple hours

as we were going for a late lunch and a early dinner

Debby ( Mom) already shorter than her daughters.

We walked – a fun walk – a lot of laughter!

Maddy Sarah Ella

It was a fun afternoon – a break from the rain – warm enough when walking

to enjoy the time together.


Debby Mike Papa Sherry Sarah Maddy Ella

Thank you for reading Papa’s World!


Our three oldest grand daughters!




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Papa’s World – our day on the beach at Sunset Pier!

Voted as one of the top ten beaches in the country – SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

We live on the mainland of Ocean Isle Beach – in this picture at the top right –

There is a very tall building – that is the West end of Ocean Isle Beach – with a channel between the islands.

Sunset Beach for some reason – is leveler – and shallow – and easier to walk.

However – it is also more crowded.

The pier – from which Sherry took this picture – has a historical walk with picture stations on both sides.

Going back some 300 hundred years of history in this area.

It cost one dollar to walk out – however, we purchase a pretzel and a drink and it did not cost us anything!

Papa walking the surf – the water was 70 plus degrees and the temperature 78 to 80 degrees.

We walked for over an hour in the water – and it was warm.

This beach is more level and is easier for me to walk – my hip does not bother me here!

As my Heart doctor has told me – “MOVE”!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – SUNSET BEACH, N.C. is a beautiful vacation destination!



Papa’s World – we try to walk three miles every day – here we are walking Cameron Woods.

Here is our home as we head West and then North.
Sherry walking East and at the truck is where Diane lives.
After Diane joins us – we turn North and walk up the street.

The community center – pickleball courts and pool will be on our left at the top of the hill and our mailboxes will be on the right-hand side in a small cul-de-sac.

The unfinished Community Center building – slowly progressing – almost a year behind schedule!
What it is supposed to look like!

Inspections – material shortages – labor – One developer sold to another – numerous delays!

But when completed we can walk easily to it and it will be so nice –

the inside has been drywalled and painted in 80 % of the building –

the area to the right in the pictures has yet to be drywalled.

I have no idea why it was not done all the way through – but the drywall is sitting in there.

Inside are bathrooms – kitchen, meeting room, fireplace, workout area, lounging area, etc.

Behind us is the main road going north to the main gate.
Before the main gate in the upper right – we head to Waterway Woods – a cul-de-sac.
Here we will walk again West around a loop of this cul-de-sac.

The main entrance – gated – is to the right.

Walking a cul-de-sac – one of many that have no houses on them.
Now we have walked Waterway Woods cul-de-sac and are heading back toward the community center.
On the Waterway Cul-de-sac.

Once back on Waterway road – it is straight back to the house –

or you can choose to do five other cul-de-sacs – some with houses most are vacant.

Or walk the road to the pond – to the end of the cul-de-sac or go to the new construction area and walk.

If you choose to walk everything in Cameron Woods plus the garden homes –

it would be close to seven or eight miles!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

SHERRY Betsie Diane – heading the last one half mile South on Waterway road, Cameron Woods Community!

Papa’s World – The Pond -The Gator and The Solo Stove.

When Maddy arrived – the next day we took her on one of our walks.

Diane – our neighbor went with us and it had just rained.

Sherry Maddy Betsy and Diane

We walked our three-plus miles – showing where she could run her four miles

that she runs to keep in shape for soccer.

It was a beautiful day – after the downpour and the sun came out.

Maddy was anxious to see the gator in the pond!

We had told her we had a couple gators in our pond –

although we have only ever seen one at a time.

Here you can see the pond and the gator swimming away!

We were standing along the trail and looking for the gator – after the rain, the water level was up.

The gator usually is in the middle on a raise of land and weeds.

We could not see it and all of a sudden in a very quiet voice –

MADDY says “It’s right there” pointing down the bank and to the water!

I zoomed in on it – and sure enough – it was laying just below us some 20 feet away.

We had never seen it anyplace other than the middle!

As soon as I took the picture – it flipped over and into the water and started swimming away.

We were all surprised and jumped as it flipped into the water.

Maddy had her first sighting of a gator here in N.C. and a close one at that!

Now we know to look everywhere for Mr. gator!

After our walk was over – we went home and on the back patio, I started a fire in the SOLO STOVE!

Maddy and her family always do campfires.

The Solo Stove on the patio – waiting for Sherry and Maddy to join me.

We have been picking up dead branches and pine combs to burn –

while also buying firewood bundles.

There is also a lot of throw-away construction pieces that we have gathered.

I only burn it on special occasions and this was one.

When granddaughter comes to visit

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Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – around the pond – TRAILS END!

I would guess the entire trail around the pond to be one-half mile – maybe a little bit more!

The trail ends on the other side of the pond after walking through the woods!
Sherry is about to leave the woods – the pond is on her right side – the wetlands on her left side.
View of the Cameron Woods pond after you leave the woods.

There is much wildlife here – otters- turtles – smallmouth bass – gators – Eagles – small and large birds!

Deer and Turkeys – some have seen Bobcat tracks – raccoons – opossums – coyotes –

a very diverse animal population.

Sherry walking – the marshlands are to her left.
Here is a view across a small section of pond and water on both sides of the trail.
Coming to the end of the trail and the cul-de-sac that runs behind our home on the other side of our treeline!

Thanks for reading – CAMERON WOODS COMMUNITY, Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.





Papa’s World – Walking the path around the pond – at Cameron Woods – “INTO THE WOODS”!

In my last blog – you could see “WOODIE” sunbathing!

The resident GATOR of our pond although people have seen two of them in there!

In case you missed the last blog – here is WOODIE!

Now – we are walking into the woods full of Carolina Pine trees and Living Oak Trees!

Sherry heading to the bend and up a small grade and then into the pine needle-covered path!

This section is kind of scary even in the daylight!

When you get in there – the path is orange colored from all the pine needles.

Great cover for COPPERHEADS!

Although we have not seen any of the snakes – other people have – but we did see a large black snake!

And it was on the black gravel path just before the bend on the path straight ahead of Sherry.

Sherry enters the path and forest.

She watches the trees and branches while I watch the ground and sides.

I have seen several deer back in here – never any snakes but this area has them!

You can see that you do not want to go off that path – at least we don’t!
It is also much cooler in here and on a hot day a welcomed relief!

This is all protected land and will not be clearcut.

It is quiet in here – just the sounds of the birds!

And quiet also when you walk on a bed of pine needles!

Coming to the end of the path through the woods.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – the next blog finishes up the walk around the pond.




Papa’s World – next blog – “Trails end around the pond”!

Papa’s World – New home – the build begins – living our dreams.

As the day begins at the condo – the build of our new home begins some six-teen miles away – in Cameron Woods at Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. We searched and searched – but all in vain as the cost to buy was equal or more than to build what we wanted!

Our view here I shall always remember – in all we will be here for nine months!

I captured this shot as a flock of geese were coming right at me before

rising up over the lanai and roof.

We decided to build – that way we would have everything we wanted

A single story – no stairs – covered front porch – screened in covered lanai.

Close to the beach ( four miles) in the country!

Close to golfing ( over 20 courses near by)

And with in 6 1/2 hours to travel back home

or family to travel here!

Materials for the new home – ground is ready – all utilities in and inspected – waiting for pour of concrete!
Forms and moisture barrier
Some view in one direction of neighborhood – I think in total maybe fifty homes will be here.
When done – a two car garage with pull down stairs and finished storage overhead.

We will have around 1900 sf. of heated space –

in addition to a 140 sf covered and screened in lanai

and a open 10 x 14 concrete patio.

There will be a covered front porch

and views of the neighborhood.

The back will be woods with no one building there

as it will be a conservation area.

We will be four miles to Ocean Isle Beach and six miles to Sunset Beach

A thirty minute drive back to North Myrtle Beach

and a fifthteen minute drive to Calabash

and a fifthteen minute drive to Shallotte.

All this in the middle of some twenty golf courses we will be playing!

The concrete is poured – and rain is now slowing up everything!

But – all the inspections have been completed

and our contractor calls us every Monday to give updates

and answer any questions!

The forms are out – concrete is in – framing will be next!
View of the garage and the woods behind the new build.

We drive over every Sunday – no one is working!

That way – if it is not raining – we can get out and look it over!

This will be our third house together building.

All three were unique and we have input on all of them.

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Papa’s World – strolling Sunset Beach.

Footprints on Sunset Beach, N.C.

When the sun is out – the wind calm – it is time to stroll the beaches!

Looking for that Vitamin “D”

Steve – Daines husband – was back in Rochester N.Y. tending to frozen water lines in his mother’s house.

Diane and Sherry walk toward the Sunset Beach Pier.

While he was North in below ZERO temps – we were walking the beach – enjoying the warm sun.

In recent weeks – whales have been spotted on both Ocean Isle Beach waters and Sunset Beach waters.
PAPA SHERRY DIANE – sorry Steve – we feel for you!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – the WHY we moved here from the NORTH!





Papa’s World – Our first SNOW in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. RARE!

SNOW! The week prior – ICE – IT IS FOLLOWING ME!

I seem to be the person if it is going to happen – it will happen to me.

This is very RARE here this close to the ocean so I am told.

And to be fair – within an hour or so – it was gone!

Looking out the lanai at the snow on the ground and swirling in the air.

Now – really – I could care less if I ever see snow again – some people think that is nuts –

but I just do not like the snow-ice and cold – and I lived in WNY & NWPA for 50 years!

So I know all about blizzards – running my van up and down the driveway to pack it down –

Shoveling – chipping ice – burning 21 cords of wood hand carried inside and to the basement for the woodstove – that stove kept us warm through one week without electricity – and power –

that plus the living room fireplace –

going to work at 5am. through unplowed roads and a foot of fresh snow and another foot on the way.

The Tower Garden all covered up and survived all the ice – snow and cold.

I think it is so pretty coming down – covering in white – but that is my extent of liking it.

Back North – we would go cross-country skiing – in the Alleghany National Park on groomed trails.

As a kid, we were always outside sledding – building forts and snowball fights.

My memories are in the past – my present is NO SNOW! LOL
Lonely birdfeeder with no birds in the snow.

As I said – it was over in an hour – sunshine and no snow anywhere – the WHY we moved South.

The Sun is back – the air still cool – the roads dry – NO ICE – NO SNOW!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World



Diane – Sherry, and Papa – walking after the snow – in the sunshine and cool air!

Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – walking to the new pond and cleared area.

Coming to the entrance of Cameron Woods – OIB!

After walking through the paved road area where the infrastructure is already installed –

We decided to walk the access road beyond the huge mound of dirt to the pond.

Diane Sherry and Betsey waiting for me to come down off the mound of dirt.
We now are on the access road – through the cleared area walking to the large pond!
Sherry and Diane walking the road with a huge drainage ditch on the left –
I call this the “GATOR HIGHWAY”

Yes – we have seen a small gator in this pond – but as Sherry says – “WHERE’S THE MOTHER”?

This is the old access road that they put in to make the pond and clear the land.

This old access road runs right behind our house – the tree line here is protected –

That is the back of our home in the picture – these woods will not be cut or cleared and this old road is blocked off – where another new home has been built.

I hope they make this part of the already trail system we have that goes around the other pond.

This now seems to be where they dump and storm drains – pipes, etc.

This area will be the last to be done in the next phase – suppose to be according to map site plans

A third pond somewhere to the right of this picture eventually.

The second pond – looks to be as big as the other one or larger.

We have seen many tracks of deer around here as well as other tracks.

People have said they have seen Bobcat tracks and coming home one night –

I saw something bigger than a normal cat on the main highway – ?????

I took this picture a couple months ago – right behind the new community center.
Betsey – Diane and Sherry – heading back up the road away from the pond.

There are five houses to be completed in our phase – and then they are done there- I was told the construction will commence here in the finished area with paved roads sometime in March.

They are selling the lots now – LENNAR is the builder now – new designs and new elevations will be the difference from what we had to choose from.

We shall see what this all looks like a year from now as aI think it is a two-year build-out or more.

CAMERON WOODS – off Old Georgetown Road – Ocean Isle Beach – across from the back entrance to Ocean Ridge Plantation – home of the BIG CATS golf courses.

Cameron Woods – walking the new pre-construction Phase three.

Cameron Woods Community

Phase one completed – Phase two is almost done – no idea what phase the garden homes are in –

they are conjoined town home-condos across from this entrance but part of our development.

There are numerous homes there completed but looks like less than halfway done.

We walk almost daily weather permitting.

Phase three – all the infrastructure is already in – and two of the roads are paved.

The lots are ready and have numbers on them.

I assume that some have already been sold as I was told construction is supposed to start in March.

It is hard to tell now but they look similar in size to our lots – perhaps a little bit bigger.

The far tree line to the right has a cul-de-sac behind it and I assume will not be cut down.

The neighborhood in Phase two that is complete

In this picture, we live beyond this view to the right.

Behind these homes is where the community center is to the right.

This was all woods when we purchased our lot.

I stand where a huge hill of dirt has been piled up – separating the sites here from the clearings behind it. I think this mound of the earth will be pushed back to cover the cleared space or used as a fill when they put in the remaining infrastructure.

According to the site maps – one more pond is yet to be added to the right somewhere in the trees.

This is the cleared area behind the mound and already a very large pond is there to the left and one more is to be added according to the site maps.

There already is an access road right back to the pond which is either the same size as the one completed at the end of our road or bigger.

Diane and Sherry walk up the mound of earth.

If you could continue to walk – straight ahead of them is our new home through the woods.

A view from our back yard through the protected trees to the cleared land beyond the mound of earth.

To the right beyond those trees is the mound of dirt.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –

The next blog will be THE WALK CONTINUED through the cleared area to the pond.



Vereen Gardens just inside the S.C. border

We have been here a half dozen times since we first came down to S.C. – North Myrtle Beach.

We have taken company here also.

It is a park – nature – walk out across the march along the ICW.

Walkways over the marshes.

We did not know what it was so one day we just turned into the entrance and drove a mile or so toward the ICW – and came to a parking lot-bathroom area – park – with swings and gazebos.

A view over the marsh to the ICW

The ICW is full of boat traffic and the two big Casino boats in Little River come right past here.

Ella Sarah Sherry walking across the marsh on the boardwalk.

You can hike miles in here – a map shows all the trails.

The trail map – other trails cross back and forth – but this is the main trail
The hiking trail through the woods

While there – you come to a MAKE A WISH section!

Thousands of seashells hang from trees and bushes
You find a seashell – bring a marker and string – make a wish – write down your name
And then you find a spot and tie your shell to a branch – take a picture so you remember!

It is a little magical place – a place to sit and just gaze out over the ICW – maybe see an eagle.

Our grandchildren have done this.

We go back – sometimes we find the shells – storms seem to take them out.

But – when we do find them – memories of times spent with family and friends return.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – VAREEN GARDENS – “MAKE A WISH ON A SHELL”


Papa’s World – Our first Thanksgiving Turkey – walk-trot in Cameron Woods Community!

Good day mates!

In Cameron Woods Community – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C. – there will be a lot of firsts!

COCKTAILS in the driveway – lunch at Riversedge golf course – picnic at the park.

The new book readers club and in the future the free book exchange library!

And now a new developer!

We have been sold to LENNAR – the number two developer in the country!

Things have changed and they are known for building spec homes – you get limited choices!

Different elevations – and one price has it all!

Whereas we were able to select almost everything! ( we are happy to have already built!)

We are hoping by Easter the community center is done! At least the main building!
Our new community center – slowly being built – the curbs have just been laid – pickleball courts are paved – and the pool has been in the ground for months – waiting to be finished!

It will be here that we will all come together as a community of neighbors – meetings – lunches and dinners. The free book library will be out front by the road somewhere I presume for access to exchange the books. We can walk to this easily! A workout room and kitchen and bathrooms.

And this year for the very first time – three families got together on Thanksgiving day – to walk!

8:30 AM. = we all met at the intersection of Waterway and Lindley – it was cool but bright sunshine –

led to a warm 3.7-mile walk!

The very first TURKEY TROT WALK-RUN!

A big thank you to Rob – who organized it by simply announcing it on the Community Facebook page!

And YES – the picture of the TURKEYS are from the neighborhood – on the cul-de-sac behind the

new community center -taken a few days before by Sherry!

The Zimmermans – the Sopers – and Fitzsimmons families!

We have heard from others who were away and could not join us in the first neighborhood


But – will walk next year!

We are a transit community – many people have this as a second home awaiting retirement.

A lot of people are here but working from home.

And a few of us old-timers ( us) are retired!

I think Sherry and myself are more the Grandma and Grandpa of the neighborhood! LOL

It is a community of many FIRSTS – waiting to be completed in a couple years.

CAMERON WOODS COMMUNITY – OCEAN ISLE BEACH – come and join us – either if you already own here or want to build in the new Phase Three!

Cocktails in the driveway – picnic at the park – lunch meet and greet at the golf course

and now the first TURKEY-TROT-WALK!

Chrismas caroling is in the works and who knows what else is being talked about!

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Papa’s World – taking Bob – Pam to Sunset Beach, N.C.

Sunset Beach – noted as being one of the TOP TEN beaches in the country!

And – I can see why! This is 8 miles from our new house – Ocean Isle Beach is 4 miles.

They are as different as day and night!

Here – it is calm most of the time – with the wide level expansive beach.

Ocean Isle is not as level – and also the waves are larger.

Sunset is more residential while Ocean Isle is more commercial.

Both have piers and free parking and paid parking.

Sherry Pam Bob

Pam had surgery on her ankle a year ago – so she decided to not walk with us – we decided to walk to the North End!

Pam used the saltwater to soothe her ankle.
We began our walk to the North end of Sunset Beach – heading to Ocean Isle Beach.
Sherry – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – born 7-5-49 For help – EMAIL:
Our destination reached after 1.5 miles – waters edge – looking across to Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.
Thanks for reading Papa’s World:
Sherry -Pam – Papa – Bobby

WALKING SUNSET BEACH, N.C. with our friends – health and nutrition – HEALTHY LIFESTYLES


Papa’s World – 1.4 miles South from the last house on Sunset Beach – sits a mailbox – KINDRED SPIRIT – now going onto the middle of 5 decades

A large piece of driftwood sits on a sand dune just above the mailbox – dedicated to the man who put it there some four and one half decades ago – along with another hippie female friend.

We had read about this famous mailbox – several books have been written about it –

It is a 1.4 mile walk South on what is called Bird Island – an nature preserve –

located on the Southern half of Sunset Beach in N.C.

I am not sure if this is the other half – the lady friend of Frank – but this is one of two benches next to the mailbox – a place to sit and think and write your thoughts in the journal provided in the mailbox.
The large piece of driftwood with the plaque – overlooking the nature preserve – there are trails back in there to explore – walk in silence with only the breeze – the calling of the birds and the surf .
Papa – at the entrance to the benches and mailbox – waiting as another guest takes her picture.
I can not even imagine how all those years ago – they managed to carry everything here to install the mailbox!
The KINDRED SPIRIT mailbox and benches – this is maintained by persons unknown – has been all these years – and replaced many times as the old ones have slowly eroded away.
It is a lonely spot – yet so many people walk here everyday and leave there writings and thoughts –

throught the years – those journals have been preserved and are considered historical writings –

and are preserved in a museum! I do not know which one but I plan to find out.

The view behind the mailbox at the top of the sand dune – the nature preserve and in the distance –

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – when on Sunset Beach – go South and I think at 40th. street – the end –

just find a place to park alongside the road – be sure your tires are completly off the pavement – and if a bike path off that also.

Then find the beach access and come to a sign at the beach – it tells you the distance to the mailbox and further down the beach – the jetty and the mouth of the river – where the Casino boats from Little River enter the ocean – going out to the International border line to gamble.


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Papa’s World – the skies of Ocean Isle Beach – Cameron Woods – N.C.

The entrance to Cameron Woods walking from our home to the gate.

It is a quiet walk – not much traffic – no sidewalks or walking path – just the road.

At the entrance is the first phase – maybe 30 or 40 homes and the model.

Then – you look at the sky – and the clouds – before you head back to where we live .66 mile away.

There is only one house in the tall pines and live oaks along this route.

There are lots here sold but for whatever reason – no one is building on them –

so it reamins street lights and street signs – paved roads and empty of houses.

Then you arrive here – our brand new neighborhood – just over one year old.

This is pahse two and it is almost all sold out – phase three is having the infrasturcture put in –

and everyday – you have the clouds sweeping in from the ocean three miles away.

We have to drive some four miles to reach the causeway to cross over to OCEAN ISLE BEACH!

But we get these clouds almost anytime of the day!

Then bright sunshine – some rain and lightening shows with thunder!

Great for falling asleep at night – listening to it rain and thunder and flashes of lightening.
Just before the causeway to Ocean Isle Beach at Lowes parking lot!

Beyond those clouds is the light sky of the ocean.

And – it has been warm – mostly in the ’80’s but high humidity.

On the beach – you do not even feel hot!

And the water is warm!

Once again back home with the blue sky and white clouds.

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Papa’s World – our morning walk in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Ocean Ridge!

The entrance to Cameron Woods which is part of Ocean Ridge across the highway.

In part we choose this development because it has a place to walk! Quietly – and not much traffic!

Also close to the entrance – a retaining pond – one of many in the area.
A look from the street into Cameron Woods – Ocean Ridge.

This area was supposed to be developed much like Ocean Ridge across the street –

where the BIG CAT golf courses – four of them – are located.

When the downturn came – this section discontinued development –

somehow – Realstar became involved and is developing Cameron Woods in among all the lots that were previously

sold by the main developer.

For whatever reason – no one is building on them except maybe 8 to 10 houses.

This area is like entering a national forest!

The beginning of my walk back to the house from the gate. QUIET – hardly any cars!
At the beginning a few of the less than a dozen homes that were built here.
Then you enter the forest – there are utilities here – water – sewage and electric – berms and drains and street lights with Ocean Ridge on them.
I wonder just why no one is building in these sections with many named roads turning off the main road.
Might it be all tied up in courts or someone bad mouthed the development!

Very interesting – and we have been told – they paid a lot for these properties.

We made the right choice – our development is thriving – another and last section will soon open up.

By the end of the year – our section should be completed and all sold out!

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Wild life is here – I have seen deer – turkeys – gators – turtles – birds of prey – not any snakes just yet!
PAPA amongst the beautiful trees on our walk.
HOME – the walk ends – Thank you for following!

Papa’s World – the back yard – Crepe Nyrtles – Oleanders – pine straw and flowers.

Water – mellon Crepe Myrtle – stone and brick border.

The tree is in line with the one in front which is a white Crepe Myrtle – we wanted color in the back.

The lanai – which is screened in – and we will be able to view the two trees from inside.

On the opposite side of the yard – another water – mellon Crepe Myrtle – opposite of the white one in the front yard.
Three Oleander bushes that should bloom next year.

This tree line is protected and will stay there. Pine straw and flowers are what I plan for this area.

It is a work in progress – planting flowers – we love to plant flowers that return each season.

Much as I did at the old house in NVA!

Perinals mixed in with the wild and pine straw.
This area I really like the contrast – wild vs. planted Oleanders and pine straw.

In my mind I picture a bird bath here and a bird feeder. And on one of those big trees – one of those faces –

with eyes and nose and a smile!

Perhaps larger flowers that come back year to year.

We have this view from the lanai and the open patio and firepit.

We need to do some landscaping along the border here – just do not know what and when – but we will.


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Papa’s World – front porch sitting – sunrises and early morning coffee – we made it!

The view I have each morning when sitting on our new front porch!
And in the evening – we have the view to the West of sunsets!

As you can also see – we are in the middle of construction of new houses – we are the second to close –

but we have been through this twice before – and the values have already gone up!

This is our third build – in the last 22 years!

Moving South – first to the NVA area – outside of Washington DC – and buying and selling three times –

With twice building from ground up –

has led us here – in Ocean Isle Beach – Cameron Woods – and sitting on our front porch.

Our new house and most likely the last one!

We have done major landscaping since this picture was taken – removing the pine straw and replacing it with the black mulch – putting in white – gray stones around the trees in the front yard and large rocks around the lanai.

Today it looks like this – removed some bushes and put in the mulch!

We have just a few more ideas to formulate – changing a few things and we will be settled!

Another sunrise from the front porch.

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Sitting on the front porch – sunrises and early morning coffee – this is PAPA’S WORLD!

Papa’s World – morning walking – making a loop

This is where it all begins each morning.

Sunrise – a cup of coffee

the stillness of nature

and – when we are dressed early

out the door and down the elevator

to begin our walking loop

of three plus miles!

We had excellent trails where we lived

some 18 miles

here we have discovered numerous ways to walk

and they all end up taking us to the Ocean and Beach!

We have managed to get at least a mile of beach walking

incorporated into our three mile walk.

This walk was 3.36 miles!

And once on the beach – we can go in either direction.

We have found routes in both directions!

I love walking in the early mornings.

And as you can see – it is nearly deserted!

Walking early after I have had my coffee –

listening to the early morning sounds

and the waves lapping against the shoreline!

Once again – the walk on the beach

leaving to start back home

that part of the walk over

One final moment – one final glimpse

only to be repeated the next day.

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Papa’s World – walking home from the beach through Ocean Keyes – part three!

One of six pools – this one has the work out room in it and this pool is heated! A propane grill and sometimes two are at each pool area with others scattered through out the property.
Our little postal building – one of two in the Ocean Keyes that I know about – this one is a five minute walk for us. We mail out here also.
HHHHHHHHMMMMMMNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Not saying anything! LOL!
I told Sherry – I would like these flowering bushes in our back yard along with several Crepe Myrtles! This also is the closest pool to us – right across the parking lot and not many people use it. It also has grills and bathrooms.
Turned the corner from the postal building and heading to the stop sign and turn left for one more block. The lake is straight ahead between those buildings.
After turning left – then you walk the length of one building and turn right – the parking lot is here and building # 39 is on the right. We are on fourth floor in number 44!
The last walk in front of building 39. There are old – old growth tall pine trees and living oaks all through Ocean Keyes -I would guess well over 100 years old or twice that!
The parking lot – where we park our car – we would of loved to stay here and we could have – however – there is no garage and little storage – many people have units for storage off site.

Our home for nine months – 3944 – 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom – kitchen – dining room – living room and a very large screened in Lanai with sliding glass doors from the living room and the master bedroom.

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Papa’s World – walking home from the beach in Ocean Keyes – NMB – part two.

The small building to the right is golf cart storage and a trash compactor building – the one to the left is for golf carts only. You are on a list here for golf cart spaces – that is the only way to get a spot to park it.
Sherry walking by one of Six Pools just like this one – the two on the main road through Ocean Keyes – have a community building – with TV – pool table – ping pong table and chairs and tables. This one has the work out room with all types of equipment. Each pool has a hot tub and a small wading pool. There are propane grills and picnic tables outside and each pool has men and women bathrooms.

The complex has over 780 individual condo units and town houses – this at one time a golf course called The Old Gator Hole! I think in the mid 2000’s it was sold and made into Ocean Keyes plus two other developments including a plaza with Walmart and Home depot.

Her on the left is one of two trash compactors we use – this one also has recycle bins while the other does not.
On our walk we pass the tennis courts and pickle ball court where we have played pickle ball with friends.
To be continued in my next blog – part three of walking back from the beach in Ocean Keyes!

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Papa’s World – walking home from the beach at Ocean Keyes – N.M.B. going to miss this!

As we leave the beach entrance we use almost every day – and walk back to the condo – a two block walk to the gate.
This is the property just before we enter the gate at Ocean Keyes – We love this house and grounds!

This is along the sidewalk outside the fenced in yard – almost everything here comes back every year!

They have irrigation out here as well in the enclosed yard. It is shaded by Cypress trees –

and it is a inkling to what is inside the fence!

As soon as you walk through the gate – you see these three white ducks!

I have given them the names of HUEY – DEWEY and LOUIE ! LOL

Sherry – who is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH – will run ahead of me – then turn around and come back – to get her heart rate up – but I think she sees this sign and off she goes! LOL

I have to keep up or the sign in RED is for me!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – the next blog will continue the walk back through Ocean Keyes!

From here to the condo is 1/2 mile walking!





Papa’s World – walking a nature trail with Debby in Winchester Va.

A picture along the trail in a display for a resident hiker of the Appalachian Trail she took beginning to end.

This is all part of the Shenandoah Museum complex in Winchester Va. A hiking trail – through the woods.

Sherry took all these pictures as we walked about three miles!

The pathway is very wide – I would guess eight feet and all made up with crushed limestone! There are benches to sit on the entire walkway – and areas to sit quietly – a really nice walk and easy on the feet!

We have walked this every time we come to visit and now in late spring – the flowers and trees are full!
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Papa and Debby walking the newest feature a boardwalk circle with water on all sides!




Papa’s World – birthday – 72 years – growing old and young walking on the beach.

One of my favorite pass times since we moved to NMB – morning walks on the beach!
Sherry told me this was my day – being my birthday – and I said I wanted to go for a early morning walk – on the beach.

Usually – we do not walk this early – but I am a early riser – 5:00 am. each and every morning!

I have been that way my entire life – but I also go to bed early – by 8:30 pm.

I react to what my body wants – if I go past that feeling of wanting to sleep – then I am awake for hours!

But – with that being said – my body automatically awakes the same time every morning!

And then – without proper sleep – I feel lousy all day!

A good nights sleep – waking up – writing my blog – getting dressed and then we walk out to this!

Wide open beach – low tide – gray – white clouds – blue skies and warm sun!

My kind of day!

Papa – checking his phone – walking on my birthday – life is good – I am blessed.

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Papa’s World – took a little walk – not our usual – but to Broadway on the Beach – then Myrtle Beach boardwalk – THREE MILES!

I said to Sherry – lets change it up a wee bit – a different walk – scenery – and revisit some places we have not been in a few months!

So – we drove South to Broadway On The Beach – have not been there in months!

One thing I did notice – Barefoot Landing seems to attract more people!

Not many people here and it is almost 11:30 am.

We were able to walk in and out of stores – no crowds – peaceful – and a bright sun shine day – warm!
No matter – we came and did what we wanted to do – walk!

Of course I did not go in EVERY store she did! LOL

We still had a good time for over a hour – walking – looking and yes – sitting in rockers!

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Papa’s World – beach day – warm sun – but cool breeze off the Ocean – three hours – relaxing!

She said to me after about a hour – you can not lean back in this chair and take a nap!

And she was right – while we had different chairs – you couldn’t in mine either!

Papa – checking my phone for Pandora – seeing how much battery life was left!

Music to the left and music to the right – I just turned it off!

Depending on the wind – I could hear one or the other and with no wind – Both!

But – what a beautiful day – almost 80 degrees – hot sun but cool breeze off the ocean.
And then they have to put it on the right way! LOL!

We decided to stay for two hours and then we added another hour,

Since we had eaten almost everything we had brought with us –

We decided that was enough and went back to the car –

Yes – instead of walking down – we drove only because we had our chairs-

speaker – drinks – little table and the food and towels!

Those three hours involved some walking – some reading and some listening to the music and watching a kite and people watching!
Soon – it would be back to the condo and this view – either way we win!

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Papa’s World – BROOK GREEN GARDENS – a must to see south of Myrtle Beach on rte 17.

If you want a peaceful walk – there are miles of trails and paths – among the old growth live oaks – the tall cypress and pine trees of South Carolina.
Along the way – a boardwalk – near the marsh – through the grounds of the old slave quarters – and see the history of this historic old plantation – and the huge rice fields – and wonder how these people lived – worked and toiled.
Scattered about over the acres and acres of the park – hundreds of bronze statues – depicting life of the world – by famous artists – some bigger than life – beautiful to see – and a story behind each one!
A building of hundreds of bronze statues – faces – animals – marble – stone – behold the beauty and capture the imagination of ones soul.
Carved out of wood – almost real like – exceptional artistic work.
Another work by the same artist – carved out of wood!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – I shall continue in the next blog with our walking tour.

Papa’s World –






Papa’s World – decided to visit the other beach near the new house – SUNSET BEACH! N.C.

The pier in the distance – we went in and grab something to eat and just sat and enjoyed the view!

We knew Ocean Isle Beach was a eight minute drive from the new house- without heavy traffic.

Now – it was time to see just how far the other beach – Sunset Beach – was from the new house.

So – we drove and it was 13 minutes!

About five minutes longer in no traffic!

So – there you are – two beaches to choose from – and if we want – we can go back to NMB –

some 30 minutes away – with no traffic.

We checked out the parking as we understand that in the busy part – this could determine where we go!

They have pay parking – which you can pay a set price for the year –

and – like the other beach – off the road parking –

but we were told to be careful on that – if you do not do it right –

like blocking the bike path or sidewalk –

you will get a fine!

The other direction on Sunset Beach which we were told was voted one of the top ten beaches in the country! And it really is nice – time will tell if we like it more that either of the other two beaches!

It was a very windy day on the sand – so we decided not to walk the beach –

but rather see where we can walk among the streets and houses.

We did find a path to walk – while not going on the sand –

and could see we could easily get our three mile walk in!

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Sherry – too much wind – another entrance too the beach – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH!


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Papa’s World – The Krohns come to visit North Myrtle Beach!

Marcus Papa Sherry Tammy

They all came this time – for almost a week’s stay –

Tammy and the little ones had come down for a long weekend

Now – it was Marcus time to see where we would be living!

Here we are on the ICW at Barefoot Landing!

We had met them here instead of the condo – for we knew the little ones would be hungry –

they had left NVA at 5:09 AM. and we were standing in the Parking lot at a little before noon –

Less that seven hours!

And we told them – it would be 45 minutes fewer that that at the new house!

Our goal was to keep the time traveled to less than seven hours

and for both sets of family’s it will be that!

The above picture is for both family’s as they love the tradition at Christmas time!

Taylor Bode Sherry Cassidy Tammy Marcus

We planned to have a late lunch and early dinner at the new brewery

CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY – that had opened up a couple weeks earlier

outdoors – and they -Marcus and Tammy loved the draft beer!

Taking a picture along the ICW Marcus and Tammy and the little ones

Family is and has been important to us – both daughters followed us to NVA.

One was married with a small child ( Maddy)

And one met her future husband in NVA.

Taylor MorMor( Sherry) & Bode

Walking to the beach – these two will one day be so tall – here she is 10 years old and he is 6 years old.

Sherry – a Swede – is 5′ 9″ tall!

Bode Taylor MorMor Cassidy – the first time walking the beach.

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Papa’s World – Slowly increasing my walking distance – hit 6 1/2 miles – new high! BEACH!

Sherry went to visit her sister – so I had no car – but – that did not matter – I walked!

I decided that instead of one big walk for the day –

I would break it up and do several smaller walks

So I walked four times!

And it was a total of 6 1/2 miles!

The first picture was the beach entrance I choose – after walking .60 miles to get there!

This picture is of me after walking onto the beach.

It was a great walk and the sun came out making it warm!

I choose this entrance because I walked a new path

and it brought me to this street.

You see – every street here running West to East –

ends in a beach entrance and most have parking lots!

So I turned left – North – and headed up the beach – back to our normal entrance!

It was almost to low tide – not many people there!

Looking back the way I had just walked! Still not many people!
The beach exit I choose – I came here because to the right is a ramp and it leads to a bench to sit down on. The sand has nearly reclaimed that part- but I find it peaceful to just sit and listen to the surf and watch the people!

Plus there is a boardwalk all the way back to the parking lot-

giving you time to clean off any sand in your shoes!

One last look down the beach from where I had just walked.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World





Papa’s World – took a little walk to the beach on my way back ran into Huey-Dewey-Louie!

Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

In this picture at the bottom of the lake – is a four story condo –

that is where we are renting until the end of June – 2021! TOP FLOOR !

We are in the middle with a full view of the lake!

There is a road way among the condo’s to the right – that is where we walk to the beach!

This would be the view only from the first floor condo – we are on the top floor.
Here you can see the map of Ocean Keyes – we are a short walk to the real estate office and once we exit on Ocean side Drive – it is two blocks to the sand and water!

We walk this area over to main street – Duffy main street seafood and many other stores.

The tennis courts and Pickle ball courts!

A short walk for us and right across the way from here is one of six pools!

There are six pools with bathrooms in this development and 780 condo units and town houses!
These are the town homes on the far side of the lake near the Hillside drive entrance.

We would of loved to buy one of these – but first there is a waiting list to buy

and second they were out of our price range!

We actually looked at one – it was well used as a second home and had to be completely redone on the inside

and did not have a view of anything other than some trees and bushes.

Walking – taking pictures – looking – where am I going? LOL
Some of the many condo buildings you walk past on the way to the Hillside Drive gated entrance!
Town homes and our condo in the far end of the lake! Top floor with the wide lanai to the left!
On my way back from the beach – just after you enter the gate from Hillside Drive –

I have named the three white ducks – for my own amusement –


They are together constantly – where one goes – so do the other two – all across the lake.

I have never seen them up on our end.

This day they were napping by the water

And within twenty feet – was the LONE SWAN!

I think this is a male as the other two will have nothing to do with it!
He too is napping!

I have decided to name him – for my own amusement – ” DARTH VADER”!

He cruises the lake by himself –

and when he comes near – they scatter away from him.

He is a lonely white swan.

The other two will have nothing to do with him and will chase him away!

Even he will take off and fly away from them!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – my walk back from the beach – Huey Dewey Louie and DARTH VADER!






Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C. just google them – there are rentals and places to buy! 601 Hillside Drive

Papa’s World – when friends John and Nancy visit – walk – cards – Rummikub!

The view they saw from the living room!

John and Nancy live in Charleston S.C

a little over two hours away.

We have known them for years as we all were members

of Community Lutheran Church back in Sterling Va.

They moved about six months before we did

and we visited them a year ago on our return trip from Florida.

John Sherry Nancy Papa

A couple months ago – we had met half way for lunch

in Georgetown S.C.

This time – we played cards – put a puzzle together – played Rummikub

and took a walk on the beach!

Along our walk – numerous ducks and waterfowl
And the white ducks sleeping and the Swans!

It was a delighful day and night and following day

With lunch in Calabash

and a trip to see our house being built!

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Nancy and Sherry on the Lanai!


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Papa’s World – Barefoot Landing – Crooked Hammock Brewery – Deb and girls.

We ventured out and drove to Barefoot Landing – to let Sarah shop!

That is what she wanted to do the most beside walking the beach.

Sarah – Debby – Ella discussing which shops to go to – just outside of the new Brewery – Crooked Hammock!
We had walked by here dozens of times – and were waiting for it to open up – at last – it was open!

But – we decided since it looked really busy on the inside and outside

We would pass on this trip and go to a place that was not really that busy!

So we walked around and came upon this alligator in the water – below us as we stood behind the railing.

This was my first time seeing one here.

There were signs for this and snakes –

And at first we did not think it real as it was very still until it moved!

Hoping when the little grand kids come – we can show them a “GATOR”!

Ella Debby Sarah

I actually like Barefoot Landing over Broadway on the Beach

which is in Myrtle Beach Proper.

We did do some shopping – well they did – I walked in – took a look around and went back outside to find a place to sit!

Papa – checking out the “BEER GARDEN” notice all the
GARDEN TOOLS” hanging on the wall!

Sarah loved it here – her place to be – store to store!

Deb tying her shoe – Ella – Sarah and Sherry exploring the grounds of Crooked Hammock Brewery.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Sherry Sarah Debby Ella – about to go to another area of Crooked Hammock.




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Papa’s World – Our happy place – back from the North – walking the beach!

We had made our second trip back home to NVA!

It was cold – no snow – sunshine – seeing family –

Running errands and keeping appointments.

Arranging the clean out of our storage unit and moving it South

To Ocean Isle Beach storage.

Admiring the sunsets of NVA.

But – once again we set forth and traveled back to “HOME” in S.C.

Where we will be for a total of nine months until our new build is finished!

Sherry – videoing the surf and calmness of the Ocean!

Back to our HAPPY PLACE as Sherry calls it!

THE BEACH where we try to walk every day.

SUN- SAND – WATER – life is good.

Looking toward North Myrtle Beach!

We had always talked of one day being able to walk the beach every day!

I never thought we could make that happen.

But – then the stock market slid South last March –

Taking 30 % or our 401K with it!

On the positive side – our house gained in value!

We discussed it and decided now was the time to cash in on the home value!

We started the process and with 24 hours sold our dream home.

For way over the asking price and most of the furnishings!

We were now Vagabonds!

Free to go where ever we wanted to.

First for three months we would stay with the daughters – helping out!

Then we would head South where it is warmer and no SNOW!

And by chance we ended up here – in Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach!

Today – we are building some sixteen miles away

In Ocean Isle Beach – West of the ICW!

Sherry walking to the water’s edge.

Where a short ten minute or so drive – we can walk the beach!

Healthy living – eating ( I love Kale) and walking three miles a day –

in the sand – warm – listening to the sound of the waves!

All because of the stock market slide a year ago!

Papa and Sherry – our HAPPY PLACE!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World







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