Papa’s World – deserted beach – and then a helicopter overhead – two men in the open back hatch!

It was cold – a little wind – and no one on the beach!

But we braved the cold and started to walk –

at least the wind was not blowing –

But – there was no one!

In both directions it was like this!

As we walked in the solitude –

we both could hear what we thought was a plane!

As it got closer – we could see it was a huge helicopter!

If you look close you can see two men sitting in the back

with their legs hanging over the edge!

No way for me as heights and me do not mix!

One time I went to the top of the Empire State building

One step outside to the deck and I froze!

I had to go back inside and down as fast as I could.

No big cities for me as I fell like everything is closing in on me!

It was a memory I shall have for the rest of my life –

and this one was another one!

It was not going fast so we had time to take it all in

on a deserted beach on a cold day!

Papa and MorMor( Sherry)

Thank you for reading Papa’s World – North Myrtle Beach!




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