Papa’s World – when grand kids come to visit – love them all!

Tammy Bode MorMor Cassidy Taylor

The first thing they wanted to do was walk the beach!

Now – wouldn’t you know it that it got cold and windy the day they arrived!

It was so warm the day before people were sitting on the beach and wading in the water!

So we pressed on and walked down and onto the beach.

The wind was the culprit – making it very cold.

Even Bode has enough even though he had no shoes on!

Cassidy Taylor Bode after he put his shoes back on!

We walked to the next beach entrance and exited!

MorMor Bode Cassidy Taylor Tammy

It was a very short walk – but they got to see just how close we are!

Tammy said the kids were great – she had told them she would not stop and she didn’t making the seven hour drive in a little over six hours and they never complained!

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And that night after the kids went to bed – we relaxed and watched a playoff game

We are all from Western New York

and were huge fans when Buffalo Bills made their four straight Super Bowls!

One of my favorite beers from back in Western New York!

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