Papa’s World – 2-25-21 – warm – sunshine – beach walk – people in the water!

Near the end of Feb. warm sunny day – people actually in the water!

I am loving this weather down here in S.C at North Myrtle Beach!

This day – it was between 70 and 75 degrees!

Sherry walking toward the surf – tide is going out – beach is getting wide!

Our life has changed – beach life has now become our norm!

The surf – sand and water – everyday – count our blessings!

We have always loved the ocean – sand – and warmth!

When our new house is finished – we are only 30 minutes away from this!

And – where our home is situated – 4 and 6 miles to two different beaches!

The sound of the surf when it is calm – the sun – and smell – draw us each day!

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Papa – living life to the fullest – one day at a time!



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Papa’s World – when grand kids come to visit – love them all!

Tammy Bode MorMor Cassidy Taylor

The first thing they wanted to do was walk the beach!

Now – wouldn’t you know it that it got cold and windy the day they arrived!

It was so warm the day before people were sitting on the beach and wading in the water!

So we pressed on and walked down and onto the beach.

The wind was the culprit – making it very cold.

Even Bode has enough even though he had no shoes on!

Cassidy Taylor Bode after he put his shoes back on!

We walked to the next beach entrance and exited!

MorMor Bode Cassidy Taylor Tammy

It was a very short walk – but they got to see just how close we are!

Tammy said the kids were great – she had told them she would not stop and she didn’t making the seven hour drive in a little over six hours and they never complained!

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And that night after the kids went to bed – we relaxed and watched a playoff game

We are all from Western New York

and were huge fans when Buffalo Bills made their four straight Super Bowls!

One of my favorite beers from back in Western New York!

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Papa’s World – our ever changing life at Ocean Keyes -North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Our dining room – living room – double entrance to the Lanai – and the water beyond!

We first rented this for three months – not knowing where we would be.

Then in November – after six weeks of house hunting –

We decided it was just as cost effective to build!

You see – in our price range – we found a lot of houses – condo’s

But each one we liked – there had to be things done!

When you are like me – this can happen! LOL

We could do these things – but it would take time and money.

Plus – another cost was to furnish it!

We sold almost all our furniture – and you can not just hire someone

Most will put you on a list!

Playing a game while eating dinner on the Lanai!

So – we extended our time here – and found a building development

one half hour away into N.C. – close to two beaches for our walks and company

And made our selections – everything we wanted and still in our price range.

What we will be doing off and on until our house is built! Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C.

We will be here until the end of June!

Our house is suppose to be finished by the end of May!

That will give us time to get our stored stuff moved down here

and Sherry does what she loves to do – SHOP!

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Sherry and Papa – our ever changing life at Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach – S.C.


Papa’s World – a walk on Cherry Grove beach!

If you want a place of solitude –

a place to reflect –

A place untouched –

just water – sand – and sea grass and the head of a marsh

on the Ocean –

Then head to the far end of CHERRY GROVE – S.C.

Sherry at the entrance to the natural beach – Cherry Grove S.C.

We decided since it was a rather cold – 55 degrees –

very windy day – bursts of blasting winds!

We would drive North along our beach road –

to the end of Cherry Grove –

we had seen a covered beach entrance there

and wondered where it led to!

Now – we had no idea – where this path would lead us!

But – it also broke the bursts and gusts of wind!

After walking through the bushes and trees – the entrance to the deserted beach!

We found where the development ended and the natural beach began!

Blowing sand across the beach – dead wood almost covered by sand!

No one was here – and I thought – when it gets warmer –

we need to come back!

Not a soul for miles and miles!

We started out walking – but the wind made it hard!

Sand was blowing across our path and some stinging our eyes!

Sherry pulled her hood up – I had one of those neck things you slide down over your head!

It was so calming – and I thought –

this is what the beach looked like hundreds of years ago!

As far as you could see – no buildings – no people!

In the distance – a waterway to the marsh side bay!

The tide was going out – exposing the flat beach!

But – it was really blowing –

making the walk almost too hard to do!

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A very large tree – 50 plus feet long – washed up on the shore!

We came across a large tree – almost covered with sand –

The ocean had deposited it there.

I wondered just where it came from?

We decided to turn around –

we had walked 2/3 of a mile!

We would come back and explore father.

One for another day!

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“A walk on Cherry Grove Beach”


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Papa’s World – Storms – causing the ever changing beach!

Good morning – before we walk the beach!

We have not had a really bad storm since we have been here!

It has rained hard once – the wind was somewhat strong once!

But – there have been storms way out on the Atlantic Ocean –

that have had a impact on the beaches!

You can see the effect of a storm out to Sea!

I have noticed the erosion of the beach –

the gentle slope is now much less

and it seems that the flat part of the beach

now extends further out!

Just the other side of this dune is almost gone – another big storm will most likely wash this away!
This pier looks new but is missing a section at the far end. I do not know when this happened.
Looking back toward the shoreline
Looking out toward the ocean
And along the side toward the missing section

The beach has changed since we first walked on it!

There are large tidal pools now when the tide goes out

that were not there before!

Maybe when we first walked – that was not the normal?

Where did this come from?
Walking the flat beach now – more flat than before!

Storms out to sea – sending the huge waves pounding the shore!

At night and in the predawn

we can hear the surf –

One of the many storm drains from main street – we have seen them dig out with a back hole!
Tidal pools now where before there were none!
Sherry walking the tidal pools.

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