Papa’s World – Slowly increasing my walking distance – hit 6 1/2 miles – new high! BEACH!

Sherry went to visit her sister – so I had no car – but – that did not matter – I walked!

I decided that instead of one big walk for the day –

I would break it up and do several smaller walks

So I walked four times!

And it was a total of 6 1/2 miles!

The first picture was the beach entrance I choose – after walking .60 miles to get there!

This picture is of me after walking onto the beach.

It was a great walk and the sun came out making it warm!

I choose this entrance because I walked a new path

and it brought me to this street.

You see – every street here running West to East –

ends in a beach entrance and most have parking lots!

So I turned left – North – and headed up the beach – back to our normal entrance!

It was almost to low tide – not many people there!

Looking back the way I had just walked! Still not many people!
The beach exit I choose – I came here because to the right is a ramp and it leads to a bench to sit down on. The sand has nearly reclaimed that part- but I find it peaceful to just sit and listen to the surf and watch the people!

Plus there is a boardwalk all the way back to the parking lot-

giving you time to clean off any sand in your shoes!

One last look down the beach from where I had just walked.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World





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