Papa’s World – Life with us – in our senior years!

We have a walking group that meets every Monday and Friday at the park across the street. You walk at your own pace and usually do two complete loops – just over a mile each and then once around the track.

This in total would be 2.30 miles!

Then during the day, we will get in the rest of our 10,000 steps – my heart doctor has told me just to “MOVE”!

Growing up in the 50s-60s and 70s – the generations that wanted love and peace – still has a place in my heart today!

We have adopted a healthy choice lifestyle – I do not drink soda or milk anymore – or fast food!

We live just a few miles from the beach – often going there for our walks – sun – sand, and surf!

We try to golf once a week or every other week – usually with dear friends of 35 years.

Just being out in nature – and yes – we get STEPS in that way!

Our dear friends – golfing – having dinner together and making plans for fun trips!

SENIOR YEARS – living one day at a time and living life to the plus – LIFE WITH US –

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