Papa’s World – finally – we have all our things in storage in Ocean Isle Beach!

We made a trip back North to NVA!

To make arrangements to move what is left of our belongings to Ocean Isle Beach

to a storage unit we rented some 3 miles from the new house being built!

That way – if the build goes beyond our lease date –

we have a place to store items and a place to stay with friends if needed!

Papa – waiting for the unloading to begin – a lot of stressful thinking off my mind!

My son in law handled the storage unit up North

and two days later we met the crew at the storage unit here.

MY GUYS MOVING – a shout out to them – they were very professional!

All of this – the move South – saying goodbyes – finding a place to build

It is a adventure – but nothing new – we have been this way all our married lives together.

We sold most of our furniture and made dozens of trips to Salvation Army- here is what is left!

Four thousand pounds!

That is what we moved to here.

We have now purchased almost all of our furniture to go with the new house.

This here is mostly personal stuff – things that are family!

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Sherry – CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH SSC for The Juice Plus Company


Papa’s World – Where did the time go?

Our new home we are building in Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

We are building a new home – and where did the past almost 40 years go?

In fact – it seems like only yesterday – 1999 – we transferred to NVA from WNY!

Today – we are on another chapter of our life together.

And in a few months time – our house will be done and we will move in!

The back of the house – patio – and bump out window of the master bedroom – and behind sherry – will be all windows of the sun room.

This will be our third house we have built together.

Time has a way of just moving ahead and so fast!

The front porch and entrance to the front door.

We decided to build here – instead of buying – mainly because

We will have everything we want – for basically the same price!

The front door looking into the main hall way.

Everything in our price range we looked at – had to have updates –

or did not have a garage, or too small.

After coming in the front door – office to the left – bedroom to the right – and living room and sun room straight ahead.

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WHERE DID THE TIME GO – to be continued in the next blog!





BUSINESS – HOME BASED – NETWORK – needed computer and phone!


Living life to the plus with a company 40 plus years old – in over 20 countries!

Papa of Papa’s World



Papa’s World- journey to University of Lynchburg – grand daughter- soccer!

The start of the game – cold – 35 degrees – steady rain – SOCCER!

We traveled five hours NW to Va. to Lynchburg –

our grand daughters first home contest of the delayed season!

Maddy Myers – number 13 – waiting for the start of the game!

As a Freshmen – she played in 13 games – now a Sophomore –

the first game she had a assist and two near misses in a 2-0 victory!

Out family – father Mike – Mother Debby – sister Ella and grandma – Sherry – Ella will be attending Randolph College in the Fall to play soccer – right across town and will compete against her sister for two years!
Hard to see but she is in the middle far side above the Y about to pass the ball!

She carries a HIGH GPA – and as a Sophomore – because of that GPA –

was able to have a room in the buildings right behind her!

She is a determined young lady – her last two years of travel –

she drove herself 65 miles each way so she could compete with the best in the

Metro D.C area in Loudoun County – a hot bed of recruiting for college soccer.

Steady rain – but we stayed watching her and the game.

The entire team waiting for the start of the game in the cold and rain!

Near the end of the game – a 4 to 1 victory and 2 – 0 on the young season!

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Papa’s World – when friends meet up in the cold – bundle up – and enjoy!

Cindy Sherry Papa Buck

It was not planned – but we had weeks and weeks of non stop rain!

So – Sherry made the call – what are you doing to our friends

who now live some 50 miles from us!

Lets get together – you come here for a over night stay –

we will walk the beach if it does not rain!

So – they did – came down and stayed overnight!

Yep – story of our lives now!

We played cards – laughed – and walked.

The rain held off and the Sun came out – but was still cold!

We made the most of it!

Papa and Buck – on the beach – girls were going to walk to Cherry Grove Pier – we would walk back to the condo – pick up the car – and go back and pick them up!

They walked the two miles up to the pier –

we walked the mile back to the condo –

The wind was blowing – but on the beach –

The ladies said the sun kept them warm.

We picked up our car and drove up to the pier –

and got out and met them just as they arrived!

The pier at Cherry Grove – there were surfers in the water!

We walked a short distance up the beach –

Before we decided to get in the car and drive around.

We showed them the canals and cottages.

Stopped at the boat landing – and then returned to the condo!

So ended another great time with friends –

No rain – walking – games and just great fun.

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Another time – another place – warmer weather – still – GREAT FRIENDS!



Papa’s World – The years of our life together – now building a house!

While we differ on many issues – the one thing that brings us together is being friends – the other is love and finally understanding and respect – admiration and equality!

1981 – was our first date – 16 months later – we married.

June 25th. 1982

FRIENDS – then and still today – my best friend.

LOVE – forty years later – still love each other.

UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT – she smiles – often – she laughs often –

She understands me – guides me – I get lost! lol

I respect her – guide when I am able –

She in turn respects my thoughts – cares and understandings.

Debby Papa Sherry

ADMIRATION AND EQUALITY – two aspects that I have based my life on.

Both of these two are leaders – mother and daughter – SSC and QMND – The Juice Plus Company.

Home based business done over the internet – no inventory – just take a order – submit – everything

else is done by the company – they even collect the payment – 26 years in business- 21 countries. SOLID!

Today we have started building a new home – in Ocean Isle Beach – N.C.

We – one year ago – had no thoughts of doing this – both are in our early ’70’s.

Things happen and change – roll with the flow – relocate – but still only a day away from family.

Our first purchases for our new home.

We have been busy – planning – buying furniture to be delivered – as we had sold all of ours!

We will miss this view – but – we have enjoyed it for nine months! MEMORIES!

Today we continue our journey – in a couple months we will celebrate 39 years of marriage.

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I will continue the story in the next blog.

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Tom ( papa) and Sherry ( MorMor)


FAMILY MEETS FRIENDS! Home business – health & nutrition

Papa’s World – Of course – we played pickle ball!

Cindy Jim Dottie Papa


Okay – what for?


So – there you have it – we played Pickle Ball

on the tennis courts which also had

Pickle ball courts in our gated community!

Buck Jim Papa Sherry

When Sherry and I were spending the Winter months

with my brother in the Villages

we played some Pickle ball down there.

So – we had a idea how to play

Keeping score and shouting it out

when you served – well – sometimes that is a challenge

as you move around back and forth

and each side has a number!

It can be a little bit funny seeing seniors yelling out numbers!

And – Cindy had started taking lessons!

But – after some discussing the rules

we started to play – and it became a contest!

This time we split up and no longer guys vs the gals!

Jim Cindy Papa Dottie

We were there for over a hour

in the sun and shade

and it was a fun time!

Now – we were not as nimble as we once were

but we were nimble once as we were once upon a time!

Cindy Jim Buck Dottie Sherry Papa

I guess this may be part of our get together from now on.

Papa & Sherry we won our set vs Jim and Cindy

It was a friendly competition!

A lot of laughs and joking around!

Sherry and I won one set and lost another.

Jim & Buck before Buck took a tumble at which time we called it a day!

It was fun – and we played after our walk on the beach

and before we left for our final golf match

Gals vs. Guys!

Papa and Dottie Pickle ball Champs for seniors!
At least for this senior! LOL

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Papas World – Wife – Mother – Inspiration – Sherry!

I knew from the first moment she was the one –

We dated a year and one half and then were married.

I have never looked back – and we raised two sets of kids.

Lol – this is funny and so true!

We have bought and sold FIVE houses together in 38 years!

That is averaged to about every 7 1/2 years!

Now – we are staying with both daughters!

Oldest grand daughter – Maddy and oldest daughter Debby with Sherry.

We have plans – not to buy right away – to search – different areas.

To explore South to warmer winters.

But – to also stay with the kids.

We have set up a base camp at Tammy and Marcus house

with the three littlest grand kids.

We help out with the kids – when we are not traveling.

But – the inspiration for all of this is Sherry.

Once she makes up her mind – it is full sailing ahead.

We just celebrated her birthday – 71 years young!

A certified health coach from Dr. Sears!

A Senior Sales Coordinator in The Juice Plus Company!

A leader of her team from across the U.S.A.


Made up of Grandparents – children and grand children.

At 71 years old – Sherry has become the inspiration to hundreds of people.

From Tumeric shots to growing plants and veggies for the Tower Garden

to teaching and talking health and nutrition

to walking and running –

to taking calls – emails and texts and zoom and voxer

She is always helping others!

Sherry – for the 38 years we have been married

inspiration – mother – teacher – corp manager – logistics- supervisor

team leader – and family idol –

She has motivated me to be the best I can be.

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Wife – Mother – Inspiration – SHERRY!



Papas World – a date to remember – June 5th.

It all started for me on June 5th. 1967 –

one week out of H.S. graduation.

The previous September – I was in a car accident

And at that point – I did not know if I would walk again.

I spent all 51 days in bed – in traction – unable to get up.

But – I beat it – my pelvis had broken – and numerous other difficulties

including catheterization for 41 days

and a high draft number – precluded me from the military.

No money – a child to support – no college.

June 5th. 1967 – my first day of work for American Olean Tile Company.

That date once again came into play in a major way on June 5th. 1999.

That was my last working day at the same place I started 32 years prior!

Only this time – I and my wife whom also worked there –

Were transfering to the Washington D.C. area in what is known as

Northern Virginia.

Fairfax to be exact.

We both would work for the company –

now owned by Mohawk – only at different sites.

Her in Dulles and me in Alexandria – Springfield area.

Our two daughters – my step daughters for almost 38 years

followed us to NVA.

And the next part of the June 5th. recurring date –

Last night – Friday June 5th. 2020 –

We signed the paperwork to list and sell our house

in Brambleton Va. In the pouring down rain.

We decided it is time to move on – to wander – to seek out new horizons.

A time to reflect not back on the past –

but to look forward to new beginnings.

We loved our home – our neighborhood –

It is not easy to let go – but – we are growing older

we are still able to enjoy life

and we make this move not with worries of what is to be-

But what wonders we shall encounter.

The date JUNE 5th.

The adventure begins today – one day later as the first buyer

shall come into our home.

I look around – there is a lot of “US” here.

Passing it on and taking the memories with us.

June 5th. 2020 – who knows what the next June 5th. brings.

The adventure continues – making memories – writing blogs.

Welcome to Papa’s World



Papa’s World – OLD ? Maybe – but still thinking !

Good morning World – ever think out loud ?

Ever nod off around 2:00 PM. ?

Ever get up and it takes a moment to take that first step ?

Good morning everyone !

Getting “OLDER” is a fact of life – feeling it is also !

But – you also have to have the right frame of mind !

When younger – couldn’t wait

Now – in my before retirement life –

for my lunch hour ( because I did not know what else to do )

I would eat my lunch –

kick the seat back ( Buicks are made for comfort)

And take what I called a POWER 20 minute nap !

In the shade – warm breeze

I would leave the windows down – park in the shade –

And fall right to sleep!

Now- since retirement- it seems like that years & years habit –

Followed me – each afternoon – I feel it coming on !

Me on most nights

Thing is – now every day I go and pick up my 8 year old grand daughters –

I actually get there in line early – like a hour –

and there is a method to my madness !

I take a small couch pillow with me – kick the seat back –

Tune the radio into my favorite SPORTS show –

And slowly drift off for my 20 minute power nap !

I do this all the time

A lot of times I will just sit and think – using silence to sort out thoughts !

Over the years – I have quietly trained my mind to recall –

I picture events – that way it is easier for me to remember .

So true

But there are times when I just stop – and think – what was I going to do ?

I am a creature of habit – I have a place for most things –

I find that it makes it easier for me to remember !

I also concentrate on what I am doing or am going to say.

Concentration for me is my way to remember things !

Have done this

Now – I am also not one who measures every thing I do –

I learned from my Mother to cook from scrap –

She often would bake every day – pies – cakes – bread and rolls.

She did a lot of it with memory – and I am the same way.

Music soothes the soul

I love music – most all kinds –


I try not to limit my listening – on long trips –

I will listen to Country – Classic’s – Rock – Easy listening – Bluegrass –

It is my way to reconnect to past events !

My wife says I have a hearing problem

Hearing – I have found as I get older – I hear things – but –

A lot of what I hear SOUNDS like something else !

I think that as you get older – at least for me – that happens !

Still the same

My little thoughts for today on getting older –

But some things never get old – they just get better !

This month – 6-25-82 – will be 37 years –

I can still walk – I can still think –

I can do just about anything I want – only slower!

I am getting OLDER –


BUT – I also am living –


Thank you for reading –

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For health


Have a great day !

Papa’s World – Living healthy – family running for Cancer

We just returned from picking up the packets for Saturdays run for Cancer!

Since I do not run ( I WALK ) – I am in charge of the little ones until my wife – son in law and daughter finish their run – FIVE K !

But as soon as they are done – then it is the little ones turn to flash their own styles ! They will run the kids mile.

The two oldest are twin girls – both eight years old – and the little one is four years old ! ( you would swear he and one of the twins are twins )

He is a runner jogging with his mother and MORMOR ( my wife) – which is Swedish for MOTHERS MOTHER !!!!

They have gone on 2 1/2 mile jogs and he is there step by step with them ! The parents bring them up in the healthy life style promoted by MORMOR !

She is a certified health coach and is the main reason 13 years ago – we as a family – other daughter – husband and three kids – turned away from the process food – the fast food – soda’s – and as much as possible – gluten – dairy and sweets !

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as I call it ! Anyway – tomorrow – at 8 am. I am ON DUTY so to speak – and cheering everyone on . I have done this numerous times when they ( adults) ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in D.C.

I wish I could run but the last couple times I ended up with injury – my wife says I am a very HARD RUNNER as in THUD THUD PLOP PLOP !

Which causes a lot of stress on joints and leg issues !

So I walk for one hour each day -usually 3.10 miles at a steady but doable pace – WORKS FOR ME and my wife chooses to walk with me !

Which is awesome ! Our lifestyle changed along with members of our family – and this all is because of my wife which we both will reach a major milestone in a few months – 70 YEARS OLD !

I hope you enjoy my blog – I have written for years and years on face book daily – about myself- family and friends.

I wrote for two other blogs but my computer crashed and I lost everything only to a few days ago – by accident – finding this my second blog site from 2014 !

I enjoy reading about my followers and am trying to figure out all the in’s and out’s – trying to become followers of anyone who follows me.

With all this being said – enjoy – read – follow – comment – If I can find it I will answer !

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