Papa’s World – Into the Present!

So I wonder if this is MIDDLE AGE – SUNSET years mean you forget where all those plastic bags and Tupperware lids are? LOL

Living our unset years in OIB in N.C. – warm temps – cool ocean breezes – sand and surf – golf and walk – pickleball –

senior years can be watching and working to age healthy!

Hard to do but working on it! LOL

Eating healthy – drinking water ( and throwing in a beer once in while) maintaining and looking ahead – enjoying our dream life.

My habit for each morning – is one cup of coffee!

That is my limit and the smell in the morning of brewing coffee – to start my day!

Living near the sand and surf and sunrises over the water – LIVING THE SALT LIFE – not for everyone but for us our dream life.

When family visits – joy – laughter – smiles – great feelings – family time is our asset in life!

Family of youth helps to keep us feeling young – MORMOR and PAPA – living our life to the plus!

Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD – INTO THE PRESENT!

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