Papa’s World – LITTLE TAYLOR loves horses – now BIG TAYLOR riding horses!

Our grandaughter Taylor with her mother – soon to be a teenager – she has grown up riding horses!

A beautiful young lady to be – she would clean stalls and groom horses every day if she could!

It all began with her – she could barely walk – yet she knew what she wanted and today she rides so gracefully – here her mother helps to steady her on her first ride!

Now she is a regular at the riding stable and volunteers to groom and take care of the horse’s stalls!

Tall in the saddle – little Taylor does not need any help – becoming an accomplished rider.

Her dream is to someday own her own horse – she is so graceful and an easy learner.


Taylor and her MORMOR ( Swede for grandmother) walking hand in hand – PRICELESS!

Papa’s World – Into the Present!

So I wonder if this is MIDDLE AGE – SUNSET years mean you forget where all those plastic bags and Tupperware lids are? LOL

Living our unset years in OIB in N.C. – warm temps – cool ocean breezes – sand and surf – golf and walk – pickleball –

senior years can be watching and working to age healthy!

Hard to do but working on it! LOL

Eating healthy – drinking water ( and throwing in a beer once in while) maintaining and looking ahead – enjoying our dream life.

My habit for each morning – is one cup of coffee!

That is my limit and the smell in the morning of brewing coffee – to start my day!

Living near the sand and surf and sunrises over the water – LIVING THE SALT LIFE – not for everyone but for us our dream life.

When family visits – joy – laughter – smiles – great feelings – family time is our asset in life!

Family of youth helps to keep us feeling young – MORMOR and PAPA – living our life to the plus!

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Papa’s World – Life in the Carolinas!

Spending the holidays in the warm Carolinas – at least warm to me!

Even when it looks gray and drab – at least I see no snow and ice – sand and water are fine for me.

Open-air shopping at the Outlets – love having my coffee and sitting here while I wait for Sherry!

Our family visiting for vacations – brings us much joy – hoping they all come again!

Living in Carolina – nine miles to the border of S.C. living our dream life one day at a time!

Watching sunrise and sunsets from our front driveway – living the southern lifestyle – CAROLINA LIVING!

Golfing with friends – is always a pleasure – one of the WHYS we choose to move down here!

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PAPA’S WORLD – LIFE IN THE CAROLINAS – living life to the plus one day at a time!

Papa’s World – We call CAMERON WOODS HOME!

We have found this to be true here in the new neighborhood – everyone seems to get along and is really nice!

Moon over the EAST end of Cameron Woods – this section is complete – we now know most of the people here –

there have been several block parties and seasonal parties.

We are awaiting the community center to be completed – where we can meet and greet.

We find this community to be very welcoming – mostly retired people here but still folks working from home.

Some are second homes waiting for retirement or vacation homes.

We are fortunate that we can view sunsets such as this or a sunrise from the street end of our driveway.

That is one of the reasons we choose this lot when it became available.

Our home in Cameron Woods Community – not large but enough room for the company – and all on one level!

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Papa’s World – our dreams come true with our life!

While it is cold here in N.C – it is not like in WNY – NWPA or NVA! Here – almost every day we have sunshine!

Sunrise – ocean, and temperatures I can endure! So far – very little snow or ice – lots of sunshine – and a somewhat warm winter.

Walking the beach – even in gray skies – almost deserted – brings us the satisfaction of knowing we are living our dream!

Spending time with long-time friends – golfing – shows and laughing!

Spending time with neighbors – loving our life and making new friends!

We built our dream – for the third time – hoping this is our last build.

Our roots are in Western New York – cheering the “BILLS” on!

We are living our dream in retirement – one day at a time and to the plus each and every day!

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Starting my day LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS with humor!

PAPA and SHERRY on the beach – living our dream and LIFE TO THE PLUS!

We moved South – first from WNY to NVA where we retired – and now to the borders of N.C. and S.C. Always dreaming!

Golfing was a big part of moving here – over 25 courses within miles!

Close to the ICW but on the mainland side in a no-flood zone – close to two beaches and others within 30 minutes!

Our lives have always been busy – keeping active – exploring – seeing new areas and family.

We have kept the drive back to NVA between 6 1/2 hours and 8 hours – depending on which family we see.

They have all visited us and will once again after Christmas – we will be doing shows and dinners with them.

We have joined a church less than four miles away – much to our surprise it looks like our church in NVA!

We are near our old neighbors from WNY – going on 36 years of friendship – 40 minutes from us and our golfing buddies!

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS – in our AUTUMN YEARS – has made our dreams come true!

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Papa’s World – our dream is now true – living the Salt Life – near the beach!

While not living right at the beach – we do have two beaches four and six miles away!

We moved to the Ocean Isle Beach area of North Carolina – eight miles to the border of South Carolina.

The locals call it THE SALT LIFE!

We call it living our dream.

Yes – we have already experienced a major Category One Hurricane – IAN!

And we will tell you it was scary with the trees!

Bending sideways – East to West!

We decided we will leave if it goes past a TWO and a direct hit!

We left what we thought to be our dream retirement home in NVA!

But – the stock market went down and the home values went up – time for change – time to sell and move on!

Warmer weather beckoned – we wanted out of the ice and snow.

We wanted to golf as inexpensive as we could.

We found it all right where we are – 100 golf courses – warmer weather and close beach life.

Kayaking the ICW and the marches of OIB and Sunset Beach.

Retirement – friends – family (VISITORS) have kept us busy – exploring – entertaining –

loving every minute of it!

Papa’s World now – no regrets – living the SALT LIFE!
Sherry and Papa – thanks for reading – LIVING THE SALT LIFE!

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Papa World – PAPA and SHERRY – BEACH LIFE!

Bring a little humor into your life!

We choose to move to Ocean Isle Beach after living for nine months in North Myrtle Beach –

sixteen miles away.

We are about eight miles to the S.C. – N.C border.

We have access to two beaches within six miles and a half dozen others within thirty minutes!


Strolling the beach or just sitting on the pier at either beach is a dream come true.

We worked a combined 79 1/2 years between us at the same corporation.

We are retired but still have had an internet business for sixteen years –

allowing us to live the life we dreamed about.

We both wanted warm weather as it does not bother us.

We both love the water and the ability to explore and have options each day.

LIVING LIFE TO THE PLUS as we call it.

Our goal in life.

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PAPA and SHERRY – Papa’s World – BEACH LIFE!

Papa’s World – After dinner – once again on the beach – SUNSET that is!

Nature paints the skies at sunset.

We were excited when we moved near the border of S.C. and N.C. – a ten-minute drive to the beach.

A lot of nights we just look at each other after cleaning up the kitchen and “LET’S GO”!

Ocean Isle Beach is a ten-minute drive over the causeway and to the sand.

However – we really like to drive the extra five minutes and go to Sunset Beach!

Here we drive to the far west end and park and walk the long boardwalk over the dunes.

The view up the beach east to the pier.

Even at this time, the beach is busy with people – swimming – walking, or catching late rays from the sun.

The beach here is flatter than OIB and we like that!

This evening the wind was coming off the ocean causing the waves to be higher.
All in all – a great evening to just relax by the sea!

Sunset Beach after dinner – one of the WHYS we moved here to Cameron Woods Community.

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Papa’s World – Viewing the sunset at SUNSET BEACH – in the windy cold!


Just a little over a month later from our New Years Eve beach gathering and toast to 2021

We once again were back to see the sunset – only it was windy and cold –

far from the 65 degrees of NYE!

The approaching sunset peeking through the trees!
Papa – Diane and Sherry

We first parked and walked to the end of the street – here the last of the end of the houses –

and this then begins Bird Island – marshland protected and wide-open beach.

Our neighbor Diane

The tide was going out!

Here you see the last of the houses on the marsh and bayside – with the tide going out – This is the end of Sunset Beach and the beginning of Bird Island.
Sun setting – time to go to the beach.
This is where we gathered for NYE and drank a toast to 2021!
The pier and people walking the beach.
Sherry – braving the wind chill – it was cold.

As we looked out on the ocean – to think we can do this every night if we want to –

and there still is Ocean Isle Beach – living our dream.

One final look before we returned home – Sunset at SUNSET BEACH, N.C.

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