Papa’s World – our dreams come true with our life!

While it is cold here in N.C – it is not like in WNY – NWPA or NVA! Here – almost every day we have sunshine!

Sunrise – ocean, and temperatures I can endure! So far – very little snow or ice – lots of sunshine – and a somewhat warm winter.

Walking the beach – even in gray skies – almost deserted – brings us the satisfaction of knowing we are living our dream!

Spending time with long-time friends – golfing – shows and laughing!

Spending time with neighbors – loving our life and making new friends!

We built our dream – for the third time – hoping this is our last build.

Our roots are in Western New York – cheering the “BILLS” on!

We are living our dream in retirement – one day at a time and to the plus each and every day!

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